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Norliza Mohd Khalid, a pioneer member at the Chief's Original Bootcamp (COBC) was all books and  studies during her late teens before pursuing her tertiary education in ICSA or the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, UK. Although a bookworm and all studious, Norliza Mohd Khalid or more fondly known as Liza had an early exposure into an active lifestyle during her childhood when she grew up with 4 brothers and mostly boy circle of friends. Being surrounded by mostly boys, Liza was even described as a tomboy and did everything what boys would do such as playing outdoors in dirty muddy playground within her neighborhood vicinity. From merely playing in the hoods, Liza became more active in her early teens and was in the track and field team at school in long jump and 400m and relay (4x100m and 4x400m). She even took part in the school's cross country every year but only until she was in her mid-teens (Form 3).

Liza put in more emphasis into her studies and took a back seat in sports for the remaining of her high school period and even when she pursued her education in ICSA. When she graduated and obtained her ICSA (UK) in 1998, she began her career with Geowell Sdn Bhd which is principally involved in wireline and well completion services specializing in oil and gas. She is currently the Chartered Secretary for the company and its associate companies.

The shy and reserved lady enjoyed playing games such as hopscoth, rounders, badminton, chasing (kejar-kejar), bicycle racing and hide and seek when she was growing up. Now, Liza occupies her spare time with reading especially those on issues relating to health and fitness, motherhood and children, and self empowerment. She enjoys travelling and love to explore different beaches and new cities. Being fitter, now Liza would only participate in sports and games that require physical strength especially in running tracks and fields.

The second child in a sibling of seven was originated from a mix and arranged marriage between a Malaysian Kedahan, Mohd Khalid Bin Abd Rahman (deceased) and a Pakistan Lahorean Mother – Parveen Akhtar Mohd Abdullah. Liza's grand father went to Pakistan and imported a bride for her father (that is actually not a bad idea for err... you know who!).

Two years into her career in October 2000, Liza tied the knot to one of Malaysia's most established commercial and film editor, Raja Affandi Raja Jamaludin. Two years after marriage, Liza gave birth to her first child and two years later, her other daughter now both aged 10 years old and 8 years old.

After giving birth to the first daughter, Liza enrolled herself into a gym to lose weight and which she did but she was not so successful at her a second attempt after the second child... even after engaging a Personal Trainer. Liza was directed to a new but good looking trainer when her previous personal trainer left, such is the high turnover of trainers at the Celebrity gym. The trainer have the best of look but less in knowledge and qualification (as a fitness trainer). The level of training was compromised and Liza was not happy with the quality of services at the gym that she did not renew her gym membership at the end of year 2009. That was the end of Liza's attempt at losing her weight.

In the same year 2009, Norliza lost her father whom was in Mecca for umrah. He was only 57 years old and did not suffer from any serious health issues prior to his trip. Liza's father collapse at the hotel lobby after performing his Zuhur prayer at Masjidilharam. Liza received a call from a stranger from his father's mobile phone in Mecca to informed of the devastating news. It was a shocking and a heart-breaking news to the family. Time just froze and nothing else matters. This event had demoralized Liza from attending to all her regular training for it was her father that had always encouraged for her to pursue and participated in any sports and exercise in her younger days. 

Liza was lost without any direction in her health and fitness but reality hits her when she attended an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) in October 2009 and was reminded of her purpose and objective in life. Liza began listing down a list of goals, short and long term including to run a race in memory of her late father. She began searching for a fitness program and the most convenient was Yoga as it was located just a few doors away from her office.

Liza first discovered of the Chief's Original Bootcamp (COBC) training program through a friend whom was training at Padang Merbuk. COBC at Padang Merbuk was once under the Australian program but the franchisee had opted out of the world oldest program to start and implement their own separately. Liza was so excited that she immediately called to inquire but was disappointed to learn that nearest location was either in Padang Merbuk or Padang Astaka. Both location were not so near but undeterred by the distance, Liza promised to join the program in June with her husband before even discussing it with him. 

Liza was even more excited when she learn that the COBC was opening a platoon in Bandar Utama as it was more convenient and closer to her. Liza told her husband that they are both enrolling although Raja Affandi was rather reluctant. Raja Affandi or more fondly known as Fandi had already registered and bought a lifetime membership at the Celebrity Fitness and told Liza that his work always demand long hours and he just cannot commit to waking up early in the morning as per COBC training schedule but Fandi eventually agree when Liza gave his Harley Davidson biker husband that painful sarcastic look and body language that reads, "If you can go riding with your friends after a long hours at work, I am sure this is no exception"... needless to say, that was a Checkmate and both of them attended COBC for the first time in July 2010!!

"When I first heard abt the COBC training regime and the description ‘military-inspired’ program, I was really excited and I knew this is what I needed to challenge myself", said the mother of two whom is now the COBC biggest supporter.

"I was ‘fed-up’ with Gym membership. After joining bootcamp and experiencing the program, I told myself, “This is it! There’s no turning back”. The one hour workout really pushes me to my optimum level and I sweat more than my gym training. The social support among the recruits are a blessing and I was always inspired by those who never give up and keep pushing themselves through the session. The training at cobc definitely give me better results than my personal training at the Gym." continued the strongest lady Delta at BU-Bravo.

The pioneer recruit whom was once voted the Spirit of Bootcamp by her comrade for Bandar Utama Bravo for her aspiration, determination and motivation continued, "The workouts hit our overall body parts, the upper, lower and abs at each session. And the best thing above all is that, I did it with my beloved husband. We share this common activity that not only benefit our health and fitness but also goes to show our children the importance of keeping fit."

"I do join him to some of his riding journeys and the furthest was to Pattaya bike week, from 6th – 13th February 2012. Although most of the time, being a typical mother, I would rather stay with the children and occasionally fly to his riding destination over weekend only and took a flight back. Cobc brought us to exercise together, min 3 times a week and we would make sure we push each other to attend every session without fail, it’s amazing!", said the career women with strong family values.

The women whom ran her first race barely 3 months after joining COBC shared her first experiences and said, "I also started joining road running after discovering the runners circle among the recruits. Rose Emini was very enthusiast abt running and she has been talking about her runs during Bravo sessions. My first events was in Sept 2010 at NB Newton Run, 12KM and there I was with Bravo mate, Lilian Lee at the starting line, blurred and not sure what to expect. Lilian was very ‘kiasu’ and insisted that we queue at the front of starting line. My instinct was in coherent with this and I tagged along her. Upon flagged off, Lilian shouted “Sprint! Sprint!” and I looked at her trying to make sense that this is a 12KM run.....but being my first experience I followed her. She was way in front of me sprinting, I was panting and told myself, “just follow your pace”. After 2KM, I came across Lilian, and she told me to go ahead....5KM thru, Staff Dann came from behind, tap my back and said “ Go, Liza”. Being a proud recruit, I felt honoured and inspired to increase my pace so that I could follow him. But not long after, I couldn’t even see his shadow. I finished 5th in Women Category clocking 1:14. It was surprising that I managed to get such rank because I never train running on road prior to that and my only training was at COBC."

Liza continued her running diary with more runs especially 10KMs and 21KMs. Liza's first breakthrough as a marathoner came on 4th December 2011 when she participated in the Standard Chartered Singapore International Marathon in 2011 and completed her maiden marathon in 04:52:44. "I am very proud with my achievement in running events so far. I have been in top 20 rank for almost all events that I took up. I look forward to better my previous performance and participating in new challenges." said the strong Delta that put many men to shame.

I’ve also joined Sasuke Season 1 when Armin approached me to represent COBC. I went with Affandi and a few other fellow recruits and instructors. We had alot of fun and laughter and that is what COBC community is all about. We enjoy every challenges and any events and the COBC community are so supportive in anything that we want to do", added the Chartered Secretary.

The lady whom aspired her husband and two daughters to always prioritize health and fitness above others have one advice for all her friends, "Never compromise the gift of health! We, human has a very intelligent body that will adapt to any challenges that we imposed on our body. Our physical limit will be lifted higher as we push further. An under-utilised body will slowly diminishes and weakened. The choice is ours to make the best out of ourselves".

Liza's aspiration came from her sister Noraseela Mohd Khalid achievements, "I’m so proud of her achievements. She has been in National team since she was 13 years old. She held Malaysian record for 400m Hurdles Women event at the time of 56:02s and is still running for the country. Our late father has instilled the sportsmanship spirit in us since young. He himself was an athlete during his school days but was forced to retire frm sport when he was 15 years old when he dislocated his knees during a football game. All our siblings were involved in schools sports and we have brought home alot of trophies and medals. But none of us pursued in sports after high school except Seela, who was picked by National Sports Council for Young Athletes Program since age 13". Liza whom recently completed the Energizer Night Race being 2nd in Women age category is not just admired by the young ladies at the COBC but also to many mothers whom thought outdoor activities does not existed after motherhood. At COBC, Liza is admired by the instructors whom were not only proud at Liza for her achievements but Liza's effort and dedication at training ground is always exemplary.

Norliza Mohd Khalid no 2 at the energizer Night Race 2012
Norliza Mohd Khalid winning no 2 at Sime Darby 10km run  2012
If you know Liza, you will know her determination.. When she want something, she will get it!! Her competitive nature against herself is what makes her stands out in an ocean of women. From a non-runner to winning cash prizes by running, Liza deserves a big huge HOOYAH from the COBC fraternity.. we are proud of ya!


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