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There is no other Chinese New Year (CNY) celebration that serves Japanese food but at the Yuen Choong Lai and LC Tan's Gong Xi Fa Chai open house. Last year it was at the Kin Shui Teh, Tropicana Golf and Country Club and this year the venue was changed to Nagomi at the Jaya 33. We befriended both Yuen and LC a few year s back when our sons are best friend since year 1 at the Garden International School GIS). Both Yuen and LC were recruits at the Chief's original Bootcamp but they retired when their fitness was at its prime....It was our first visit to the Nagomi. It was a different concept to the Kin Shui Teh and is a more weight-watcher diet friendly. Its shabu shabu base (aka steamboat base). Every year, Yuen and LC never fail to invite the parents of GIS for their CNY open house and every year, we never fail to err... over-eat our invitation.

How can we possibly behave when there were generous amount of food being served. Yuen, being the President for Hadrons Capital, a venture capitalist co-owned a fleet of fine-dining restaurants and we from the eating department performed our tasks beyond our KPI (Key Performance Index).. we simply bedal licin! But its okay to over-eat because most in the menu were vegetable in nature with a generous portion of lean beef.

Last year, I over-dressed by being more Chinese than Yuen in my shocking red colour shirt (which I thought the Chinese symbolizes as prosperity) ( See: HERE) but they.. especially Yuen were not.  This year, I came in traditional modern java batik and Yuen.. thinking I would be in red, wore his red Chinese shirt..

Yuen Choon Lai, Armin Baniaz Pahamin with other GIS parent
LC Tan, Nawal Aini Zulkifli and other GIS parents.
After sapu-licin (Clean-wipe) the food.. we camwhore a little before leaving back home. It is almost becoming a tradition with Yuen's family that every year, we would celebrate CNY together. Thank you Yuen and LC Tan for inviting us, you both are very kind.



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