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The best of actresses ensembles in the Movie Valentine which was actually the main attraction, There were Jessica Alba ('Fantastic Four'), Academy Award winner Kathy Bates ('Misery'), Jessica Biel ('I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry'), Bradley Cooper ('The Hangover'), Eric Dane (TV's 'Grey's Anatomy'), Patrick Dempsey ('Enchanted'), Hector Elizondo (the 'Princess Diaries' films), Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx ('Ray'), Jennifer Garner ('Juno'), Topher Grace ('Spider-Man 3'), Academy Award nominee Anne Hathaway ('Rachel Getting Married'), Ashton Kutcher ('What Happens in Vegas'), Academy Award nominee Queen Latifah ('Chicago'), Taylor Lautner ('The Twilight Saga: New Moon'), George Lopez ('Beverly Hills Chihuahua'), Academy Award winner Shirley MacLaine ('Terms of Endearment'), Emma Roberts ('Hotel for Dogs'), Academy Award winner Julia Roberts ('Erin Brockovich') and award-winning singer-songwriter Taylor Swift.

That was all that I knew about the movie when I bought the ticket for a 7pm show, 17 February 2010 at Hall 1, Cathay Cineplexes, Cineleisure, Mutiara Damansara. We arrived abit late at five minutes past seven but in time for the movie.

We took our seat at D8 and a few minutes later, the movie began. The cinema was hot... as in HOT!!! as in NO-AIR CONDITION. I was perspiring and was already moody.... and hungry but I had 'tapau' a large salted pop-corn and a pack of cheezel (my favorite junk food).

Shortly after the 'Loser' proposed to her girlfriend... I fell asleep and woke-up when Julia Robert that played the US Army Captain went home to meet her son. I did wake up a few times but found the movie was abit too dragging... except for that moment when Captain Julia Robert met her son and the time when the son wanted to give Valentine Roses to his teacher which was quite touching.

Maybe the lousy no-aircond cinema spoils the mood but the movie was really boring. The only thing that was enjoyable was the salted popcorn and cheezels that never failed to fail my diet..... if the cinema was cold, at least I could sleep comfortably without sweating.

The movie ended with the three words for Valentines.. LETS GET NAKED... true to the core with the HOT cheap no aircond Cathay Cinema @ Cineleisure.... dissappointing!! ....a waste for RM7 that would be better spend on a Roti Canai + Nescafe tarik....

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  1. Luckyly I watch wolfman on the 13th, almost bought that Velentine ticket. My comment: Woflman was good, suspen all the way, tak boleh duduk senyap. BUT, the cinema that I went NOT HOT lah (I mean got aircon) hehehe...

  2. Ops...

    Above is from StefChok ;-)

  3. Stef,
    Hero mati in the Wolfman!! i dont like it when hero died.. hehehee... but its better than Valentines... maybe its Hall 1 that was problematic.. a few people had the same experience...


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