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Kepong, 13 November 2011. Wong Siew Pang or more popularly known as Master Ben Wong (MBW) organised its first and biggest Taekwondo festival this year with three main event being contested under Sparring, Poomse and Destruction (breaking planks with fancy moves). There were three age divisions under sparring competition with age group category for 7 to 9 years old, 10 to 13 years old and 14 to 18 years old. This first Taekwondo festival had attracted more than 300 students.

There were 10 students of various categories competed under the DDF Taekwondo Academy whose President, Master Daing or full name Daing Daniel Fitri is also the highest ranking instructor at the Australian base, 20 years old military-inspired group outdoor training program, CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP. Daing Daniel Fitri or more popularly known as Staff-Sarge (COBC) (P) Dann by the COBC fraternity was the protege of Master Ben Wong and was Malaysia former Gold Medalist for Taekwondo. Master Ben Wong is a 7th Dan Black Belt and one of the 8 Taekwondo Grandmaster in Malaysia. At his prime, Master Ben Wong was World Top 3 best Taekwondo fighter and was nicknamed the Malaysia Tiger. Master Ben Wong was also a former coach for Malaysia Taekwondo team.

Master Ben Wong was Master Daing Daniel (Staff-Sarge (COBC) Dann) examiner from when Master Daing was only a white belt student until Master Daing became the youngest Malaysian to passed the 5th Dan Black Belt examination and assessment at the age of 25. Master Ben Wong was also the examiner for five of Pahamin's 3rd generation from when they were all white belt until they passed their 2nd dan Poom Belt earlier this year. Master Ben Wong is not only important in Malaysia Taekwondo fraternity but is a strong pillar and an important figure to the Pahamin's family. It is imperative to select and choose the right instructor, the right Master and the right leader to train and develop our child.

Aaraf Armin competed today with 9 other students from the DDF Taekwondo Academy. Nervous but determined to win, Aaraf asked me to performed on him the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) that my COBC partner Dr Malek Aziz once taught him. Forgotten, I quickly called Dr Malek Aziz whom guided me through the EFT tapping procedures and immediately relieved Aaraf of the stress that he was under. Aaraf had fought six other competitions and won his first Gold medal at the 3rd Geewin Taekwondo competition in July this year.

Now unperturbed after the EFT, Aaraf was eager to compete. He warmed-up and practice his kicking before the fight began.

Aaraf displayed a good showmanship with endless back thrust, 360 degree kicks and various other forms and scored 9 points and zero to his opponent to get him into semi-finals.

Aaraf's opponent

 Aaraf scored 9 - 0 for the first match.

Winning the first round had elevated Aaraf's confident and Aaraf fought equally well at Semi-Finals.

Aaraf won Semi-finals when the judges stopped the match. Aaraf's opponent suffered from endless blow almost as how Aaraf was heavily beaten by Putra during at Aaraf's first competition. Aaraf's confident level was at his primest. Aaraf awaits his final match to determine if he will bring back a GOLD or otherwise.

Master Daing's final words of wisdom..  

Aaraf's opponent was fast and strong but Aaraf was better. Aaraf won with a score point of 5 to 1. Aaraf won GOLD!!

DDF Taekwondo Academy once again did well and brought back 4 Gold medals, 1 Bronze, 4 went to Quarter-Finals and 1 students at first round.

1) Muhammad Haris Shukri bin Shukor (11 years old), 40kg, Male (first round)

2) Aina Zaharah binti Shukor (10 years old), 22kg, Female (GOLD)

3) Muhd Amar Sofyan (11 years old) 42kg, Male (Quarter Finals)

4) Muhd Afeeq Azam (14 years old) 62kg, Male (GOLD)

5) Umbarka Abdulgader (11 years old) 33kg, Female (Bronze)

6) Alamin Abdulgader (7 years old) 21kg, Female (Quarter Final)

7) Saleha Abdulgader (7 years old) 21kg, Female (Quarter Final)

8) Erni Qistina Bt Azman (16 years old) 55kg, Female (GOLD)

9) Aaraf Eid Pahamin (9 years old) 45kg, Male (GOLD)

10) Ng Jian Chao, (7 years old) 25.6kg, Male (quarter Final)

Aaraf waited impatiently for the medal presentation. 

Master Daing was given the honor by the organiser being a senior Master in Taekwondo to award the medals for age group 7-9 years old.

Aaraf Armin won GOLD medal at the MBW Taekwondo festival 2011
Thank You Master Daing, for guiding and training Aaraf into becoming what he is now. Congratulation Aaraf Armin, I am very proud of you. Being a Champ is only the first step. Now you have to train harder to maintain and always win GOLD for every fighting tournament.

Congratulation and Well Done too to DDF Taekwondo and other students. See you at the next match.

The followings were snapshots taken during the competition.

While at the competition, we met with COBC recruits and also a taekwondo instructor Noora.


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