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The 8 Week Challenge is back earlier than expected and it is starting on 4 February 2013 - February Intake for 8 weeks ending 31 March 2013.

What does it take to register?

1) Immediate Enrollment & payment for both February & March intake (Note: To all past WIP and 3M recruits, you do not need to register if you have already registered for 1 year or 3 months). To register, click HERE or!register-and-enrollment/citr

2) Register for the 8WC at HERE or simply click ->
 or at here -> and follow the idiot proof, step by step guide below.


Did you know that Malaysian is the fattest country in the South East Asia? According to a statistics from the National Health and Morbidity Surveys, 15.1% of Malaysians aged 18 and above were suffering from obesity as of 2011 which is a 14% increase as compared to the same demographic in 2006. It was also reported that over 2.6 million adults were obese while over 477,000 children below the age of 18 years were overweight. Malaysia Minister of Health Dato Seri Liow Tiong Lai said, Malaysia are outweighing our Asean neighbors and number 6 (fattest) in the whole of Asia - behind some middle eastern countries. Nicholas Cheng from the Star newspaper has the full report at HERE.

As part of our corporate social responsibility to overcome this Fat Malaysia crisis, we co-sponsor the Malakoff Race series including the forthcoming Malakoff Penang 17km run on 17th March 2013.

Corporal (COBC) Kenny in Penang representing COBC, Malaysia at the Malakoff Press Conference.


The man behind the Chief's Original Bootcamp program started the business in Australia in 1991 by Chief's Brabon and Freda Liu interviewed him at BFM 89.90 the Business Station on 11 January 2013.

Quoting BFM 89.90: "Don't waste any more time or money on health club memberships you never use, run-of-the-mill personal trainers who promise you the world, but never seem to deliver, or 'miracle' machines that simply end up collecting dust under your bed. CHIEF's ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP™ guarantees that you'll see serious results in as little as two weeks or your money back! 
We speak to the man behind ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP™, Chief Brabon on his motivational techniques and workouts that attracted a wide variety of clients, from middle aged house wives who had never trained before, to professional athletes. ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP™ is the largest boot camp fitness program in the Southern Hemisphere, with over 40 locations Australia wide. In early 2009, ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP™ launched its first Malaysian and US based programs, with the Malaysian arm expanding to 6 franchises by early 2011 and the rest, as they say is history".

From the Interview we quoted a few facts as follows:


Benchmark Assessment!!! What is it? and how it is done?

Yes.. By now you would have completed your benchmark assessment. The benchmark assessment is held at the start of every intake each month with an objective to first gauge the recruits physical ability in strength, muscular endurance, stamina, agility and speed. With the Benchmark Assessment too, instructors will have a better insight in the recruits ability to go beyond their physical fatigue. This is important for instructors to get the best out of the recruit during training.

Once the assessment is concluded, recruits will be placed unto their respective rank, eg, Delta, Seals and Rangers according to their benchmark timing and workout form as well as the technique observed and performed during the assessment. However, please note that the benchmark timing is not the only factor used in categorizing recruits but there are other characteristics and factors.

BENCHMARK ASSESSMENT is important and should not be missed. Previous month's recruits whom are not continuing their session in the following months should also perform the Benchmark Assessment upon completing their 12 sessions to see their level of fitness improvement.

There are 2 parts of the Benchmark assessment.

1) Benchmark Assessment 1 (BM1),  there are Four (4) Exercises involved in the Benchmark Assessment.

i) Running 2 laps of 200 meter track.
ii) Pushups (10 repetition on toes & 15 on knees)
iii) Grunts (10 repetitions)
iv) Situps (15 repetition without assistance, 20 rep with feet assisted)

There will be no resting between workout and once the 3 sets of the circuit above is completed, the timing will recorded.



Alpha, Bravo, Zulu, Dusk (MC12) and Sierra, Oscar, Quebec (MC8). Sessions that falls on Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

JANUARY : 7th Jan -  1st Feb

FEBRUARY: 4th Feb – 1st Mar

MARCH: 4th Mar – 29th Mar

APRIL : 1st Apr – 26th Apr

The Longest Day (Australia) : 27th & 28th Apr
Hell Week or Break (Only by Invitation) (Australia) : 29th Apr – 3rd May


The year 2012 ended with a good fond memory when the whole team except LC Affiq Zakie & LC Foong from the Chief's Original Bootcamp went on a fully paid escapade to the Golden Palm Tree Goldcoast Resort & Spa in Sepang. The year 2012 has been both kind and generous to us all. Sarge Wan was blessed with another child, COBC was blessed with a few superbly fine instructors namely LC Amir, LC Azmir and LC Affiq (straight A's aka AAA aka 3As). 2012 also saw COBC co-sponsoring the most talked about series of races under Malakoff to further reiterate our support for outdoor activities.

The team deserves a good break having worked under all weather condition Hail, Rain or Shine for 48 consecutive weeks. After the escapade, COBC shall be on its longest 2 weeks break to greet the New Year.  What happen during the escapade were censored from public knowledge but below are snapshots of the uncensored topless pose as well as some activities at the Goldcoast... enjoy!! click on picture to enlarge.

Corporal Kenny & Corporal Amir


The Chief's Original Bootcamp celebrated our Christmas party at the Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club on 22 December 2012 a day before the COBC team went on an escapade at HERE and a day after we completed our December session. The event was attended by more than 60 recruits from various platoons. There are no strangers at COBC but only friends that you have not met. This is one prominent trait at COBC, we gathered people from all walks of life unto one platform. The owners of COBC, its instructors and administration's primary passion is in making new affiliations... new friends and new networking whilst growing the bonds with the existing even closer.  All in the name of Health & Fitness!!! 

I have always reiterated.. that at COBC, we bypassed the normal hierarchy of friendship from stranger to friends to close friend to BFF but immediately became bruder mah!! sister wor!! Networking.. friendship and unity is the theme for 2013 in tandem the new year resolution. The party began at 1800 and scheduled to end at 2100 but it ended way later when everyone stayed back for camwhoring session!!


The Chief's Original Bootcamp (COBC) made history again when it became the first Bootcamp in Malaysia that conducts the warming up session for 3,200 runners at the Malakoff Run 2012 on Sunday, 16 December 2012. The Chief's Original Bootcamp was represented by the COBC owners themselves Dr Malek Aziz and Armin Baniaz pahamin accompanied by their lead instructor Sarge (COBC) Tom, Sarge (COBC)  Nawal, Sarge (COBC) Wan, Sarge (COBC) Chun, Corporal (COBC) Azmir, L. Corporal (COBC) Amir, L. Corporal (COBC) Affiq and the two Admins Farhanah Bamadhaj and Rose Emini Pahamin. The COBC booth was manned by the Reds, Blues and senior Greys and attended by thousands. The prominent grey spotted at the Booth were Afiza Abdul Halin, Maslina Ahmad Ismail, Sabrina, Stephanie Choong, Suzila Borhan, Han Lian, James Lee, Zaidi Ahmad but there were alot more COBC Greys that made the event more meaningful.

COBC is proud to collaborate with the Malakoff Run as part of our Corporate Social responsibility and in our effort to promote a healthy lifestyle the Military-Inspired way. As part of our collaboration, we conducted the warming up session for the runners to prepare them for the run. Our tomahawk haircut, commando-built lead instructor, Sarge Tom in his deep military and a strong voice projection took-over the microphone and led the crowd into a massive bootcamp-style group session after being introduced by the event Masters of Ceremony Kannan Murugasan and Adelle. Kannan M. was the man that brought me into Ironman triathlon and Powerman dualthon some 10 years ago.

With such a large crowd, COBC utilizes some of its most experience senior instructors with the ranking of Sergeants and its corporals to control the crowd.


Much has been spoken and it has gone viral on some of Proton Preve's quality issues especially in the cybersphere but none was spoken of the corrective measure made on those issues. Yes, the first batch came out with a list of defect but Proton engineering team had immediately rectified those issues and if there were any other arising issues, the team would probably has resolved it or perhaps, is having sleepless night working on its solution as we speak.

If you do have any problem with your Preve, do locate the nearest service centre at HERE and have it rectified almost immediately. 

Proton Preve is the best value for money for performance and is fixed with the latest gadget as part of its accessories. There is no better time to buy a Proton Preve but with the year end 5-3-5 promotion.

For discounts...


Santa Claus is early and it is only another 21 days counting down to New Year!! and 28 days counting down to the Chief's Original Bootcamp January-Intake!!

Let us welcome the year 2013 with a new resolution and that resolution should be nothing less than to target for a 6-pack abs by end-2013 (latest!!) If you need a reason.. read Opalyn Mak's link below...

To read that article, click HERE. The ladies do not need much convincing, they all know the importance to stay healthy, lean and sexy. Only the men.. usually abit degil to start working out but for whatever reason, we hear ya!! Especially from the Otais and the feedback from new members at each platoon. Yes, we are listening.. I am listening, Dr Malek is listening, Farhanah Bamadhaj is listening, Rose Emini Pahamin is listening and so are all the Reds!! We always listen to you and thank you for all your feedback.

We hear you want the program to be affordable!! We hear you want the payment to be flexible!! We hear you want to bring friends!!! We hear you want more bargains.

So what does Santa Claus have in store for us for year 2013?? See below!!


We have a whole long list of recruits whom are bloggers but I have not met any recruit or blogger-friend yet whom is a comic-blogger until today! She is Mimi Marshud, a recruit at Chief's Original Bootcamp, Cyberjaya. Mimi Marshud is a freelance graphic designer/illustrator and according to her website at HERE, she is some sort of an extraordinaire. But well, dont take my word for it... read and visit her 'Work-in-Progress' comic-blog at HERE... 

Keep up the blogging Mimi and for recruits whom are also bloggers, please give me your domain. For the non-bloggers, quick hop on the blogosphere bandwagon.. Let us create a community of bloggers for health and fitness. HOOYAH!


(Blogging with iPhone)

Morning blues...

It was at 7am.. Daddy was in the car waiting for his only child Aaraf to get his socks but after almost 10 mins of waiting there was still no sign of him. So daddy got out of his car and stood infront of the entrance door feeling upset and was furious for he didnt want Aaraf to be late to school. He heard Aaraf's crying calling Daddy daddy daddy.. Thinking he was in tantrum because Daddy insisted for Aaraf to wear socks to school and Aaraf probably couldn't find his socks, Daddy screamed loudly from inside the car for Aaraf to be quick!! There was still no sign of aaraf.. so from the main door, Daddy rushed into the room ready to scold Aaraf for being late and for what he thought was in tantrum but he instead, discovered Aaraf lying on the floor with the drawer upside down by his side... "Daddy it's so painful", cried Aaraf while both his hands holding his toe that was bleeding.. with tears flowing down his red cheek.. 

"Daddy.. help me...", cried Aaraf profusely with his voice stutter in pain and face wet in tears. My heart stopped... sank... but quickly went and hugged him tight. Aaraf could not stop crying. The Wooden drawer fell on his toe breaking his nail and cut his skin. He was in pain for almost 10 minutes while I thought he was in tantrum.



I know I have been all praises of the world's oldest military inspired transformation program which I have been training with, for already err... now.. more than 3 years since it was franchised to Malaysia. The major significant different between the Chief's Original Bootcamp and that of other training program lies in 2 biggest factors!! The first being the program itself that was not designed by us khuchirack (we are so humble blek) but it was designed by the military-fitness specialist (Chief Brabon & his team in Australia). The Australia team has been designing the program for the past 21 (coming to 22) years now (it would be longer if we include their experience during those military days)!! Yes, after 21 years, the program has evolved into what it is today and those that have trained with COBC, the results is almost evidently imprinted into every recruits!! be it in physique or mentally through a drastic increase in self-confident as well as fitness. You know a COBC bootcamper when you see one!! They are full of energy with very high positive spirit.

Second, the owners and the group of admins has been and still is consistent recruits (just like you) with no sports science background and is completely separated from the team of instructors (whom possesses the best of credentials - some with Certified Sports Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)) which can only mean.. We are listening as a recruit and from a recruit standpoint!! Yes.. the owners and admin listens and understand the recruits by being a recruit themselve; and so does the Reds whom you see very often in Grey training alongside with you. With the real-life experience (by being one), COBC team can relate and communicate and balance things up with the trainers  on all grouses. This balance will optimize result while making it alot more enjoyable and fun. Every feedback, comment and grievances are taken positively as a room for improvement... so please keep the feedback and comments coming. Please complete our feedback-surveys (that will be emailed on 3rd week) or simply email us (anytime) at (Thank you to the few that has been emailing us such as the 'pee' and courteous issue which was important).

We had just completed the first week into the December-intake that began on 26/27 November and what does the recruit has to say? for yourself below the few feedback/comments extracted from Facebook:

GLITTERS AND GLAM ON RED CARPET!!! Penang Chief's Original Bootcamp turns 1!

The Chief's Original Bootcamp PENANG turns 1 in October last month and to celebrate the inaugural anniversary, our Penang team gathered a committee that comprised of Penang recruits themselves while COBC instructors led by Sarge Boon became the advisors. Afterall, the party was to celebrate the recruits for another month (in this case 1 year) of consistent training for better health and physique!! The committee that comprised of those in the list below chose "Glitter and Glam on Red Carpet" as the theme.

They even invited James Bond??!!!

The Red Carpet Committee:

Advisor – Sarge Boon & Corp Kenny
Secretary / Treasurer – Christina Cheah
MC – Kevin Tiger  Chew & Jarett Banana Kwong
Backdrop and Deco – Sarge Boon
Photographer – Tang Kheng Leong (Long Tang)
Video Montage Design – Marccus Low (The Groom of the night)
T-shirt Design – Wong Kwei Yee (Kiwi Bond)
IT – Kevin Tiger Chew
PR – Lau Phaik San & Kelly Ong

Kaypos – all of the committee… hahaha

2.30pm              Committee (Wong Kwei Yee, Corp Kenny, Kevin Chew, Jarret Kwang, Marccus 
                          Low) arrived as earlier as 2.30pm to set up the venue, sound system & rehersal 

4.30pm              Depart to freshen  up.

5.45pm              Committee and Camera person (Tang Kheng Leong) arrives

6.15pm              Committee and Camera person makan

7.00pm              Arrival of Guest

7.30pm     MC (Jarett Kwang) making an appearance
                 Banana dance appearance


Love at first sight was all me when I recently discovered the Cheese Cake and its Flat White Coffee at the Artisan Roast Cafe in Taman Tun Dr Ismail. I know!! I am so outdated!!

Literally artistic as per the cafe's name, I was served by the friendliest and almost everyone with the best looking tattoo. The welcoming ambiance and the friendly nature was as good as the taste of the cheese cake!! The cheese cake is really to die for and the coffee.... indescribable!!!


What do you get when you enroll and register with the Chief's Original Bootcamp, Malaysia? The list can be exhaustive but most importantly, when you pay RM299 per month, you get result guaranteed and a proven track record training program that has been in the market for already more than 21 years since 1991. The training program has never been repeated and thus eliminating any chances to plateau on training. Secondly, you get to use original equipments that will avoid untoward injury and accidents while maximizing your training gains. Above all that, we do know that a change in working out environment would and can be effective in maintaining your training motivation and drives. For the same reason, we introduced to you 2 years ago, the "Bootcamp-Buffet" & "Bootcamp-Hopping"Both is a PASSPORT PRIVILEGE extended only for our MC12 recruits.
What is Bootcamp Buffet (applicable only for MC12 recruits)? Yes.. train as much and as often as you want at any of COBC 7 locations in Ampang, Bandar Utama, Cyberjaya, Damansara Heights, Subang Jaya USJ1, Shah Alam and Penang. However, please do take note that for you to get your ACE (100% attendance, Commitment and Effort) Certificate, you must complete your 12 session at your registered platoon.

What is Bootcamp-Hopping? Gone were the days when we were young, we would do club-hopping, disco-hopping, pub-hopping yada yada... Now and the IN-thing is to go Bootcamp-Hopping!! Yes!!! Hop-around, travel whether on business or plan your holiday on the move with the bootcamp. You can pick any one of more than 100 platoons as your holiday destination.... ONLY at the Chief's Original Bootcamp!!

See all the list of platoons below (excluding USA and United Kingdom). Please note: You will need to first write-in to before going on a Bootcamp-Hopping or Bootcamp-Buffet.


Well one wonders why does it cost RM299 for a one month session at the Chief's Original Bootcamp, Malaysia? I do not know why other bootcamp charge the same fee at RM299 or even cheaper (they know best how much their bootcamp is worth) but ours are charged RM299 for various reason and some of it were stated below:
  • The program is designed by former and currently serving Royal Australian Infantry soldier with over 21 years of military-inspired bootcamp experience (hence, the military-inspired training) that guarantees result in 2 weeks or money back guarantee! 
  • Yes, as stated: 2 weeks, hassle-free, money back guarantee if you do not feel or see the result.
  • Trained only with original equipments with some, imported from USA.
  • COBC Instructors that are accredited and trained ONLY by world's oldest Military-Fitness expert, New Balance & Body Science Ambassador Chief Brabon & Gunny Brabon.  
  • You get a PASSPORT (for MC12 recruit) to trained anywhere at the Original Bootcamp Australia's more than 50 locations and also at anywhere in Malaysia's 7 locations. So start planning for a Bootcamp-hopping from Penang, Kuala Lumpur and all the way to Coogee beach, Australia.
  • An automatic acceptance into world's best motivated and aspiring community. Trust me, the only way we can get our motivation lifted higher and higher is through and by the crowd that we hang out with.



KUALA LUMPUR: Being diagnosed with bone marrow cancer with only three years to live was not the end for businessman Armin Baniaz Pahamin, 38, but the beginning of a new experience in life.
Armin, who was diagnosed at the age of 15, is today the owner of the Chief Original Bootcamp (COBC) programme, which promotes a healthy lifestyle.
“I was given three years to live by doctors and my parents were devastated to hear the news.
“I refused to give up and instead joined fitness programmes and stayed healthy despite my condition,” he said yesterday.
While spending time in the gym, cycling and mountain climbing, Armin realised that he needed something more to stay motivated.
This led him to becoming a recruit of COBC in 2010 and he bought over the business a year later with his partner and fellow cancer survivor Dr Malek Aziz.
COBC is a military-style fitness programme designed by Jim (aka Chief) and Emily Brabon in Aus-tralia.
“I want to share my experiences, especially with youth, and show them that anything is possible if you put your mind to it,” he said.
Over 5,000 people have signed up for seven COBC camps in Kuala Lumpur and Penang.
“I am proud that three of my recruits were voted finalists in the International 8 Week Challenge 2012 held here recently,” he said.
The public can also participate in COBC's Free Try-Out (FTO) Day at Ampang, Bandar Utama, Cyberjaya, Damansara Heights, Subang Jaya USJ1, Shah Alam and Penang.
For more information go to To enrol with the program, click register at HERE. The original article is available for viewing at HERE.  


The Star Online TV has the story...

The original clip is available at here.
Akin of a teenager experimenting the varieties of life to stay healthy. we did more than ten 42.2km Marathons (and more than seventy 10kms, 21km 30km etc), Cycling, Swimming and the Gym Group-X and Les Mills classes in particular RPM, Body Pump, Pilates, Yoga but could not  maintain the consistency in training momentum until I was enrolled at the Chief's Original Bootcamp. I was a recruit for a complete 1 year before we (Dr Malek Aziz and me) took over the franchise.


17 November 2012, Desa Sri Hartamas. Members at the Truefitness Club was furious when the morning gym-goer arrived at the club at 8am to discover the gym was locked and was not open. Many of the early riser waited but some had left in frustration. One of the club member that did not want to be named said, one of the staff at the gym called the management at 8am and was assured the person-in-charge would arrived in less than 5minutes to open the club.

When I arrived an hour later at 9am, after the supposedly opening time at 8am (for weekends), the gym was still locked and many had left.

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