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BORNEO INTERNATIONAL MARATHON, Kota Kinabalu, 6 May 2012. It was our third trip to Kota Kinabalu with the first two, to climbed up the highest peak in Malaysia Mount Kinabalu and now the third, to run a full marathon course. Sista Rose Emini Pahamin had run the race (half marathon) twice but this was our first BIM... an adhoc crazy decision we made 7 hours before the actual run especially since our race were sponsored by TWL & Sarah Tan. To top that, we were also strongly and endlessly seduced by the mouth salivating list of food and especially the list of COBC recruits running the race!!

After everything was confirmed, I realized the 'weather' condition.. before 7am it look like this...

Oh my God.....  I am fried!!!

A group from COBC arrived a day earlier and May Lyn Wong who was in the first group collected our running BIB and race kits...

Nawal Aini Zulkifli and I arrived 12 hours before the flag-off and after checking-in at our hotel, we went MAKAN... Carbo Loading!!! at Little Italy!! Already arrived and waiting at the restaurant were Advance Tan, May Lyn Wong, Mezan, Elgy Tan, Irink Neo....

There were a bunch that was suppose to arrive later which includes this super kiasu recruit from USJ1 Patricia Lim Poh Kam and her husband Kevin but both Kevin and Patricia did not arrive as scheduled. Why? err... because they were denied entry at the Airport because Patricia Lim was mistaken as illegal immigrant!! ....

I mean she could be.. because she did not bring her Identity Card and could not check-in nor board the flight. 

With more than a dozen of COBC bootampers that will be in Kota Kinabalu, Patricia definitely will not be excused from not going to KK and fortunately, she has an understanding and a wealthy husband.. who forgave her and bought another ticket (a total of RM1,400 for two) for them both to go to KK... but err.. *slap my forehead... Kevin mistakenly bought a ticket dated a day after the race... *slap my forehead again...

First, no Identity Card (spank Pat).. Second, wrong date (spank Kevin).. there was an uproar on KK-COBC Whatsapp Channel... and Kevin bought another flight (total RM1600 for the two) and they took the next flight to KK... 

Oh well.. COBC'ians are inseparable.. a Cult of sort.. I really dont know what was playing on Kevin's mind but If I were him... err..... .. *censored.

I ordered and had the recommended BLACK Spaghetti!! It was scary but a delicious meal!!

This were the race course route.. for 42.2km, 21km and 10km!!

After makan.... We were ready!!! or were we?

Ready or we come!!! We woke up at 1am.. and left for the Stadium at 2am.. we ordered a cab and were stupidly charge RM25 for a 3 minutes ride. 

I whispered to Nawal Aini Zulkifli who is also a passionate instructor at the CHIEF's Original Bootcamp..
"At any races.. remember, you are MY Instructor first before a wife..."

There were only 3 of us that is running the full marathon namely Nawal Aini Zulkifli, Ali Rahimi Ferdosinezhad and me.

We arrived at the stadium 

and bumped into Tey Eng Tiong.. a Super Papparazi!! I cant imagine being him.. running with a big huge camera with two extra lenses a 42km race!! Gila.. Salute!!!

but he took great photos!!! 

We were flag-off at 2:30am!

While we were running, the 21km runners and 10km runners just woke up!! Grrr...
From COBC, there were three half-marathoners.. May Lyn Wong, Irink Neo and Dixon Thum!! This BIM was Irink Neo's first 21km race!! There were more than a dozen 10km runners... There were Tan Mein Mein, Patricia Lim Poh Kam, Advance Tan, Mezan, Elgy Tan, Regina Ho, Joseph Rajah, Collin Chong Wern Loong, Collin's brother (aiiiks.. forgot the name), Lorrine C. Xavier.. errr.. who else did I missed.. 

Tan Mein Mein and Patricia Lim

Lorrine C. Xavier, Joseph Rajah, Colin CHong Wern Loong

When we start running, this peeps were sleeping, when we were still running, they woke up, ran, complete and camwhore and we were still running.... they camwhore first before without us!! Grrr.. and guess who were the paparazzi!!!???

Food-Slut..... Tan Wee Liam!!

21km Runner Dixon Thum!! 

21km Runner Irink Neo!!

Tan Wee Liam missed Lorrine C. Xavier's picture!!

10km Runner Colin Chong Wern Loong.. Woww.. look at his pia face...

21km Runner.. May Lyn Wong!!

Regina Ho!!!

Lorrine C. Xavier...

Tan Mein Mein... waaa.. very stylo!!

Nawal Aini Zulkifli... 8th placing for Borneo Interntional Women's open!!

Oh so kesian.. first forgot IC, then bought wrong date flight, then paid so expensive for 3rd flight fare and now.. TWL only took her ass picture at finishing line? (batu api)

It was a painful run.. at 30th kilometer, my rigt knee gave way and had to limp the balance 12km!! I spotted many bootcampers while running..

Spotted Cynthia Gan SSJ.....

A new marathoner.. Ali Rahimi Ferdosinezhad!! Ali completed his marathon in 6 hours and 15 minutes.

Spotted Karen.. the Orang Asli trail run organiser

No 8 placing.. someone was so happy and proud!!

err.. Spotted orang Utan on the loose? 

After the run.. we Makan, makan and makan.... as in.... non-stop makan!!

 Another race conquered!!!


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Stay Tuned~


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