7th Koko Krunch Taekwondo Competition 2012, Stadium Badminton Cheras. Aaraf participated in  Koko Crunch Taekwondo Competition for the third time but he and his team mate was not as prepared as they were last year.  Coach Dann aka Staff-Sarge (COBC) Dann sent 11 of his 12 years and younger students to fight. Aaraf, 9 years old was the heaviest and categorized under 'Heavy Weight'.. meaning, high probability he will fight a 12 years old opponent whom should be around his weight. The registration for the competition started at 7:30am.

Those that competed under DDF Taekwondo Academy were:


1. MOHD IRFAN BIN MOHD FAIZAL - 42.5KG - 28.01.2000
2. ALAMIN ABDUL GADER - 25.7KG - 28.03.2003
3. NG JIAN CHAO - 25.5KG -
4. AARAF EID PAHAMIN - 53.4KG - 10.12.2002
5. ZIA IZZAT - 25.9KG - 19.10.2003
6. MOHD AMMAR SOFYAN - 45.4KG - 21.11.2000


1. SALEHAH ABDUL GADER - 24.8 - 30.12.2004
2. UMBARKA ABDUL GADER - 35.9KG - 27.08.2000
3. NABILAH MOHD FAIZAL - 28.1KG - 29.08.2001
4. ALYA FARZANA - 23.5KG - 25.09.2004

Master Daing Daniel is part of Master Ben Wong (MBW)'s MBW Taekwondo Club that is also competing today.

The best part of the competition... the parent, friends and competitors get to eat Koko Krunch for free!!! Compliment from Nestle... thank you!!

All the referee were briefed before the competition begun.

Nawal Aini Zulkifli and Aaraf Armin were among the many competitors whom were waiting for their que

Master Daing.. Carbo loading!!!

and so were all his instructors.....

and of course Aaraf!!

The competition began!!!


Mr and Mrs Ng, Jian Chao's parent

while everyone were busy fighting, someone was busy chatting..


Dinesh Lingam



Then lunch break and we err... went out for lunch!!

and came back with a dozens of Mc Donalds burgers for Master Daing, his trainers, supporters and all DDF's  fighters.

and Master Daing Daniel was err.. happines was him!!!

Shortly later, it was ALYA FARZANA's turn!!!

While everyone was fighting.... Someone was relaxing!!!! err.. sleeping is more like it.

and its MOHD IRFAN BIN MOHD FAIZAL's turn!!!

Finally, after a long wait............. its..
Aaraf Armin's turn!!!

Warming up!!!

Oh.. his opponent is almost double his size!!!

Someone is err.. Worried!!!

Ready or not...... Taboh!!!!

Aaraf's opponent retaliate and kick.. and again and again..

His opponent kick aaraf.. 

and again.. 

and again...

but Aaraf fought back with a back trust..

and .. eh.. they stalling?

Just for a moment.. they Aaraf continued to attack..

After many heart throbbing moment.. Aaraf won the first fight.. 

as always, before and after every fight, Master Daniel had a word with his students.. 

Now another Heavy Weight from DDF .....

Ammar has always been a good fighter. I was always impressed at his kicking forms and technique but his opponent was as good if not better. Ammar was slower than his usual -during-training speed, but his growing over-weight could also contribute to his lack of speed. That being said, Ammar's opponent was really fast and good.

Nawal Aini.. all by herself.. stressed thinking of Aaraf's next fight.. maybe he is taller, older and faster... Aiiiks..

Master Daniel.. playing games on handphone?

Aaraf warming up for the second fight..

Oh dear... Aaraf's opponent much tall and double aaraf's size too!! Long leg and tall!!

His leg is so long it can easily reach Aaraf's head!1! aiiiikss..

Undeterred Aaraf fought back!!!!

Aaraf attempted to attack but his leg was too short to reach the opponent's longer leg and Aaraf was kicked before he could even retaliate.. 

Aaraf lost at the second fight, Aaraf came and whispered to me, "Dad, I learn one thing today... if fighting against a taller fighter, we cant slide back and kick (a method commonly taught in retaliation to an attack)!! I need to be nearer so that his long legs will bypass me." 

I was all silent... thinking.. his young mind was able to rationalize himself. I said to Aaraf, "See this is what I mean, it is not about winning!! It is giving your best shot and knowing you have done your best, it became an experience that you can learn from".

There are more competitions to pariticipate. With all the past experiences, future competitions are just another chapter as part of our growing up. It is not all about winning though winning is good but competition is about building confidence and making instant decision at the heat of the moment.. especially when under pressure and under endless attacked. Failure to decide instantly.. and retaliate, is the bruises and pain to take home with... Until next competition, Stay Tuned!!