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Since Bandar Utama was given the approval as an Original Bootcamp franchise on 27 April 2010 (known as OBC-BU), Sarge Dann has been busy training the instructors and be trained. Trainers at the Original Bootcamp must be better and fitter than all the recruits. The recruits usually comprised of a good mix of athlete whom seek to improve their performance and couch potatoes whom had never exercise before. At the Original Bootcamp, the instructors led by example and train together with the recruits instead of the conventional old fashion ways of only bossing people what to do...

For the whole month in May, on non-OBC days,  the trainers met three times a week to perfected their forms and techniques.

We learn the correct form and techniques from Chief Brabon during the Original Bootcamp Academy. There, we learn so many different forms and technique that we had to digest it slowly via our own instructors training. More often, we discounted and/or compromised our forms and techniques during training which is not acceptable to any Original Bootcamp instructors.

There are more than 20 types of pushups but we learn and tried to perfected 13 types namely,
1) Military Pushup
2) KingKing pushup
3) 3-point pushup
4) Diamond Pushup
5) Hindu pushup
6) Shoulder pushup
7) Dirty Dog pushup
8) Scorpion Pushup
9) Tiger Pushup
10) Palm to Elbow
11) Ballistic pushup
12) 8-Point pushup
13) One-Hand pushup.

We also did 10 form of abs exercises, namely
1) military situp
2) Jack Knife
3) Flutter Kicks
4) Scissors
5) Touches de shoe Crunch
6) Monk Situp
7) Lying Leg raise
8) Side-crunches
9) Rotating Knee to elbow

We did one by one of each body parts including the mountain climbers, grunts, star jump, cross country and LEGs exercises such as the various types of squats during every instructor's training.

 It is very important for every instructors to know and able to guide recruits with the correct form and techniques.

We took pictures and video recorded with a camcorder every instructors forms and movement. Then, we performed a post-mortem to ensure the instructors movement and forms are continuously improved.

The instructors did not only practice the perfect forms, movements and techniques but they also practice giving command and addressing the platoon and sections.

Sarge Dann, being a Taekwando instructor for already 8 years, commanded the platoon smooth and clear. Whilst perfecting the forms, movement and technique was conducted at my house, practicing command and circuits were rehearsed at the BU field itself.

We gathered at BU-field every alternate days at 6am for a full rehearsal and roll-play.

Akin of a real session, the instructors training too started with a warm-up.

Corporal Chun, a section commander took charge.

 Corporal Chun demonstrating the Monk Crunches and corrected the form of others

After introducing the circuit, Corporal Chun commanded the section for a non-stop TABATA.

We were asked to squat hold when the morning was still dark...........

Until sunrise...

Sarge Dann demonstrating the various form of exercises...

Dirty Dog Pushups

Corporal Chun motivating Lans Corporal Nawal for a perfect pushup 

Lans Corporal Nawal in-command. It is compulsory for every instructors to polished their command. For the whole month in May, all instructors's command were scrutinized for clarity.

LC Nawal introduces the circuit and instruct the formation and technique.

LC Nawal, being the section commander, race as she motivates Malek Aziz. This is the practice at the Original Bootcamp, instructors are expected to workout and exercise together with the recruits.

Very typical, if anyone failed to listen to instructions, the platoon will be punished with Grunts...

 Sarge Dann is back in-command

The session ended with Corporal Chun leading the warming down session

Since 27 April 2010, three weeks ago, we have been practicing, rehersing and roll-playing almost daily. Now, three days counting down for the Trial week.......... are we ready?

You damn right Bandar Utama team is ready!!! 


For more information, visit ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ BANDAR UTAMA WEBSITE, click HERE

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  1. high fives and fist punches all around....Love it! *two thumbs up*

  2. RJ...

    thank you.. YOu are always every so encouraging. Our biggest supporter.

    I trust you will come and try us out!! Hooyaah!!

  3. insyaALLAH...I will check you guys out!....hahahah...(macam terror je)

  4. best! best! Can't wait to see & train with you guys in red-T ;-)


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