If there is ONE-THING and only ONE thing that makes OBC-BU so special... it must be the excessive energy from every members of the platoon. Every members with a different characteristic and a different level of enthusiasm became the core spirit of the bootcamp.

There are the rugged type like Raja Affandi Jamaluddin & Norliza Affandi, the motherly type like Sandy Roberts that never stop worrying about everybody, the all smiley type like Lizza Abdul Rahim that smiles through any bone-breaking workout, the nenek-that-like-to pot-pet type like the hot ass Yam Chan SiuCheh, the SSJ (Sot sot jor) Queen like Lilian Lee... The Kiasu type like John Chuah whom doubled-up his workout-homework believing that he only burn 3 calories when he actually forgot to start the Polar HRM. The adorable couple Daddy-kin Yuen and Mummy-kin Elsie, the clown- Syed Mahadzir Syed Manshor whom can cracked anyone with his natural born body language, the Fashionaly Late cum FFK-Queen Vivien Luyen Ow whom change his platoon from Alpha to bravo to avoid being late but ended up being late in Zulu.. The Mother-Theresa Pooi Ching whom would cook, bake and bring food to recruits to err.. carbo load them or sabotage them, I dont know. The animal-fetish like Farnahah Bamadhaj whom would go out of her way to shop and feed the beruks.. I mean real beruk/baboons. The nanny Viki Lim . The single-most-available babes Jo-Anna Henley, Carolina Vidigal, Shearling Toh, Rose Emini Pahamin, the hunks like Jun King, James Fong, Scott, Mohd Aref Mokhsein, Joe Liew....... just to name a few but everybody at the OBC-BU are so important that whenever anyone went AWOL or missing from any session, it felt so incomplete.

but that cannot rival the lost we felt when Sandy Roberts, our bootcamp Corporal announced that she will permanently leave Malaysia to go back to her hometown in Wales, United Kingdom. Today was her last day with the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ Bandar Utama and we made today extra special.

When Sandy Roberts first joined the bootcamp last year, she was so Kiasu that she caught up behind me during the circuit run while doing the Benchmark Assessment and whispered .. "Are you a Delta?" we didnt know each other then.. and when I replied, "Yes", she quickly replied, "Good!" and pace herself beside me until the last lap where she overtook and qualified to be in delta from her previous rank... in Seal. That is Sandy.. she will strive to always be better and will never give up.

Since then, we became close and we invited her to be an instructor at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ Bandar Utama. She has been the best of friend and our biggest supporter.

The OBC-BU management team (except Corporal Jasper & Corporal Erni) last pose with Sandy Roberts

Since it was Sandy Roberts last day as well as the Bring-A-Friend day, Sarge Dann brought most of the toys we had for Sandy Robert and the friends to play. There were the tyre, 7 mock rifles, 7 sandbags, 2 water-filled-jerry-cans and 2 ropes. Recruits and friends were divided into team alpha and team bravo whom were allocated an equivalent number of toys. The platoon was divided into team alpha and Team Bravo.

We did not just had a great workout but we had a funtabulous moment.. a nostalgic moment with our motherly friend, our bff, our instructor and our important team member, Sandra Olivia Robert.

After the session, we camwhore a little for the last time..

 The Alpha babes.. last post with Corporal Sandy

 The Alpha-Hunks.... Sandy was so lucky to be surrounded by hot men!!!

 Sandy with some of the Bravo Platoons...

Syed Mahadzir Syed Manshor aka Ded.. did not missed the opportunity to bully Corporal Sandy and Pooi Ching was so tempted to bully Sarge Dann... 

 Then came Raja Affandi, Nawal Aini Zulkifli and Pooi Ching not missing out 
the opportunity to bully the Reds..

They dance.. and they jumped...... 

and we certainly know how to make Sandy's last 
day a memorable moment...

Corporal Sandy Robert... You are the best

We are all sad that you are leaving.. Even Sarge Dann felt sad, 
for Sandy has always been there for us when OBC-BU first started.

Sandy, Thank you for being such a wonderful friend to us and to the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ Bandar Utama. We appreciate all your commitment and dedication. Our door is always open for you to come back...  Good luck in your future and all undertakings.



  1. KKY,

    All of us do... She is such a wonderful lady.

  2. Thank you Armin, thank you everyone, I will miss you all, but I will be with you in spirit!! Just remember as you start you early morning bootcamp sessions.....I will be just heading off to bed back in Wales!!! And as you are getting wet and muddy......I will be freezing my ass off!!!


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