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Front Right: Ahmad Suhaimi Anuar (CEO/PESB), Hisham Othman (CEO/EON), Dato Sri Syed Zainal Abidin (GMD/PROTON), Armin Baniaz Pahamin (President/PEDA),  Abdul Rashid Musa (DRB-Hicom/PROTON)
Photos were compliment from Noor Affendi Mohd Karim.

If there was one community that was close enough to be called a family, then it must be the Proton Edar community!! When I was first born into the community via my appointment as a dealer in 1997, Proton Edar had less than 200 staff and the dealers operation department was only a two-man show managing 86 showroom and less than 100 service centres in the network. We were the number 1 biggest manufacturer and Perodua was second. Now.. Proton Edar employs more than 2,000  manpower with approximately more than 220 showroom and more than 200 service centres nationwide. The total direct employment in PROTON exceeded 12,000 employees and combined with DRB-Hicom's total workforce of 55,000 people, there are now 67,000 employment in DRB-Hicom eco-system.

Forget the 67,000 people, Proton Edar family has grown so big, that I even felt a stranger whenever I entered the Centre of Excellence complex in Subang Jaya. Once, I used to be able to walk into the building and recognise by name every single employee including the tea lady. The Proton Sales and Service Convention was one avenue that is important to foster the spirit of camaraderie within the community. As in every other years, all sales & service branches and dealers, those in regional offices nationwide as well as those attached at the Head Office were all united at the Glenmarie Ballroon, Holiday Inn, Kuala Lumpur. Click HERE for the first Blog on the Convention, this second blog is mostly picturesque blog. Again, thank you Noor Affendi Mohd Karim for the pictures (Click on picture to enlarge).

Snapshots at the Convention...

the Venue.....

The preparation by PESB Sales Department!!!

Transporting was easy with Proton Exora!!!! 

Rehearsal? or ... posing?

Banners we displayed at all corners..

Work was never a burden with the Sales team.. they had as much fun preparing for the convention as they do in any other event.

Registration began at 8am!!

Guests arrived as early as 8am...

Dato Nik Izani, Armin Baniaz Pahamin, Yahya Uzir

The arrival of Proton Group Managing Director, Dato Sri Syed Zainal Abidin

Accompanied by Kamarul Zaman and Abdul Rashid Musa, two of he few gentlemen appointed by DRB-Hicom into Proton.


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