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Do you know who were the first recruit that was voted as the Spirit of Bootcamp at Bandar Utama? Damansara Heights? Subang Jaya? Shah Alam? Ampang? Cyberjaya? Penang? I bet you dont...Please read on...

Do you know which recruit was voted the Spirit for Bootcamp over and over again because he/she is simply so inspiring and motivating? Yes you guest it right!! Who? read on...

Do you know why the Three-Jays (3Js- John Chuah, Joe Liew, James Fong) were so popular? Yes.. because it is either one of them three, that was always voted the SOB for most of the months during the first year.

Did You know that there are a total of 289 candidates that have been nominated as the Spirit of Bootcamp since inception? Well, it is true!!!

Did you know that there are almost 100 recruits that have been voted into the Spirit of Bootcamp Hall of Achievers!! Did you you know that most of the SOBs are also very successful as a person whether in their career, love or social life? (Get up close and personal with them by clicking on their name and read their profile but some of their profile are still a work-in-progress)

Now it is that time again, for you to vote for your hero/heroin for March Spirit of Bootcamp!! To Vote, log-on at 'Existing members' at HERE.


The Spirit of Bootcamp (SOB) is awarded to somebody in your platoon that does not just inspire you, but motivates you to push yourself that little bit harder, somebody that makes your sessions more enjoyable and someone that is aspiring to you. It doesn't even have to be somebody that you know. It can be somebody that you have never spoken too, but you noticed him/her as encouraging, humorous and/or helpful.

You determine who motivates you the most.. and you award them with the "The Spirit of Bootcamp" by voting online for him/her at HERE. This Hall of Fame is dedicated to record all the recipients of the Spirit of Bootcamp award. It is this spirit that makes the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP what it is and this is spirit that makes someone stands out in an ocean of people. This is our culture, this is the Spirit of Bootcamp!!

CONGRATULATION to all that was voted into the oldest 21 years old military-inspired program Hall of Fame!!!

The SPIRITS OF BOOTCAMP (SOB) past recipients were...

(Profiles are being updated as we speak.. so do stay tuned!!)

JUNE 2010 Bandar Utama (First SOB for BU)
1) Alpha: John Chuah
2) Bravo: Viki Lim

JULY 2010 Bandar Utama
3) Alpha: John Chuah
4) Bravo: Raja Affandi Raja Jamaludin

AUGUST 2010 Bandar Utama
5) Alpha: Joe Liew Yaw Loong
6) Bravo: Raja Affandi Raja Jamaludin

SEPTEMBER 2010 Bandar Utama
7) Alpha: Joe Liew Yaw Loong
8) Bravo: Pooi Ching Khiew (also see: Lush Icon Boutique)

OCTOBER 2010 Bandar Utama
9) Alpha: Joe Liew Yaw Loong
10) Bravo: Afiza Abdul Halin

NOVEMBER 2010 Bandar Utama
11) Alpha: James Fong
12) Bravo: Lilian Lee Lin Lin

DECEMBER 2010 Bandar Utama
13) Alpha: Joe Liew Yaw Loong
14) Bravo: Norliza Mohd Khaled

JANUARY 2011 Bandar Utama
15) Alpha: Rienna Choo
16) Bravo: Dyan Dominique Jenn

FEBRUARY 2011 Bandar Utama
17) Alpha: Angeline Gan
18) Bravo: Viki Lim

MARCH 2011 Bandar Utama
19) Alpha: Shear Ling Toh
20) Bravo: Shaz Sabri

APRIL 2011 Bandar Utama
21) Alpha: Joe Liew Yaw Loong
22) Bravo: XXXXX

MAY 2011 
Bandar Utama
23) Alpha: Mohamad Fazli Mohammad Sarujee
24) Bravo: Lim Shu Shin

Subang Jaya USJ1  (First SOB for USJ1)
25) Alpha: Andrew Phang
JUNE 2011

Bandar Utama
26) Alpha: James Fong
27) Bravo: Pooi Ching Khiew (also see: Lush Icon Boutique)

Subang USJ1
28) Alpha: Andrew Phang
29) Bravo: Thomas Ong

Damansara Heights (First SOB for DH)
30) Zulu: Surani Mohamad

JULY 2011

Bandar Utama
31) Alpha: Chan Meng Yam
32) Bravo: Anis Ramli

Subang Jaya USJ1
33) Alpha: Dixon Thum Wai Khong
34) Bravo: Lavern Chee


Bandar Utama
35) Alpha: Damien Mac Cord
36) Bravo: Rachel Tan Ju ann

Subang Jaya USJ1
37) Alpha: Elgy Tan
38) Bravo: David Oh


Bandar Utama
39) Alpha: Mohamad Fazli Mohammad Sarujee
40) Bravo: Collin Chong Wern Loong

Subang Jaya USJ1
41) Alpha: Adam Heng

Damansara Heights
42) Zulu: Angela Loo


Bandar Utama
43) Alpha: Faizul Zainol
44) Bravo: Wennice Chai

Subang Jaya USJ1
45) Alpha: Tan Wee Liam
46) Bravo: Thomas Ong

Damansara Heights
47) Zulu: Ryan Wong


Ampang (First SOB for Ampang)
48) Alpha: Helmi Haron

Bandar Utama
49) Alpha: Mohamad Fazli Mohamed Sarujee
50) Bravo: Kenny Lock Heng Weng

51) Alpha: Sharifah Nurul Fariheen Syed Mohd Alimin
52) Charlie: Cindy Mok

Damansara Heights
53) Zulu: Ryan Wong

Subang Jaya USJ1
54) Charlie: Lick Hau Loo
55) Echo: Thomas Ong

Shah Alam  (First SOB for Shah Alam)
56) Zulu: Jimmy Aw

PENANG: (First SOB for Penang)
57) Alpha: Abdul Azizam


Bandar Utama
58) Alpha- Darren teh
59) Bravo- Collin Chong Wern Loong

Subang Jaya USJ1
60) Charlie- May Lyn Wong
61) Echo- Jin Chong Hee

Damansara Heights
62) ZULU-xxx

63) Alpha-Suzanna Borhan
64) Bravo-xxx

Shah Alam
65) Alpha- Abdul Fattah Mokhtar
66) Zulu- xxx

Cyberjaya (First SOB for CJ)
67) Charlie- xxx
68) Echo- Eugene Tan

69) Alpha: Halina Yahya
70) Bravo: Abdul Azizan


Bandar Utama
71) Alpha- Rienna Choo
72) Bravo- Afiza Abdul Halin

Subang Jaya USJ1
73) Charlie- Wee Liam Tan
74) Echo- Sunil Akhtar

Damansara Heights
75) ZULU- Sheikh Hisham Iskandar

76) Alpha-Suzanna Borhan
77) Bravo- Azura Abdul Halim

Shah Alam
78) Alpha-xxx
79) Zulu- xxx

80) Charlie- Nor Azreen Kamalzaman
81) Echo- Md Nas Aiman Merican

82) Alpha: Salehan Mohamad
83) Bravo: Ren Jie Lee
84) Charlie: Kevin Chew


Bandar Utama
85) Alpha- Taj Mahal
86) Bravo- Afiza Abdul Halin

Subang Jaya USJ1

87) Charlie- May Lyn Wong
88) Echo- Darshan Singh

Damansara Heights89) Zulu- Micaela Soyza

90) Alpha- Mohammad Rizal Zakaria

Shah Alam
91) Alpha- Eng Chia Chan
92) Zulu- Ahmad Faizul

93) Echo- Wei Chuan Loh
94) Charlie- Shyamala Johti

Note: those mark with XXX was due to NO votes received for the platoon or the names were err.. forgotten, if anyone has the record, please contact me at

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