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Its the second session at the Bootcamp today, for the benefit of the newbies @ the Bootcamp, there are five routines at the Bootcamp.

First the Benchmark assessment which was what we did on the first session. The benchmark record is crucial for us to see our future improvement and for trainers to assess our fitness level to prepare a training program for us. The benchmark timing for some senior recruits are recorded Here but please do not worry about other recruit's timing. (please drop me a line if you want me to record your timing for future reference too) we should always target our own improvement. 

Second, the Ranking of fitness via the group category Delta, Seal and Ranger. After the benchmark assessment, recruits are placed into their respective grouping. Delta is the most hardcore training program, Seal is tough and ranger is moderately hard if you have never exercised. There are 5 new upgrades of seal and rangers into Delta today. There are 20 Deltas for February 2010. The List of Deltas are as follows:

1) Kenny Smith
2) Dr Malek Aziz
3) Shobha Bala
4) Wai-Yee Chan
5) Irwan Anuar
6) Tomi Soetjipto
7) Erny Marlina @ Nyna Mohsen
8) Kenix Lim
9) Claire Campbell
10) Jordan bracker
11) Mohd Danial Ismail
12) Lilian Lim 
13) Nawal Aini Zulkifli
14) Ilyanna Ayob
15) Machiko Atkinson
16) Marcos
17) Arvind Patmarajah
18) Ily Farhana (previously from KLB)
19) Armin Baniaz Pahamin
20) Nadia Hanim Tajuddin

Nawal Aini Zulkifli, Arvind Patmarajah, Machiko were upgraded from Seal to Delta. Ilyanna Ayob, Irwan Anuar upgraded to Delta straight from Rangers. Well done guys... and congratulation on the fitness improvement. You have to be super-fit to be a Delta. Need to celebrate this? (smile)

Third, the Graduation day that is held on a monthly basis. The next graduation day will be on Sunday, 7 February 2010 at 11am to 3pm @ the Mark's place. It is recommended for new recruits to attend the graduation day and share their experience with senior recruits. Senior recruits should attend to celebrate their whole month of consistent exercises. The previous graduation day was also celebrated there. See: Grad Night.

Fourth, every exercise program at the Bootcamp is never repeated. We will never get bored with the training!!! The circuit may be similar but the type of exercises and repetition may differ. To reap the best result from the Bootcamp, we need to surrender ourselves and give in our 110% effort. Scream, moans, groan if you have too but do it the best that you can!!! Today... its already my fourth month at the bootcamp and yet, I am still struggling.. struggled because the workout differs everyday targeting different muscle group and different cardiovascular strength.

5) The Bootcamp trainers that train together with recruits. More often, Personal Trainers only know exercises in theory but at the bootcamp, the trainers run and exercise with us... Evidently, you should notice how Sergeant Simran goes from one recruit to the other performing the exercises with them.. similarly, Corporal Faizal Ariff today went down and did push up, hands to shoe lace lying down in mud with us pushing screaming for us to go the extra mile and Lans Corporal Stephanie running from recruit to another, to motivate us all.

We had the Square-Relay today......... Recruits in their respective ranks were divided into a team of five. I had Shobha Bala, Kenny Smith, Arvind Patmarajah, Tomi Soetjipto in our group. Inside the square, everybody took a corner each, Corner A, B, C and D with an exception of 1 extra recruit. The parameter between one corner to the other was approxmately 30 metres. As the session began, The One extra recruit will run from corner-A to the next corner, Corner-B where he stopped and performed two repetitions of the given exercise with the Corner-B recruit. Then Corner-B recruit ran to corner C and performed the same two repetitions with Corner-C recruit and the relay continues non-stop. 

There will always be one recruit running on a relay from one corner to the other and whilst all Corner-Recruits without any break or stop (unless its his/her turn to run) perform the given exercises. The exercises were as follows:

1) Push-up
2) Star-Jump
3) Touches De Shoe Crunch
4) Mountain Climbers
5) hands to elbow push-up

We had only 3x 30 seconds water break.... which I skipped one break to catch a breather. I cannot express and describe my hatred for the Mountain Climbers.......... it is such a killer!!! but without it... it would not be so.. masochist. 

When the instruction was given, it sounded quite easy but really.. today was a short insight into dying.... I LUURVE IT!!!  I burned a modest 620 calories today but the muscle was crying endlessly. My heart-quake at richter scale 5... no tusnami alert but it was still a killer. Now cant wait for the next session....


Stay tune for the list of Seals and Rangers.........


Other OBC References:
February OBC 2010: OBC Feb 1/12 



  1. hey i've been meaning to in the world do you know how much calorie you've burnt?

  2. San,
    Its called Polar Heart Rate Monitor watch. The watch measure the heart beat via the chest strap (that Chun SSJ called bra). Its a secret.. Sssh... :-p


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