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Barely 2 weeks after DRB-HICOM obtained its shareholders's approval for the mandatory general offer to acquire all of PROTON shares, Dato Sri Mohd Khamil Jamil called to meet PEDA and others from PROTON eco-system. Dato Sri Khamil had also met Proton Vendors Association and is scheduled to meet Proton workers union too. As the President for the PROTON Edar Dealers Association Malaysia, I led my senior executive committee that was comprised of Armin Baniaz Datuk Pahamin (President), Dato Nik Izani Dato Nik Ibrahim (Deputy President), Lee Lick Sai (Vice President), S.B. Siaw (Vice President), Malkeet Singh (Secretary-General), Dato Yahya Jaafar (Hon. Treasurer), Mohd Nor Azam (Asst. Secretary-General) and Tuan Haji Aref Borhan ( Chairman, Service Sub-Committee). Dato Sri Mohd Khamil Jamil was accompanied by DRB-HICOM Group Chief Operation Officer Dato Lukman Ibrahim, Abdul Harith Abdullah (Head, Automotive & Defence);
Abdul Rashid Musa (General Manager, Group COO’s Office), Kamarul Zaman (General Manager, Group COO’s Office), Sulaiman Yahya (Head, Corporate Communications) and Balqesh Abdullah (Manager, Corporate Communications).

PEDA Vice-President Siaw Siew Bee with Abdul Rashid Musa
PEDA Secretary-General Malkeet Singh with Abdul Rashid Musa
PEDA Assistant Secretary-General Mohd Nor Azam

PEDA Exco cum Service Sub-Committee Chairman Aref Borhan with Dato' Lukman Ibrahim 
President PEDA Armin Baniaz Pahamin and Dato Lukman Ibrahim (DRB-HICOM Group Chief Operating Officer)

PEDA President Armin Baniaz Pahamin and Dato Sri Mohd Khamil Jamil DRB-HICOM Group Managing Director
PEDA Deputy President Dato Nik Izani Ibrahim with Dato Sri Mohd Khamil

PEDA Hon Treasurer Dato' Yahya Jaafar with Dato Sri Mohd Khamil

PEDA Vice President Lee Lick Sai with Dato Sri Mohd Khamil
Opening welcoming speech by Dato Sri Mohd Khamil. Of course, the details of the meeting is kept confidential.

After Dato Sri Khamil's opening speech, Dato Sri welcome and was all ears for PEDA's view. I presented a 20 slides presentation on PROTON in history, before, now and our wishlist moving forward (the dealer's perspective)

Armin Baniaz Pahamin presenting PEDA 20 slides presentation.
A scheduled 1 hour of meeting that was suppose to end at 4pm ended at 5:30pm. Dato Sri Khamil and the management of DRB-HICOM was sensitive to the needs to make PROTON a success and was enthusiastic with every thing that PEDA presented.

The meeting ended with Dato Sri Khamil assuring this to be the first of many engagement to come. Of course the details of the meeting is kept confidential but for PROTON Edar Authorised Dealers, the minutes of meeting is available (for members only) at

Seated (Left): Armin Baniaz Pahamin (PEDA President), Dato Sri Mohd Khamil Jamil (DRB-HICOM Group Managing Director), Dato Nik Izani Ibrahim (PEDA Deputy President)
Standing (Left): Kamarul Zaman (DRB-Hicom General Manager), Dato' Lukman Ibrahim (DRB-Hicom Group COO, Siaw Siew Bee (PEDA VP), Dato Yahya jaafar (PEDA Treasurer), Malkeet Singh (PEDA Secretary General),  Lee Lick Sai (PEDA VP) Mohd Nor Azan (PEDA Asst Sec-Gen), Aref Borhan (PEDA Service Sub-Commitee Chairman), Sulaiman Yahya (DRB-Hicom Head Corporate Comm), Abdul Rashid Musa (DRB-Hicom General Manager) 


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