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Welcome to the 23rd graduation party at the Chief's Original Malaysia. Next month we will be celebrating our 2nd year anniversary and on COBC's second year anniversary, our Lead Instructor, Staff Sarge Dann and Lead Administrator Rose Emini Pahamin will be ending their bachelor-hood!! Now the only single jingle mingle in COBC team are Corporal Rash, Corporal Ridz in Klang Valley and Corporal Kenny and Corporal Foong in Penang ! But all those that are married are also still available!!! eh.. I mean, available to workout at COBC. ....

When I first heard of Rubic Cube Colour theme, I went ... what's that!!?? ...being blur and unknown?!!! But with a little bit of google'ing.. can do wonders.. and here I am.. almost but not yet Bozo the Clown. .. cute eh? :-p

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Rubic Cube Colour!!!

Our past 22 party theme and venue are as follows:

1) First June Party 2010- World cup,
2) Second July Party 2010- White & Denim
3) Third & Fourth Aug & Sept Party 2010- Hari Raya
4) Fifth October Party 2010- the Nerd & Geek
5) Sixth November Party 2010- Hats Off
6) Seventh December Party 2010- Christmas
7) Eight January Party 2011- Kampong
8) Nine February Party 2011- Pyjamas
9) Tenth March Party 2011- Stripes & Polka Dots
10) Eleventh April Party 2011- Cowboys & Cowgirls
11) Twelfth and Thirteenth May & June 2011 Party- Superheroes 
12) Fourteenth July 2011 Party: Green & Yellow
13) Fifteenth & Sixteenth August & September 2011 Party- Halloween
14) Seventeenth October 2011 Party- Wear your before COBC old cloth
15) Eighteenth November 2011 Party- Luau Hawaiian
16) Nineteenth December 2011 Party- Smoking Jazzy Roaring 20s
17) Twentieth January 2012 Party- Gennaio Festo Italiano
18) Twenty First February 2012 Party- Mexicano
19) Twenty Second March 2012 party- Checkered and Funky Glasses tea-party

The party was held at the Chef's & Brew at Damansara Heights and as early as 8pm, we have conquered almost the whole restaurant. With a total attendance of almost 100 pax, we did not just have a good laughing moment but as always... a blast camwhoring session!

Beside partying to celebrate yet another month of consistent and discipline training as well as getting up close and personal with the Reds (instructors) whom were always so serious, firm and strict while training and also to foster a closer camaraderie between recruits within the same platoons and from other platoons, this month celebration is a little bit special!!

Special because we have with us today a recruit whom started out with the worst discipline and was almost a permanent member of the Couch Potato Lazy @ss Club that had never ran any races before joining our community. Recently, this recruit had completed his first full marathon 42.2km in Borneo International Marathon within the cut-off time. We are very proud of Ali Rahimi Ferdosinezhad.

We are also very proud of our recruit whom had never ran but began running with us and had achieve a good placing as top 3, top 10 and top 50 best runners. We are proud of Joe Liew (Energizer Night Race TOP 50 best for full 42.2km marathon), Norliza Mohd Khaled (No 2, Women's Open at Energizer Night Race), Shyamala Pillai (No 3, Lariam PDRM), Afiza Abdul Halin (No 9, for 10km at Borneo International Marathon), Kenny Lock Heng Weng (TOP 50 best at PJ Dawn race) and Nawal Aini Zulkifli for no 9, full 42.2km Marathon at Borneo International Marathon.

This month too, our lead instructor Staff Sarge (COBC) Dann completed and became the first finisher from Asia to survive the Australia's most grueling "Longest Day Challenge. The Longest Day Challenge is bootcamp hardcore, high intensity challenge which is equivalent to our bootcamp program (multiply by 10 times the intensity) for 25 consecutive hours).

This party was also to share that joy of our comrade's achievement which is both inspiring and motivating.

Yes.. of course.. also to enjoy MAKAN!!!

From far, once voted Spirit of Bootcamp for USJ1, 1st runner-up for Australia 8 Weeks Challenge Dixon Thum (in red)

COBC Admin, Rose Emini Pahamin

Below, Maslina Ahmad Ismail... codename: Kuda Mas

James Fong and Chan Meng Yam

Winnie Chai, Sharon Yip and Wendy yap

Stella and Thomas Baake

May Chong Abdullah and LC Suresh

LC (COBC) Suresh

Patricia Lim Poh Kam

Jadite Liew

Chan Meng Yam
May Chong Abdullah
Norhamezan Mohd Amin

Tan Wee Liam, Regina Ho, May Lyn Wong, Taj Mahal, Patricia Lim Poh Kam
Taj Mahal , Patricia Lim Poh Kam

Irink Neo, Elgy Tan, May Lyn Wong

Aaraf Armin, Nawal Aini, Elgy Tan

Dr Malek Aziz
Farhanah Bamadhaj

Jadite Liew

Lorrine C. Xavier

Shear Ling Toh
Lilian Lee
Tan Mein Mein

Dixon Thum

E.C. Chan

May Lyn Wong
Advance Tan
Elgy Tan

Irink Neo

Wan Hazriq aka Corporal (COBC) Wan


Jill Wee Li Queen

Melanie Priscilla Lee

Bahariah Bahadom

Some people joined the bootcamp to be thin and to lose weight, some people joined the bootcamp to be faster in running, some people join the bootcamp to be healthy but there are also some people (like the one below) that join the bootcamp so she can eat!!!

Afiza Abdul Halin
Chia Kai Chun 
Angela Loo

Irink Neo and Tan Mein Mein

We are proud and pleased to recognize the most discipline recruits that had ACE'd their April training. There is nothing more difficult than a commitment for a better health with all the travelling, partying, dining, and endless workload. The recruits that had ACE'd their training for April were as follows:

Ampang Alpha:
Lia Asmara Zulkiply
Mohammad Rizal Zakaroa
Sing Li Teh
Theresa Chan

Damansara Heights Charlie: Abdul Fattah Mohd Mokhtar

Damansara Heights Zulu: 
Angela Loo
Yazlin Ghulam
Surani Mohamad
Micaela Soyza
Jadite Liew
Azhar Jamal
Ryan Wong
Nicholas Chua
PuvanRaj Mohan
Stephanie Choong
Sheikh Hisyam

Bandar Utama Alpha:
Rienna choo
Joe Liew
Umesh Narasimhaiah
Taj Mahal Aquino
Faizul Zainol
Fiona Tan
Simon Heong
Jill Wee
Yvonne Tan
Kenny Lock
Nik Aida Yanti

Bandar Utama Bravo: 
Colin Chong
Afiza Abdul Halin
Affandi Jamaludin
Norliza Mohd Khalid
Lilian Lee

Subang jaya USJ1 Charlie:
Patricia Lim
Norhamezan Mohd Amin
Elgy Tan
Sharon Shiu
Lamsa Hussain
Tan Weel Liam
Regina Ho
Ali Rahimi
May Cheong Abdullah

Subang Jaya USJ1 Echo:
Sathiyanand Kumar Sathiya
Yugash Argyros
Jonathan Lim

Subang Jaya USJ1 Dusk:
Dixon Thum
Advance Tan
May Wong

Cyberjaya Charlie:
Nur Zarina Zainal Abidin
H Munjit Singh
Shyamala Johthi
Mariam Nabilah
Mohd Khairul Nizam Abd Wahan
Lorrina Xavier

Cyberjaya Echo:
Wei Chuan Loh
Suhaini Nordin

Shah Alam Alpha:
Eng Chia Chan
Ahmad Zaidi

Shah Alam Zulu: Nur Diyana Alias

The list of April Spirit of Bootcamp are as follows:

Shazny and Sabrina

Then we celebrate those born in May...

A short speech of appreciation from me

From June 2012 onwards, for anyone to be certified as an ACE for their training, they must performed and attend the Benchmark Assessment on the first session and the 13th session. It is imperative for all recruits to be assessed on the first and on the last session to ensure that our program generates results.

But the most important message today is in recognizing the achievements of our recruits... the first marathoner Ali Rahimi Ferdosinezhad (from a non-runner to a marathoner- we are proud of ya) and the good placing of our members during competitions and also to our instructor, Staff Sarge Dann for being a finisher and survivor of Australia Longest Day event and Sarge (COBC) Nawal for getting no 9, in women's open Borneo International Marathon..

Everyone was all ears...

Last but not least... its camwhoring time!!!


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