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Its Final!!! ..... 100% attendance!! Congrates KIASU(s)


Today marked the end of November 2009, 5:45am training!!! A commitment that not many can keep. It is a huge achievement to wake up at 4:30am and drove to the Rugby field three (3) times a week for the whole of November!! .......such was the commitment to be a 'Kiasu'.... an 8-pack discipline inspired by the launching of the 'New Moon' and soon..... the new month of December! ...

There were 60 KIASUS in total that surrendered ourselves in November into the hands of the Red Tee to re-engineer ourselves and our lifestyle towards a healthier, slimmer, fitter and definitely sexier looking.

However, only 30 KIASUS came on the last day today, the non-muslim sacrificed their waking-up-late on public holiday and the muslim managed their time efficiently to exercise and workout before performing their morning Eidul Adha prayer.

With more than half AWOL, the RED CARD was issued by the Red Chief . The RED CARD signifies either an AWOL or/and indiscipline.... and when the RED CARD is issued, the whole squad's face will turn red!!!

The training began with the RED CARD treatment!! As the name implies.. Whenever the treatment is extended, all players' face will turn red in agony!! ..........although mine turned blue!!

The Red Card treatment is the excruciating Squat Pulses. It is done by squating half way with the knee 90 degree bend, then stood half way up before squating back down again...  this was continued without any break for 1 minute and was repeated for a set of 5. Unlike football where the referee only knows how to blow the whistle and wave their red card, the Red Chief and his team performed the RED CARD treatment together with the KIASUS.

Whilst doing the Red Card Treatment...... at first, it felt like 'forcing out' on constipation ..........

(doing squatting felt like constipation..................)

Then the burning pain started to kicked in!!!!

A moment later on the fourth set,  I had to check if my legs were still there.... it suddenly felt numb.I smiled when I saw the legs was still intact.

 (you cansee stars or see double with the Red Card treatment... eh.. Thats no my leg!!)

We then rushed to the rugby field for 3 sets of 15 minutes non-stop knocked-out heart-pumping cardio.

Although my heart was dancing lunatically (dont bother checking dictionary-i created that word), my HRM was only 168bpm and the total fat burnt was 640 calories. My leg must have worn-out from the RPM class at the Truefitness gym yesterday with Denmark (not the real name).

and with that, our November 5am training ended!!

SUMMARY: 100% attendance, 110% effort, 100% excitement and 100% funtabulous time!!!!!! The result.......... Weight lost from 72kg to 68.8kg (Mission accomplished to burnt all the HARI RAYA PUASA FOOD OVERDOSE!!.... infact, overshot by 1.2kg)

Thanks KIASU mate for the encouraging and never-ending support specifically to Nawal, Rose, Doc M, Taj Mahal,  Aunty, Japanese Yen, Woodpecker, Racket, Adidas, 3L, Superman, Wonderwomen, V12, high heels, Taliban(s), Amoi, Becker, (figure out who is who........) ...

To all the 100% attendees... CONGRATULATION!! That commitment, dedication and sacrifices is well-worth it!!!!!!!!!!!

(Except for the KIB (Kojak-In-Black).. EVERYBODY in the picture successfully attended 100%!!)


If you want to be a KIASU.... you have to wake up @ 5am for 3 times a week and surrender to 110% effort for only 1 hour of intensive training!!

It takes discipline, dedication & especially commitment...



Stay tune for the 'Kiasu' series........

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  1. LMAO you funny la
    but i can so relate to that constipation & red face -S

  2. Bro min, you must be damn fit la (richard)

  3. you good bro but dont need la avoid mentioning bootcamp terus. we still family ma

  4. bro, how many from KL Alpha 100% attendence record?

    PJ ALpha

  5. Anon 1- thank you

    Anon 2- luckily i manage to empty the bowel and bladder.. so no more behind the bushes :-p

    not fit at all.. i am just very determine especially with Aunty in the team! ayooo.. When you joining?

    Anon 4, it is best to avoid being controversial.. :-D

    PJ Alpha,
    actually i dont really know.... how many 100% record form PJ Alpha?

  6. Pj attendance lagi teruk lor. dont think got anybody 100% record leh. I dont knoe

  7. bro,
    what is ur drive la? i gave up before started. well done bro

  8. i like the jumping picture. when is your next run bro?


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