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There were more than thirty of us from the Chief Original Bootcamp, Malaysia that ran the Singapore 2XU run on 1 April 2012.. and it was no April Fool. Rose Emini Pahamin with a group arrived earlier to collect our race number and race kits. We stayed at the Park Royal on Beach Road, Singapore. Rose Emini Pahamin left with Nyna Mohsen, Bahariah Bahadom in a car and after collecting our race kits, she checked herself at the hotel where our parent also stayed. Since we start running for almost 10 years, this was the first time that my parent came to cheer for us.. it was either because they were really bored or maybe they actually love us more than we thought.

Blog compilation of various pictures of COBC pips taken in Singapore during the 2XU.

Mum & Dad was already at the hotel when Rose Emini Pahamin arrived. Nawal Aini Zulkifli and Aaraf Armin and me have not even left Kuala Lumpur.

Our race numbers..

Bahariah Bahadom @ Baba, Rose Emini Pahamin @ Emi, Erny Marlina Mohsen @ Nyna
Rose Emini Pahamin mentally preparing her mind by visualizing the running route looking at the map.

After checking-in at park Royal at beach road, they carbo loaded... MAKAN!!!

Back at the same hotel, Afiza Abdul Halin has also arrived and was shocked to discover that she was 'converted' into a 'male' runner upon collecting her bib.

Afiza: the last time I checked, I was still a women!!!

The ladies went shopping!! err.. or.... window shopping rather... or maybe just to camwhore!?

Which they did!!

Maslina Mohd Ismail, Afik Zakie, Shazni Az were in Singapore too for the 2XU!!!

Camwhoring!!! as mannequin ?!!

Then Makan!!!

After makan, they went back to the Hotel and we waited for our arrival!!! We arrived around 8pm!! At the hotel, Advance Tan, May Lyn Wong, Ali Rahimi Ferdosinezhad had also arrived and checked in.

When we arrived, we immediately errr... Makan!!!

Makan where? at Har Yasin sup tulang!!!

After makan... we sleep!! and woke up the next day all excited to run!!!

We gathered at the hotel lobby!!! 

Afik Zakie could not run and was feeling abit under the weather.. but we did not mind because we can multi task him to be our cheer leader and paparazzi!!!

It was a 10 minutes walk to the starting point.. and we had to take an overbridge which overlook the starting position.

Some use Five Fingers!!!! 

Some use their tongue!!!!

We were running in the middle of a concrete jungle.

We were flag off half an hour later than the scheduled time!

Our official paparazzi Afik Zakie parked himself on the sky bridge to take pictures of us!!

Spotted Sarge (COBC) Nawal!!! sprinting like a leapord!!

Spotted Rose Emini Pahamin!!

Spotted Advance Tan!!!

Spotted Bahariah Bahadom!!

Spotted Staff-Sarge Dann sprinting like a cheetah!!!!

Spotted Sarge (COBC) Nawal again!!

Spotted Shazni Az.. !!!

Spotted Maslina Mohd Ismail!!

Spotted Ali Rahimi Ferdosinezhad!!

Spotted Afiza Abdul Halin!!

Spotted Rose Emini Pahamin!!!

Spotted Bahariah Bahadom!!

Spotted the Pia Sarge (COBC) Nawal!!

Spotted Shazni Az sprinting trying overtake Sarge nawal!!

And so was Kuda Mas...

While everyone was trying to hit personal Best time, I dont know why Afiza Abdul happily picking her nose and smile while running.. 

Spotted Nyna Mohsen!!

Spotted Ali Rahimi Ferdosinezhad!!

Spotted er.. ME!!! Armin Baniaz Pahamin!!!

2XU run was successfully conquered!!!!

While we were all biting the medal to check for imitation.. May Lyn Wong was err.. ? dont know what she was doing with the bananas!???

Spotted Yvonne 

Spotted Hanim!!!

Pictures today were all from the sweat and effort of Affik Zakie (picture below)!! Thank you bruder!!

Spotted Freda Liu!!

Freda Liu and Sanil bin Rashid

To celebrate us conquering the Singapore 2XU run, we all gathered and went to the Apollo Banana Leaf!!! We.. err... mm... MAKAN KARI KEPALA IKAN!!!!!

It was a memorable run because we went in a group, ran in a group, makan in a group and did everything in a group.. Birds of a feather, flock together. We were all smiley everytime we have coffee, sharing those moment when we travelled to Singapore to run the 2XU. It was more meaningful, when me, Nawal Aini Zulkifli and Rose Emini Pahamin crossed the finishing line and saw the three most important person in our life, were at the finishing line.. mom, dad and Aaraf! Life is nothing but a blissful journey!!

Spotted my cousin Faruk Ramli!!!

Another weekend ended with a big HOOYAH!!!!!



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