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In support to my fellow comrade and a good friend Zai Johari whom is the producer and director of Malaysia Sasuke, last year the Chief's Original Bootamp, Malaysia sends an army of recruits to participate in the Sasuke Season 1 inaugural launching and in conjunction with Hari Belia, Perhimpunan 1 Juta Belia at Putrajaya (See: In search of MALAYSIA FIRST WARRIOR). We then crowned the Malaysia's first Sasuke Warrior which will be showcased soon!!! 

This year, due to popular demand we are showcasing the obstacle again during the Hari Belia and to make it more exciting... we INVITE THE PUBLIC to participate and try-out for only RM5 per participant, one of Japanese oldest and toughest television reality show that if is worthy of being called a "Warrior". 

Yes.. I repeat.. you can try out (as many times as you want! Call it  a warm up or rehearsal or experiment whatever.. just try it!!) the most talked-about Sasuke obstacle for only RM5.00 by walk-in registration on 23 - 25 May 2012 which includes complimentary membership into the prestige "Sasuke Association"!!! 

Sasuke Association??!!

Yes!!! Sasuke Association governs all fans, past, present and future prospect of Sasuke warriors!! Yes.. You do want to be amongst the elite warriors!! They are nothing but a unique breed of people that is worth being associated with!!!

Those walk-in participants whom completed the Sasuke obstacle will be consider to compete in the actual competition on Sunday itself, where the top 5 best shall win a spot to Sasuke Singapore in June 2012.

8 Days Countdown!!! 
Do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity!! 
Eight days!!! 
Diarize Now!!

p/s- BRING YOUR OWN TOWEL!! BYOT!! You may be drenched!!


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