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I was invited by the Organising Committee Chairman Dr Azlina Ahmad to grace and officiate SMK Convent Green Lane re-union and alumni that was held on 11 February 2012 at the Hard Rock Hotel, Penang. I first befriended Dr Azlina Ahmad when she invited me to eat Daging Kuda (Horse Meat) many years ago!! The attempt was almost successful until I discovered that she wanted to feed me with daging KUDA PENCEN??!! too much information... Needless to say, it did not work out.

To make sure that this re-union function did not suffer the same fate without me, Dr Azlina Ahmad (BBA., MBA, PhD. International Marketing) whom is also a lecturer at the University Science Malaysia consistently reminded me of the event since November last year until my arrival at the Hotel this morning at 9:00am. I hereby award her to be the most persistent and consistent friend in circle.

The gorgeous invitation card were sent out to all CGL school leavers. Convent Green Lane School was established 51 years ago in 1961. SMK CGL celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2001 and in the same year, Pn Balkish Mohd Isa, the former headmistress bid the school farewell. Between the year 2002 to 2005, Pn Sharifah Hamidah bt Syed Mohd Al- Habshi was the school headmistress and Pn Patimah bt Othman in 2005 and retired shortly later 2006. Since then, Puan Lim Yen Lee, the then Penolong Kanan Ko-Kurikulum was promoted as the new principle of SMK CGL.

The theme for the re-union and alumni was Rock & Roll and because of the theme, Hard Rock Hotel was chosen. Especially for the night, I dug into my oldest wardrobe and chose my most Rock'est t'shirt and Jeans.

Before the event started, my team from the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP had open a booth in the Hall to promote a healthy living to the members, guests and sponsors of the re-union.

Emcee Sunita
Dr Azlina Ahmad
I was escorted into the Hall of Fame by Dr Azlina Ahmad and Former Head Mistress Puan Balkish Mohd Isa. Every personnel-on-duty were all former students of SMK CGL... the Emcee was Sunita from Class 1995. After a short introduction by Sunita and a speech by the Organising Committee Chairman Dr Azlina Ahmad (Class 1997), I spoke for 15 minutes without a written text. My nicely prepared speech disappeared when the document crashed shortly before I could print it. So here I am, recalling what I spoke to record it on blog... (This is why I do not like to speak without text haiiih.. its double work in the end). The summary was as follows:

Thank you Emcee Sunita whom beside me, was the only other "Rocker" in the house... (Everyone had outgrew Rock & Roll and did not observe the theme).

Puan Balkish Mohd Isa, former Head Mistress SMK Convent Green Lane,
Dr Azlina Ahmad, Organising Committee Chairman
Fellow Organising Committee Members
Alumnis, Sponsors and Guests.. Ladies and Gentlement

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah hiwabarakatuh, Salam Sejahtera and good afternoon.

When I first heard that Former Head Mistress Puan Balkish will attend the re-union.. I was abit excited to see a former head Mistress in tight torn jeans... because during school days.. I was always picked by the teachers and head master for wearing the green school pants abit too tight. Cikgu.. it was really tight.. and it took us almost 10 minutes just to wear the pants... seluaq tu sangkut kat kaki, payah nak celuih... Rock punya pasal. Unfortunately, Cikgu tak pakai dressing rock... tapi tak pa. Cikgu mai pun kami semua dah rasa cukup sempurna. I am pleased to see former students, especially Dr Azlina and the organising committee still have not forgotten the teachers. My mother too was a teacher and I am proud of it. We should never forget jasa seorang Cikgu, they have done wonders to educate us into what we are today.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am both very proud and honored to be here with you, to grace and officiate this special occasion.. The re-union of students from Class 1993 to Class 2004 in one gathering is a history in itself. It is important that classmates and schoolmates do not lose contact but the agony of gathering everyone together is really a nobble but a very difficult task. 10 years of students... celuih masuk hall ni na? Sepatutnya kena ada stadium kot noh. But this is Penang state dilemma. When I met with Dato' Boonler from the Penang Skill and Develeopment Centre (PSDC) recently, Dato Boonler too communicated the same. Infact, according to Dato' Boonler, Penang State had formed a task-force to study on how to get current Youth to stay in Penang rather than migrating out of Penang but this is the state government's issue... Our issue is .. this re-union.

I am pleased to learn that today, SMK CGL made school-history to gather former students from Class 1993 to Class 2004.. Today, I also charted my history. I had officiate various functions from Annual General Meetings, Annual Dinner, opening of shops and other re-unions, but this is the first time that I graced and officiated an all Girl School Alumni gathering..... All Girl School!! Of course, I did not mind.

Usually, a re-union and alumni gatherings are all about 'Walking Down Memory Lane".... That includes... sharing old stories of crushes... infatuation..... love....... hatred........ sometimes mengumpat about teachers pun ada... (maaf ya Puan Balkish.. gurau je). I mean this would be what the boys would speak at re-unions... beside some self-bragging about some fights etc. I wonder what does girls topic of conversation would be...

Most of us went through various life cycle at school and post-high school.. teenage kan! personal life, financial, health, love life and also in career. Personally, I also went through various cycles... almost a roller coaster ride.. up and down the corridors of life. I even went through various emotional cycles in sickness and health being diagnosed with a terminal cancer Leukemia. Having battled through leukemia at school, I went and pursued further my studies and only to be diagnosed again with a relapse.  After two painful battles, I began my working career and went through two economic recessions that had affected my business. I drove through various relationships and passed through various phases of friendship with different batches of people but what it all taught me, was the true meaning of friendship, associates, business partners, family values and the importance of health and love.

I was privilege to speak to a few people in this room before the function began and am happy and proud to see everyone is successful in their own right. I see many of you being successful in your career and are now enjoying the fruits of your hard work. I see most if not all of you, are very successful in marriage and was blessed with beautiful children. I see everyone here so cheerful and happy. In life, there is nothing more important than to be happy and to be successful in relationship and family. Family values stand beyond and above any other material and monetary.

I hope the Chairman Dr Azlina would call upon some former students to come forward and share their past experiences at school and also some updates of their life post-CGL. This sharing of true experiences can be an aspiration to others.

I look forward to listen to your stories!!

Dr Azlina, please make the 'Sharing of Stories' as part of today's agenda. I also learn that there is also a fashion show by super-models that was born from former students of SMK CGL as part of today's program?

Yes there is, let us not waste more time listening to me membebel... I am sure everyone is excited to see the fashion show.

Before I end my speech, to officiate todays event...

Dengan lafaz, Bismillah Hirrahma niraahim, saya dengan ini merasmikan Hari Alumni Sekolah Convent Green Lane.

I hereby declare the Convent Green Lane Re-Union 2012 as ROCK & ROLL!!!!

After my speech, there was ribbon-cutting and cake-cutting ceremony to officiate the re-union.

After completing the officiating ceremony, Dr Azlina Ahmad presented a memento of appreciation to me.. a kick ass Hard Rock sounvenir. 

And also to Puan Balkish Mohd Isa

Puan Balkish Mohd Isa
The program ensued with Singing the CGL songs...
and those that did not know the lyrics.. like me, we just pretend moving our lips ala singing..
For awhile, I thought they going to modified the school song into a Rock & Roll song in conjunction with the theme...

Right: Dr Azmi Abdul Khan

Then we were entertained with the hot mommas models from CGL .. 
I was surprise to meet my high-school buddy (or more like partners-in-crime) Zarir Salleh's wife She Musa. She Musa was former student at SMK CGL.

While they cat-walk modelling their atttire.. or maybe themselves, we... dug into the food has been smiling for us since we stepped into the Hall.

My friends from the Chief's Original Bootcamp were very hungry.. they all came to support our booth that was displayed at the re-union gathering.

There were a few former students that came forward to share their experiences. Among them were Past CGL Alumni President Stella (no pictures.. Aiseyman) and the current President below (cant remember the name)... She was from class 1976!! Class 1976!!!! 1976!!!!

We were also entertained by the Rock band Dead Mushroom (I think?).. 


While everyone was busy being entertained by the bands and models, I went to the COBC booth and err.. camwhore with our loyal and supportive recruits.. whom were there for nothing else but to support us.

Check out those shoes below.....!!

 While I was at my Booth, Puan Balkish was invited to share her sentimental stories being the first malay teacher in a Kristian school..

Chief's Original Bootcamp Penang Lead instructors too shared with the audiences some secret in workout and training..

Cheah Boon Cboong aka Sarge (COBC) Boon!!

After all the speeches and sharing of moments and experiences, there were the lucky draw!! Prize ranges from RM600 to RM1,500 per draw.

I was invited to give out the Lucky Draw prizes.

The lucky lady who won three months of unlimited training at the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Penang!!

Even though half of the alumni had already left, but it did not stop others from ending the event with a group camwhore..!!

She Musa, Armin Baniaz Pahamin, Dr Azlina Ahmad, Sunita

The event htat began at 11:00am ended well at 3pm. Once again, Thank You Dr Azlina Ahmad for inviting me to grace and officiate CGL re-union and historic gathering.


Joan Jett - I Love Rock N Roll

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