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Be sensitive and there wont be any form of attack on churches or anybody

I read with interest all the condemnation of the arson attack on thus far three churches in Kuala Lumpur. The Government, the opposition, various NGOs, social activist, bloggers as well as most on Facebook had all condemned the attack and I did not come across any party that supported or stood by the attack.

There are also various SMS and emails circulated to removed rosaries and all religious articles from their car with the rumors of cars displaying such rosaries and religious articles are being smashed.

These attacks had received global media coverage tarnishing Malaysia and especially Muslim's good name. The attacks may well be from Muslim extremists or it could also be an orchestrated act (not necessarily Muslim extremist) to create chaos in Peaceful Malaysia or to undermine the Government with a racial disharmony.

Similar to most, I too condemn the attack...but what was the root-caused that created the whole episode. It is not just about religion it is about emotional sensitivity amongst us Malaysian.

Is it really of paramount important for the Church to use Allah name?  WHY...? Why NOW...? Is there any hidden agenda?

Malaysia has been peaceful all this while without the Church using the name Allah. Religiously, it is not wrong for Christian to use any other name beside Allah which they have been. The name Allah too is not a patented name and for exclusive use only for Muslim but there is a strong religious sentiment, attachment and understanding of the name Allah to Muslims.

That sensitivity is beyond any judicial process but is the backbone to our peace and harmony.

I rally behind the King, DYMM Yang Dipertuan Agong:

"To ensure peace and harmony among the followers of different religions, the meaning and reference to "Allah" in the general context should conform to the description fixed by Islam because this practice has all this while been accepted by Malaysians of other faiths." - The Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin

Daulat Tuanku, Daulat Tuanku, Daulat Tuanku

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  1. me wif you bro. indespecable act but we ourselve created the problem.

  2. I see your point, being malaysian, sometimes it angered me when i hear people insulting our King. The King is for all races and all Malaysian. I am also angered when other people make fun of my indian friends caling pariahs. similarly, I am also upset when I see other Malaysian angered the muslim. During school, some students too make fun of father's name example anak Micheal, Anak Hassan etc... Although it was not my father's name that was teased or joke, but it also anger me that some people can have no pride and disrespect some one else's father.

    I agree, it is not about Religion. it is about being sensitive to the feeling of other Malaysian.

    I am not religious nor am I a muslim but i can feel the anger of the Muslim.

    Thank you Armin for sharing such a neutral thought that is neither provocative nor taking side.

    My god bless you with good health always.


  3. Armin,
    I am not taking side but if I am being attack, I will retaliate!! eye for an eye brother!!

  4. As I understand it they have been using Allah for a really long time and it isn't just Malaysia, it is used globally, including the largest Muslim nation in the world, Indonesia. The question is why did Malaysia suddenly decide to stop them from using it?

  5. it is getting worse bro, i think a total of 5 church has already being burnt or attempted to be burnt.

    Its either muslim are too fanatics or too sensitive or other people are too insensitive.

    but i hope it will end soon

  6. Thanks for all the comment and my apology for the late-replies.

    yes.. we have to be sensitive to everybody in all aspect and not just in religion. If we start being insensitive, then we will lost our asian values as well as our principles.

    what benefit do we get if we start to retaliate?

    Perhaps the word Allah could have been used at other part of the world.. but not in Malaysia. Malaysia never Did Not suddenly stop... The word Allah has never been used by other religion in Malaysia beside Islam... so why the need to demand now when it has never been a practice?

    i do not want to comment if the muslims are being too sensitive or are over-reacting but this can all be avoided if we are all sensitive to everybody on the first place...

  7. I think the problem is misconception.

    Allah has always been used in Malaysia by other religions especially among the Christian Orang Aslis in East Malaysia. "They" didn't suddenly decide to use Allah.


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