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Dukethon 5km @ Duke Highway...


Perfect weather this morning, perfect route with only slight gradient going up and downhill, perfect number of participants and perfect timing........That is the summary of the first Dukethon 1Malaysia 5km race! The race was flagged off by Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor, Works Minister at 8am. I completed the 5km race in 31 minutes, maximum 171bpm heart rate while running and burnt only 480 calories.

For a registration fee of RM5.00 that is cheaper than a pack of cigarette, we were given an orange baseball cap, a T'shirt, certificate and pewter medal (while stock last) that would probably cost more than RM100.

If there is anything that can be improved for next year's Dukethon race, perhaps is a longer distance.. maybe a 10km and 21km race. If the Penang Bridge, the only land transportation access into Penang Island can be close for the annual Penang Bridge International marathon and half marathon, I am sure the Duke highway too can be close for the same reason.

It would also be good if the 'Duke of Highway', Datuk Haris Onn Tun Hussein accompany Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor, Works Minister and lead all other VIPs to run on the Duta Ulu-Klang Expressway (DUKE)  too rather than stood handsome-ly in all white uniform unpertubed by the thousands of runners on the highway.

Well done Duke.. Congratulation on the first race.

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  1. Thank Kiat,

    good to see you at the TTDI park this morning.

    and glad to meet a fellow blogger.

    have a good weekend.

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