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DKS 1- the Benchmarking Assessment

December Kiasu Sessions (DKS)  (the word KIASU.. Was made popular by singaporeans.. it means Striving for the best & cannot be left behind- sort of must be better (than whoever or simply ownself). In short, it means scare to lose. (I hope I got it right-as explain by my singaporean friends)....

After a full month of sweating-blood, heart exploding, muscle-crying and pain-stalking sessions in November, its time to measure the fitnes improvement.............. if any!!!

I had three (3) Goals when I first joined the Kiasu camp in November, the first was to burn all the food-overdose accumulated during the Muslim Eidul-Fitri (Raya Puasa) celebration which was successfully accomplished having lost in November more than 3kg in weight. The second goal was to re-gained the momentum in training that was lost for already more than 3 months!!....and that too was a success with 100% attendance in November!! Third was to improve my timing from the first benchmark assessment... !!!

Everybody at the camp are there for a specific reason. I am proud of my young successful 24 years old friend that joined the camp today; Daing Daniel Fitri whose success I had blogged earlier this year (see: Daniel) enrolled for the camp to re-gained his stamina and strength for his 5th Dan/Degree Taekwando exam in March next year. Daniel, I can assure and guarantee you wont be dissappointed.

The assessment that will be done on every first monday upon completing 12  gruelling training sessions. and today is the Day. There is two (2) part of the assessment. The first being the assessment for strengh and endurance and the second part is for stamina. The details of the assessment is as follows:

The first part comprised of 3 circuit sets as follows:
1) Two loops of running at 200 metres per loop. Hence, 400 metres per set.

2) 10 repetitions of push up

3) 10 repetitions of Grunt

4) 15 repetition of military sit-up

After completing the first assessment, the second part is the assessment for stamina. The time will be recorded for both the circuit sets and the one mile run* (*equivalent to approx 1.6km).

My timing for the first part on 1 November 2009 was 13 minutes and 48seconds and a DNF (Did Not Finish) for the one mile run (the time was stopped before I could complete the 1 mile run).

I am a vrgin with Speed and timing and that is my DECEMBER KIASU CAMP TARGET!!! to improve my running CADENCE & SPEED!!! ...and of course the 'New Moon' JACOB's 8 PACK ABS. What is your December Target? 


I took up running five years ago after being too depressed with the conflict between the 30 candles on the cake on my birthday and the youthful soul I have!! I resolve the number of candles were wrong though my 6 siblings adamantly confirm! I am a sucker for the 'Runner's High'........... and addicted to the pleasurable orgasmic feeling of crossing the finishing line during a race or runs but NEVER  did I target for speed! I run, cycle and swim for leisure and pleasure being a junkie for the runner's High. Now, thanks to the Kiasu friends and trainers, I have a different perspective in running! I want Speed!!!

and to get the SPEED, the Battle Plan is drawn towards a consistent.......... 100% Attendance, 100% Commitment & 110% Effort!!!! ...or known as A.C.E.!!!! KL Alpha Team's MOTTO!!!

(ACE.. Attendance, Commitment & Effort)

The Chief Whip that will ensure our goal is fulfilled by end-december is non other than the Hungarian Technology transferred and assembled at Malaysian factory, the made in Malaysia Wolverine (not the real name). Wolverine, a tough, fierce, tall and modern taliban-look gentlemen is the Chief of the Red Tee (a squad of punishers) whom quoted to me 'Strength and Speed equates to powerful Muscle'.

Try to break the 'ACE'.... that CLAW will slice deep into the muscle with endless exruciating, heart throbbing grunts and squat pulses.

But the Wolverine was absent today and was replaced instead by Wesley Snipes (Not the real name) whom took command of all the 'wannabees'.

Mr Wesley, Commander for the benchmarking assessment today...

.....and to benchmark the improvement for December, we began and completed the circuit training with time-record... and my timing improvement (now VS last month) was:

 First Part: 9.45 Minutes VS 13:48 minutes 
Second Part: 9:48minutes VS DNF

The Superman couple, Veep and a few other Deltas completed in 7 minutes plus plus... Madness!! Cherokee, Emo, Geli, Aunty, Master, Adidas, Bike and a few other Seals did it in 8 minutes plus plus.... Although I am pleased with my timing but the December target is to clock below 8 minutes.... DAMN KIASU!!! Welcome to the KIASU CAMP!!!

All the three (3) November Goals has been achieved!!! now the start of December Goal.. CADENCE, SPEED and 8-PACK!!! Maybe I should display the pre and post target picture... but then, I am too shy and reserved.

If my speed does not improve in December, I shall go to Adidas and shop for a pair of WINGS (Veep, watch out!!)........


p/s- if you successfull graduated and completed the december ACE and timing, the Board of Kiasus will bestowed upon you the title DKS behind your name!!

 The Kiasu series: Kiasu 2, Kiasu 1.

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  1. Well done mate, u willbe able to clock sub 8mins by next month.

  2. You are 35 yeatr old? i tot you younger

  3. actually he does look like wesley snipes ha ha

  4. D.Armin,
    you can do 8 minute anytime. you got the right mental attitude. just dont give up.

  5. Miniacs,
    thats the aim.. it wont be easy but thats the aim!!! Will start cycling too.. but i have retired from cycling since.... 2 years ago? so need to catch up first.

    Anon, thats the candle on the cake.. but i feel 10 years young that the real age!! hahahaaa

    KiaSu, heheee, yaa, he does and NO, I am so not posting any topless picture... :-p

    Pj Alpha, with team support and trainers pressure, i am also confident to get... (pray)

  6. i thought he is 40 plus liao. Sorry bro, joke joke one

  7. hahaha bro, you always ask for trouble with the Wolverine & Snipes but ok kot without any names mentoin

  8. bro.. well done on your assessment!

  9. LMAO brother you are very funny. so we will see you with a new pair of wings on the next session?

  10. i was thinking of new shoe and you think of new wing kekeke


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