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(pictures taken of OBC-BU Bravo platoon. The paparazzi was training at Alpha and no one to take pictures)

"Very very heavy rain now... is OBC still on?" read Joannita Zaleha Yusof Facebook status that appeared on my news feed. The message was typed just before 5am this morning. "Of course there is bootcamp training this morning", I quickly replied. The ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP training session was NEVER cancelled nor postpone or delayed even on public holiday. Health is so important that we need to religiously exercise whether in rain, hail or shine.

Sarge Dann, Corporal Jasper & Corporal Nawal left for the field at 4:45am to prepare the field for today's circuit. With an exception of a few new comers whom may have comfortably slept through the alarm clock in the cold morning, everybody else came.. some were in rain-coat. 

We had the warming up session in the cold heavy downpour. The rain was so heavy that we were blinded and could not even open our eye though I noticed Rienna Choo warming up in rain coat.. Aiiiks... that is punishable with 10 grunts. After the warm-up, the platoon was divided into their respective section for a 3 muscle twitching circuits. The Ranger went to Corporal Nawal for a workout with Sandbag, Seal with Corporal Jasper for Mock Rifle Circuit and the Delta with Sarge Dann.

We had the chest and core workout with Sarge Dann performing the military pushup, tiger pushups, Grunts, leapord crawl and sprinting. Leapord crawling in a flooded field was fun but sprinting was more difficult. The taste of mud was disgusting when I incidentally swallow the water while leapord-crawling. I was sandwiched by Joe liew and Adriano Abila. The November Deltas are stronger and more kiasu. Everybody were flying and and gave their best... to be upgraded to Delta is one challenge but to maintain as Delta is a more difficult challenge. At Delta, we train with the best. Even the Seals are stronger with most Seals getting their PB time during the latest benchmark. Similarly, to maintain in Seals requires alot of effort. At any point of time, A delta or a Seal can be downgraded lower if they cant keep up and a Seal or Ranger can be upgraded depending on Sarge Dann. Sarge Dann and the Red Devil has eye of an eagle and even behind their head. 

Rose Emini Pahamin... 

Nyna Mohsen

Afiza Abdul Halin... also an acapella (???) trainee

Michelle Honda, a Japanese Brazilian has been our recruit since September, is moving to Sydney Australia for good and today is her last day with ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ BANDAR UTAMA. 

Perhaps Michelle will join the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ CBD Domain or the Coogee Beach with Chief Brabon.

On behalf of OBC-BU'ians.. we wish Michelle the best. Bravo Platoon will never be the same without you. You will be dearly missed.

Just as we slowed down in exhaustion, Sarge Dann will appear and even did the tiger push-ups (and most workout) with us jumping and rushing from one recruit to the other. When we froze trying to catch a breath, Sarge Dann will appear smack infront of us and in his persistent voice, 'Do not Stop!!! I dont want to see anybody stalling'.... and there we are without any break, without a moment to breath continued the struggle before a loud a scream of STEADY.. denoting 'stop'... music to the ears. but thats Sarge Dann.. gentle but firm and assertive.

After 3 sets with Sarge Dann we went to Corporal Nawal for the leg, Shoulder and abs workout with mock rifle. The Seal that was with Corporal Nawal went to Corporal Jasper and the Rangers went to Sarge Dann. After completing the workout with Corporal Nawal, We went to Corporal Jasper for the circuit with Sandbag that targeted the glut, upper back and shoulder. Similarly, we went back to Sarge Dann after completing 3 sets of Corporal Jasper's circuit and the cycle continues...

Mohd Arief Mokhsein aka.... Clark Kent...

When we were done, we were all soaked. It was still drizzling but the Bravo platoon missed the best part of training in the rain. They just train in water and mud only. A few of us stayed back to see the Bravo platoon's struggles in water... and had a good laugh to see them crawling in water...


P/S- I wonder what happen to Suriana Saiful Yazan, Sayf Ismail and Azlan Ramli.. Mmm.. FFK!!

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