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The Kiasu went running


A bunch of KL Alpha Kiasus - 5:45am squad went running today at Taman Tun Dr Ismail park as part of the team's own initiave to maintain a healthy, fit, slim and sexy lifestyle.

There are 3 parks at Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) that is located within few hundred metres apart. See below:

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There are three (3) running parks in Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) marked with A, B & C. 

We were suppose to meet and gather at the Taman Lembah Kiara or the Seal Park labelled in the above map as 'A'. There are 2 running route at the Seal park. The first route is the running route surrounding the man-made lake which is a flat 1.1km per loop. This route is a good training ground for sprinting or for doing a few loops training for longer distance. The second loop is the outer section but within the park itself. The second route is 2.5km per loop and is medium in level of difficulty.

The Rimba Park or now known as the Ranger's Park is the easiest route with less than 1km per running loop marked with 'B' in the above map.

The third park at TTDI is the Taman Arborentum, Jalan Bukit Kiara Utama or the Delta Hill marked as 'C' in the above map.

I saw 2 Kiasu, Jaguar and Emo (both are not the real names) from KL Alpha walking instead of running from the opposite direction.On the third running round at the Seal Park I was approached by Kiat (real name) a tall thin chinese, a fellow blogger from the running fraternity (see: Kiat's Blog)... he is also a mutual member of the Pacesetter Athletic Club Malaysia. "Are you the blogger that ran the Dukethon" he asked. It was the first time that I met Kiat and we ended up chatting and sharing our past running experiences while running. Kiat has been running for 17 years since he was 17 years old and completed the recent Dukethon 5km run in 17 minutes!!!! His best time for a full 42km marathon was 3 hours 15 minutes........... that is running at the speed of 18 on treadmill!!!!After sharing some training information on how to improve speed, we took our separate ways. Thanks Kiat for saying Hyee.... and for the running tips.

There were initially 3 of us Kiasus at the park but while running, we bumped into the tall specky 84kg Vee-Twelve (not the real name) who came all the way from Cheras, running with Kaira (not the real name too). It was funny to see him without his trademark grey Bulldog Tshirt!!!! Instead, he wore a blue T'shirt with the large word written 'Power' !!! ...and became V-Power (and now known as Veep instead of the Vee-twelve)!!!

After completing the run, I received a call from the Chief Kiasu, Cherokee (also not the real name). Cherokee, a 57 year old damn fit dentist & Pinto (disguised name), a pure animal loyalist went to the wrong park.

Cherokee and Pinto came all the way from Ampang and TTDI was alien to them. They mistakenly went to the Delta Hill and was there since 6:30am. They searched high and low for other Kiasu members which was to Pinto's delight having to meet dozens ofmonkeys in the forest. I would not be surprise if Pinto start giving names to all the monkeys there after a few visit. With the above map display, our next running session should be easier to find by other Kiasus.

Finally, 7 of us; Cherokee, Pinto, Vpower, Kaira, Jaguar, Emo and I gathered at the Devi's Corner for breakfast and I had one capati and 4 half boiled eggs. I was not surprised to discover Veep is an Auditor by profession by the look of the square spectacle... auditors are famous for being square.

I left home to pick up chubby Aaraf from English Language Studio (ELS) at Desa Sri Hartamas before leaving to visit my 104 years old Great Grandmother in Keramat, Kuala Lumpur.

It was a very satisfying run today..........


Other Kiasu series: Kiasu 1.

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  1. ha ha ha i like the nickname.wonder what will you call me? why not use movie character, can relate better? :D

  2. no lar. he a car man sure use car lor

  3. That is a good track for running. next round please broadcast @ bootcamp page so we from pj can join you too or only for KL recruits?

    PJ Alpha

  4. LMAO.. memang kiasu leh. jogging track oso got name delta, ranger and seal. crazy la u all.

  5. Haha...19 mins plus lah bro. Don't upgrade my time. haha. Nice chatting with you too!

  6. bro,
    Bring your bootcamp group join the pacesetter club and join our running fraternity. You stop cycling?


  7. the pacesetter link is infected with virus bro..

  8. ye la. I will inform the pacesetter. thanks for inform.


  9. i wish i can write like you bro. You are very inspiring, and funny

  10. agree with anon 2 should use movie character. will be so funny

  11. D.Armin,

    You are an inspiration to many people especially me. Sometimes when I wake up, I feel so blues and sometimes I feel so boring. Just dont feel like doing anything.

    When i read and feel you energy, i wonder how you make everything seem so easy and so beautiful. You always look at the bright side of everything.

    I like your blog, it is not typical of any other blog that bitches about politics, problems, bad mouthing, back stabbing and whoring about own self.

    You are wealthy and have everything and yet so humble and friendly. Sometimes i feel scare to talk to you but you treat me and the rest all the same. You are approachable and easy to talk unlike your father (sorry to say that)

    I like how you nod when you shake hand and look at people everytime you speak.

    If there is anything wrong with you it is only that bad smoking habit of yours. you should stop that smoking habit if you see everything so positive... but then, you probably see the positive side of smoking.

    I hope you can stop that smoking habit then your life is perfect.

    its my 2 cents worth.



    100% NO CIGARET!

  13. Good morning Anons,

    I like that idea of using movie characters.. but I am really bad with faces & names (even with famous actors & singers). However, i will research and see which actors resembles our friends in features & look or in personalities. Thank you for that suggestions.

    PJ Alpha,
    its a free country... and a free park. everybody can join :-D The more people that is running, the merrier it will be.

    There is not much diferent between 19 minutes and 17 minutes.. that is damn fast compare to my timing.

    Its true the Pace-setter website is infected with virus.

    Thank you. I am glad that I can in some way inspire you.

    thank you for the vote for movie-character, what do you want to be?

    Thank you for your support. I am very embarassed with your compliments. Once, I block and deleted comments section when they are too many flattery remark thrown. I'd rather received criticism that i can further improve my blog or myself.

    Thanks for taking time to comment. Have a good weekend.

  14. PJ Alpha : ur more than welcome to join us for our runs! lets lets :)

    Chee : am already a pacesetter member.. saw the running group running the other day and tried to follow but am too slow to keep up! hehe one day perhaps will join you guys!

    Bonenzo : the day u stop smoking means u really did go through the biggest challenge! and am still patiently (not) waiting! :P

  15. PJ Alpha : ur more than welcome to join us for our runs! lets lets :)

    Chee : am already a pacesetter member.. saw the running group running the other day and tried to follow but am too slow to keep up! hehe one day perhaps will join you guys!

    Bonenzo : the day u stop smoking means u really did go through the biggest challenge! and am still patiently (not) waiting! :P

  16. I am only stating the truth sire. (ANON)

  17. Rose,
    pacesetter is a running club and on they are many beginners and advance runners.

    They will be seniors to coach and guide on every runs. do join in.

  18. wallauweh lu people really kiasu. good la good


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