100% Attendance, 100% Commitment & 110% Effort or ACE CERTIFICATE is awarded as an acknowledgment to a consistent and discipline effort portrayed by recruits when they attended all the twelve sessions in a month.

At the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ Bandar Utama,  we recognized the recruits effort in waking up in an ungodly hour, driving in the rain, training in the mud, spending extra hours scrubbing dirty shoes and cloth from a training session, being late at work and even re-scheduling their work/business travelling/appointment to avoid missing OBC session in the name of health and vanity.

Exercising should be a way of life and those through sheer commitment and effort, attended all the 12 session in hail, rain or shine deserved more than a certificate but the certificate and this HALL OF ACE are the least that we can offer.

The ACE HALL OF FAME is dedicated especially for these recruit.

Click HERE for the ACE HALL OF FAME.

There are twelve recruits that made it to October ACE Hall of Fame and the list will be updated after our graduation day.

Stay tune for October ACE Hall of Fame list and for the SPIRIT OF BOOTCAMP HALL OF FAME.