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38 of us from the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP MALAYSIA @ Bandar Utama participated in an 8 Week Challenge since 27 September 2010. The chronological of event since then was as follows:

1) 21 September 2010- the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP AUSTRALIA announced the 8 Week Challenge open to all ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP recruits in the HOOYAH network.

2) 26 September 2010- the deadline for photo-shoot & measurement.

3) 27 September 2010- Recruit's Day-1 challenge commenced (ignition phase) together with the first session for October. Recruits given access to the Gladiator Diet and Inferno metabolic accelerator program to be strictly followed together with the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP session.

4) 29 September 2010- Submission of Photos & measurement via the pre-prepared link on

5) 10 October 2010- First Cheat meal.. as in we can eat anything we like and anything we want but it must be only for 1 meal. We all gathered for an orgy cheat-meal.. as in we ate everybody's meal in a pot luck dinner (Scroll down for pictures).

6) 11 October 2010- BURN-Phase part 1. Three full day on ignition diet meal and 1 meal on third day from Burn phase ingredients.

7) 17 October 2010- Sunday Treat. One dessert of our choice.. just one!

8) 24 October 2010- End of Week-4!!! Cheat meal again!!! Half way through the challenge...

9) 25 October 2010- Burn phase part 2. Meaning, 1 full day of Ignition diet followed by 1 full day of burn-phase (any food from the Ignition & burn ingredients) and so forth until further notice....

So guys.. four more weeks to go... but wait.. what did we have on the first Cheat-Day? Trust recruits at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ Bandar Utama with food...

Well it was held in conjunction with Sandy Robert's farewell dinner.

It all began with Lizza Abdul Rahim sending out invitations to all the 8-week challengers and recruits at the OBC-BU to ask if they were interested to have the cheat meal cum farewell dinner for Corporal Sandy Roberts.

It was well-received and almost 40 replied OKAAY!!

Farhanah Bamadhaj & Dr Malek then offered their swimming pool site for a massive Cheat.... meal. They prepared and decorated the eating place for a memorable night.

It was a pot-luck dinner... and especially for the Cheat, everybody brought the sinful-est food to share. Devils!!!

There were close to 40 food varieties from three types of Chicken Pie from Chef Lizza Abdul Rahim's kitchen and Norliza Affandi.

There  were more than 5 types of noodles and 12 types of desserts.

Although its an official Cheat Day.. Someone had to look left and right first, to ensure no one was watching him Cheat.

We ate and we ate..... as in, we really eat!!! One meal Gunny Emily said.. so here we are trying out the whole varieties in just one meal...

Well.. there is no such thing as free-dinner as they say.. after a few rounds of 'one-meal', it was time to give a speech... for Corporal Sandy Roberts who was leaving permanently back to Wales. I was the first to be called.. whatever i wanted to say, was earlier said HERE

Sandy Roberts laughing when I reminded how we first met almost a year ago in KL Platoon.

Dr Malek Aziz recalling his moment with Sandy Roberts..

Sarge Dann was speechless and devastated to lost someone so dear that he regarded as a Mom.. esp since Sandy was always nagging at him!!

Nawal Aini Zulkifli.. summarizing Sandy's last day was a sad moment for her having to lose a colleague but more importantly a BEST FRIEND & training buddy.

Vivien Luyen Ow.. a recruit that knew Sandy as long as we do having trained with her since the first day that Sandy joined the OBC.

Farhanah Bamadhaj.. the Masters of Ceremony was very greatful to Sandy for all her support when we all first started the OBC-BU

We bought her some farewell gifts and on behalf of OBC-BU, I was honored to present it to Sandy.

Owh.. by the way, the theme for that night was 'COLOURFUL' hence why I was in green short and red shirt. Had to state that as a fact before someone think i'm a nut head with the worst colour combination.

The first orgy-type pot-luck CHEAT MEAL was funtabulous but it was too sinful that we decided to 'individually' have our second cheat meal.

So yesterday, we cheated with a NASI LEMAK brown rice, fried anchovies, boiled egg, fried egg, fried vegetables fried chille sauce....

and Err.. Mm... a hot chocolate cake with ice cream... oh my god... its just sooo... *saliva drooling*.

I know.. it was too much and too short a gratification....  just within a few minutes later, the body rejected everything eaten in an endless tsunami of diarrhoea.

Was bed-ridden half of the balance Sunday and could not sleep the whole night. Lesson to learn.. do not cheat!!! no matter how legal it seem......

FOUR MORE WEEKS people.. just 4 more week and we can all go naked in a brand new look!!!


Until then.... Stay tune

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