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KLAS10- the Mock Exam


The benchmark test or the fitness assessment is due on Monday next week. Before the beginning of a new session (for new recruits) and after completing 12 sessions at the Bootcamp, all recruits will be assessed and re-assessed to determine their fitness improvement. The assessment too will enable the trainers to park each recruit into either the Delta, Seal or the Rangers depending on the fitness level.

In anticipation of the forthcoming 'test', the platoon had a Mock exam sort of speak today....

My shoe sole came off and buried so deep in the mud on the first running cycle but I continued running without the sole. Running in mud without any sole was like running on ice, it was so slippery. One shoe down, luckily there are a few more shoes.

Having almost completed 1 month at the Bootcamp with only 2 sessions left for November, this is my brief observation:

1) The trainers... During the 10 sessions in November, we had the pleasure of having Sergeant Simran Latiff as the Chief, Corporal Faizal Ariff, Corporal Jason, Lans Corporal Daniel, Lans Corporal Elin and Corporal Dharmendra Mahalingam throughout the 1 month. One day, I will blog about each one of the trainers....

I have been a Gym member since 1997 at the Fitness Network, Centrepoint, Bandar Utama, then at the Fitness First gym and now the Truefitness Gym (see: GYM). Only at the Fitness Network that the Personal Trainer in particular BEDRI, was so accommodative and is always assisting and guiding the gym members. The majority of other Personal Trainer at Fitness First and Fitness Network sucks. There will only be accommodative if you engaged and pay them for personal training. Otherwise, they would rather stand and chat amongst themselves, or talk on the phone and 'cuci mata' looking and checking out the female gym members than to freely & voluntarily support and guide other gym members.

From my observation at the gym, majority of the Personal Trainers that cost at least RM120 - RM150 per 1 hour session, talked on the phone, day dream & look around and greet other gym members during a training session with their client; disrespecting their client whom had paid so much for that 1 hour session.

At the Bootcamp, all the trainers are yours 100% for that 1 hour session!! Try to cheat and the whole platoon will end up being penalise!!! None of the trainers at the Bootcamp had the opportunity to even breath.. let alone day dream or answer any phone call!


Today, whilst running, Corporal Faizal ran together with me and kept motivating for me to give my 110% effort. During the last resistance training session, Sergeant Sim went down into the mud challenging me with endless push up! In one of the session, Corporal Jason sprinted with me pushing my heart rate all the way to 182bpm, my maximum heart rate level.

Bootcamp trainers are fit, pro-active and attentive to details. Okay enough about the trainers... can't give them too much compliment, a taliban will still be a taliban...

2) The Recruits..... Over and above the motivating support from the trainers for recruits to give their 110% effort in every session, the support from fellow recruits is simply priceless and invaluable. Every recruit are stranger to each other on the first day at the Bootcamp but they immediately became brudder and sista almost instantly...We never had the chance to become friends but became good friends instead.

The first person that greeted me on my arrival at the Bootcamp was Dr Malek.. aka Dr M and his wife Farhanah Bhamadaj. A Delta at 57 years old, his perseverance put me to shame. Dr M is also a cancer survivor and a keen diver. I have never met anybody whom is as obsessed with stray animals as his wife Farhanah Bhamadaj. Farhanah enjoyed feeding stray monkeys and cats. She even kept an apartment to house all the stray cats. Fortunately, she did not take another apartment to house any stray monkeys in her neighbourhood although she gave each one of the monkey a name!!!!

Other inspiring married couple that is at the Bootcamp is Kenny & Michelle Smith and both are in Delta!!! Kenny is a Scottish and Michelle an Australian. Kenny was a Rugby player in his youth but stopped exercising for 4 years due to a knee injury... Kenny ballooned up to 104kg and was told off by his dad whom is also a keen athlete. That was his trigger point being a daddy's boy. Kenny started exercising and lost 5kg before he joined the Bootcamp 5 months ago and lost another 15kg!!!! A total of 20kg weight lost!!!! His wife, Michelle, is going back to Australia in December and is joining the Original Bootcamp in Australia for 2 weeks!!! Cool.........? More like madness!!! but it is inspiring to see that determination to AVOID missing any training!!!

There are 50 others in KL Alpha that I cant mention all here but the most inspiring and supportive are Chia Kai Chun, Shobha Bala, Peggy, Tricia Especkermen, Vivien Luyen Ow, Wai yee Chan, Suriana Saiful, Lilian Lim.......... All others team mate are also very supportive but if there is one birth defect that I have, it must be the memory for faces and names, my apology if i did not mention you here but really... (See: Birth Defect). Maybe the brain needed some upgrading.

However, I have to salute Shobha for that determination to quit smoking. Me and cigarette...? I have blogged this many months ago (See: Ciggie).  The Bootcamp had inspired her to quit smoking and she celebrated her 1 month without cigarette last week. If she is as determine to get 100% attendance in December next month, I will be in trouble if I missed any session (from now) and will have to wear the chosen attire by she & other winners! That was the pact and bet made amongst us at KL Alpha for a perfect attendance.

Coming to the end of the November session, I am sure many recruits are deliberating to continue in December or otherwise; including my sister Rose Emini & cousin Nyna Mohsein. I trust all will continue with the Bootcamp so we can all continue to motivate each other.

The spirit of Bootcamp is a form of recharge when we are sort of 'Low Battery'  with the never ending stressed at work and the endless deadlines to meet.

To KL ALPHA, thanks for all the support and for being a great team mate....... (unlike the never-ending Grunts at PJ :-p )

p/s- Today, the blog is abit serious.. so cant have funny pictures... nonetheless, its typed with the handphone and continued in between meetings at work.

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