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Hari Belia 2012 (or National Youth Day 2012) was held to honor the contribution of the youth to the country's development & unity and for the second year, Sasuke Malaysia obstacle was the most outstanding and a unique but perfected the stretch of the spectacular Putrajaya Boulevard. Sasuke that was franchised back to Malaysia by duo Zainariah Johari and Alex Cheah Yoke Loong is a 17 years old Japanese television series that was also franchised to USA, Singapore and other countries. The Sasuke was brought in last year to address  Generation Y and the decreasing interest in the main stream traditional sports. Sasuke is expected to be the new in-sports in the region when Sasuke Singapore is launched in a few days in June 2012!!!  This year was a bit unique, the Sasuke obstacle was open to the public for only RM5 for 2 trials. This is an offer that is simply too irresistable!! 

The Sasuke was open to the public from Wednesday 23rd to Saturday 26th May and the real competition was held on 27 May 2012 which was on Sunday. The MC for the event was Mohd Khairul Nizam Wahab (Nizam) and Zamratul Hanim Zainuddin (Zara hanim). Nizam look a lot like the Raja Lawak Champion, Nabil that many from the crowd were cheering and calling him Nabil, Nabil and photo-shoot him! On the 4th day of the event, two youth from the crowd wanted to be the MC and they did!! which make it alot more fun!!

This year too was memorable when two Deputy Ministers namely YB Dato Ahmad Razali and YB Senator Gan Ping Sieu attempted the Sasuke obstacle twice. Their sportsmanship was greatly admired. There is no better leader for the youth than to be with a man that is both people and grass root friendly.

Similar to last year, a platoon of more than 30 recruits from the Chief's Original Bootcamp (COBC) attended the Hari Belia 2012 in support of the new sport.

Zai Johari being interviewed by both local and international media..
For the first time, Malaysia is made famous through a new, unique but an established sports.

Sasuke 2012 was launched by YB Minister of International Trade and Industry, Dato Sri Mustapha Mohamad

The Minister's spirit had given the extra mojo to the participant when the next walk-in became the first to complete the full obstacle course. Top 5 of those that completed the obstacle will be competing with the real warriors at the Sasuke competition.

YB Dato Sri Mustapa Mohamad was happy to learn that the gentlemen who completed the course was from his hometown in Kelantan!! Gu kito bae!

Dato Sri Mustapha escorted by Sasuke Malaysia Co-Owner Alex Cheah Yoke Loong in the launching the Sasuke Hari Belia 2012

YB Dato Sri Mustapha Mohamad, HE Japanese Ambassador to Malaysia, Zai Johari and Alex Cheah

A day before the launching by the Minister, two Deputy Ministers of Youth and Sports namely YB Dato Ahmad Razali Ibrahim and YB Senator Gan Ping Sieu attempted the World Oldest Japanese obstacle course.

From the Chief's Original Bootcamp, there were Chia Kai Chun aka Sarge (COBC) Chun, LC (COBC) Resh aka Suresh, Taj Mahal, Tan Wee Liam, Sheikh Hisham Iskandar, Angela Loo, Nik Aida Zainin, Zai Johari, Patricia Lim, Yvonne Tan, Caleb Lau, Azmir Zed, Maslina Ismail, Zaidi Ahmad, Sunil Amaru, Jill , Melanie Priscilla Lee, Umesh Narasimhaiah, Abdul Fattah Mohd Mokhtar, Micaela Soyza, Shazny Az, Kamal Ashidy, Wei Chuan Loh, Eric Chang etc

Sarge Tom with Kamal Ashidy, Wei Chuan Loh and Eric Chang
Sheikh Hisham Iskandar, Caleb Yaw, Taj Mahal, Angela Loo and Tan Wee Liam

Zaidi Ahmad
Abdul Fattah Mohd Mokhtar
Micaela Soyza & Sheikh Hisham 
Angela Loo
Tan Wee Liam
Maslina Ahmad Ismail
Taj Mahal
Azmir Zed
The day was so burning hot that alot of us viewed the Sasuke from under the shades..

The competition began !!! and the MC for the day was.....

Nizam and Hanim!!
or in full Mohd Khairul Nizam Wahab and Zamratul Hanim Zainuddin

First participant from COBC were...
Maslina Ahmad Ismail..

She ran like a kuda.. 

She jumps and she leaps..

Straight into the water!! haiih.. *slap my forehead..

Next from COBC.. 
Tan Wee Liam

He sprinted...

jumped and leap!!!

Alamak.. tergolek!!

Into the water!!

Next.... Shazny Az!!

he jumped!!

and leap!!

and ran...

Stopped!! focus!!! and think.......

and jumped!!

Doink.. into the water!!

Chia Kai Chun
Nik Aida Zainin

Sasuke 2011 Warrior!! Cat the Champion!!!

Sunil Amaru, Melanie Priscilla lee and Jill Wee

Shazny Az.. Second round!! RM5 will give you 2 tries!!

He jumped flew!! and he made it!!


The very few that passed to 3 obstacles..

Shazny made it through the "Cliff Hanger"..
Shazny made it to the 4th obstacle!!! 
very few made it this far!

Unfortunately, Shazny fell just a few strokes away!!

and he was interviewed!! not many peeps made it this far.. What is your secret, asked Nizam!!

My secret is..... a secret!! ?

Tan Wee Liam's second trial

Tan Wee Liam manage to hung on!!

and he went on top ala monyet!! instead of crawling like spiderman

He tried the 3rd course!!! hard.. 

but Tan Wee Lian did not give up.. 

He tried again.....

but he ended up 'terjun' into the water!!

Next.. Maslina Ahmad Ismail.. Kuda Mas!!

She was ready to jump!!

She jumped!!!!!!!


eh eh.. jumping on trampoline!!

and she jumped again.. 

very high!!!

but not far enough!!

but enough to fall to drop into the water..

The day was filled with laughter.. 
we were laughing hysterically!!

The two instructors were strategizing!!!

Next was Sarge Chun!! aka Dodo Chun.. aka Chun Chia Kai

Oops tergolek!!

Sarge Chun was ready to jump!!! 

and he jumped!! Last year he fell at this obstacle!

but today he made it!!!! Chun managed to hang on the ropes!

Spiderman!!! Style!!!

He paused!!!!

Err.. he saw me!! and the camera!!!! 
eh.. posing jap beb!!! eh... camwhore!! 

iiisk... posing on competition!!!

We were rolling on the floor laughing out loud!! as in tergolek golek. Even the MC almost fell of the stage!!

Then he continued!!

and made it!!!

Saw another camera!!!! Pose again!!! *slap my forehead!!

Tried the 3rd obstacle!!! 

Became like tarzan!! hanging front and back instead of moving forward...

cant even move....!!!

Try again!!!

Aaaah.. so hard lar!! Maybe swimming is easier???

He Jumped into the water!!!

Eh eh.. camera!!! Posing lagi!!!

Sunil Amaru!!!

Sunil Manage to jump far enough to reach the rope..

but could not hang on!!! and fell!!!

Abdul Fattah Mohd Mokhtar

Good Jump!!!

into the water it is!!

Umesh Narasimhaiah

Had the longest paused!!

Tested the trampoline!!

Check the wind speed?!!

Ok good to jump... and Jump!!!

water ??!! yep!!

LC (COBC) Resh... aka Suresh!! the Banana Boys!!

a good high jump!!

He climbed on top!!


Swim like Sarge Chun or.....?

To try?!!

Maybe try first.. tested the wood hanger.. may not be strong enough to hold him? thinking thinking...

Nah.. the wood is strong..

Du'uh.. I am too heavy!!??

What should I do?

Its either the wood or err... my fingers will break!!

Alamak.. how ar?? 

Lets try first!!!

Adoi... not easy wor!!

Lets do a Dodo Chun.. jump!!

Aaah.. so cooling under the hot sun!!

Next were all the second tries!!

We were laughing, joking and laughing the whole day. We had such a funtabulous and a great time!! There were hundreds of individuals whom attempted the Japanese Obstacle. There were also some that took the Sasuke as a family outing such as these siblings and family below:

Sasuke is also a sports for family activities

The Hari Belia or the National Youth day was a great success. It did not just attract millions of visitors but I only hear praises and positive comments from various tourists and the people I met at the gathering. One of the expatriate said, this sort of event really did display the unity that Malaysia possess. He was mesmerized at the beauty and peacefulness of our country. Another remark that I thought was worth mentioning was by a friend who said that he was glad that our government organized this sort of event and make full use of the Putrajaya boulevard. 

I only have one word to those involved at both Sasuke and Hari Belia 2012, SYABAS!! and  err.. maybe 2 words with the other being.. HOOYAH!! I give it a two thumbs and two toes up!!!


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