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2 more days for the end of February 2010 Original Bootcamp Session!! 2 more days and it will be five months of Bootcamping!!! 2 more days for a full 4 months of 100% ACE!!!! 2 more days for a full four months of consistent every session write-up ala journal on Bootcamp training.... and 2 more days for a full 4 months of 100% punctuality (never late) but today we arrived 2 minutes before the start time......... Phewwww..... almost spoil my perfect statistic.

Our warm-up session was great until we were divided into our respective ranks Delta, Seal and Rangers. When everybody was in a straight line,  Boris & Kitson went from left to right and left and not knowing where to go (maybe they need a GPS to find their rank?)... and 10 FREE GRUNTS.

Its coming nearing the end of the session and today, its a full battle workout!!! "FULL BODY CIRCUIT- 1A".. don't asked what the '1A' stands for... said Sarge Simran. I reckon, Part 1B will be for Wednesday, part 1C for Friday, we shall see...

Its a full body workout as it comprised of Cardio Sprint, legs, shoulder, chest, abdomen, tricep....... except for the back workout. Thankfully... I worked out my back at the gym the day before.

There were three trainers today with Sargent Simran, Corporal Jason Moriarty and Lans Corporal Elin Klemetsen Fossum.

The circuit today comprised of a long straight-line marked with 12 yellow cones that was placed 2 meters apart from each other and an orange cone 5 metres in distant from the last, 12th yellow cone.

There was a fix workout for every 12 yellow cones and after the 12th yellow cone, we were asked to sprint 5 meter to the orange cone and U-turn for a total 34 meters back to the first yellow cone.

The Delta had to performed 20 repetitions of every exercises except for Grunts and 1 arm frog.

1st Yellow cone: Deep Squat
2nd yellow Cone: Deep Push-up
3rd Yellow Cone: Military Sit up
4th Yellow Cone: Grunts (10 x)
5th Yellow Cone: King Kong Push up,
6th Yellow Cone: jump Squat
7th Yellow Cone: jack knife
8th Yellow Cone: 1 arm frog
9th Yellow Cone: tiger squat
10th Yellow Cone: Shoulder push up
11th Yellow Cone: hant to elbow
12th yellow Cone: truster
13th Orange Cone: sprint

Everybody are expected to run from one cone to the other except for the orange cone where we were expected to sprint. If anybody walk instead of running........ we will be penalise with 20 Grunts, 25 Grunts, 30 Grunts and so forth for every walking moment.

Shortly after the circuit started...... "STEADY...!!!!" screamed Sarge Simran signalling everybody to stop!! 20 grunts for walking !!!! Eeek... !!! After the 20 grunts, without any break, we continue with the circuit.

Then suddenly........... STEADY!!!!! again screamed Sarge Simran... signalling us to stop.. again!!!! 25 GRUNT FOR WALKING.. again!!!! and there we go again........... with the knee trembling in exhaustion.

A few moment later.... another scream by Sarge Simran........ STEADY!!!!!!!!!! AAAaaaa I was about to scream... maybe someone does not understand English!!! then Sarge said... 2 minute WATER-BREAK!!! Ceh..... I almost curse !! but Pheww... finally a water break.

At the end of the circuit..... I was soaked in sweat though it felt like blood pouring out from the sweat gland. My heart was throbbing but it was an orgasmic workout!!! I love it.. I mean who does not love orgasm but today was really Orgasmic!!


Stay Tune for February ACErs....

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  1. heavenly chocolates are orgasmic.
    great dining is orgasmic.
    sex..well we know what that is.
    beautiful shoes are orgasmic.
    but exercise ..... ORGASMIC?!

    damn I missed a great work out!

  2. armin,
    you so easy to get orgasm meh?
    hey, why dont you use your picture instead? it will be more moticating for us lor


Stay Tuned~


both, mystorymag
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