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OBC- JAN 5/12- Boom Shake Shake the Rope


5 sessions down, 7 more to go for 100% ACE........ We had only two (2) AWOLS today and was penalised with only two (2) 30 seconds squat pulses for the AWOLS. Our trainers today was commanded by non other than the one and only OBC Sergeant, Simran Latiff and assisted by Lans Corporal Elin and Lans Corporal Stephanie. Corporal Faizal Ariff close rank and became one of us trainee.

Yesterday, I was at PJ Alpha at 5am as an observer.... to send Nawal Aini and sighted someOne for ACE. At PJ Alpha, I met RJ Rahman Mansor, Alex Nathan, Shamil Tan and for the first time met Yong Taw Foo.. she is smaller than I imagine. If there was any difference in comparison, it must be the team-work at PJ Alpha. The teamwork there was exemplary.. everybody contributed and worked hard to get 105 Grunts to lose more weight!! At KL Alpha, the most that we get, was only 20 grunts or 6 squat pulses. Congratulation and well done PJ ALpha.. keep up the good work.

Today, the recruits were divided according to their respective ranks Delta, Seal and Rangers and there were three (3) circuits prepared under each trainer.

Today's Summary
10minutes: warm-up & AWOL penalty
20minutes: Boom Shake-Shake (rope) & Sprint
15minutes: The Beauty & the Dirty
15minutes: Tyresome Flip orgy
 Total 60Minutes

Boom Shake Shake the Rope

Sarge Simran took the Delta on the first circuit with five (5) Ropes. 4 Deltas were assigned to each ropes. Danial Ismail, Marcus Jau Chan (again), Kenny Smith was in my team. With two (2) Deltas at each end, one Delta had to hold the rope whilst the other prepared to sprint. When the Sarge signaled for the start, BOOM... the two Delta holding the rope had to SHAKE-SHAKE the rope creating a wave-look whilst the other two deltas sprint for approximate 20 metres back and forth before tapping his partner to reverse the role from sprinting to shaking. The workout was repeated for three sets of 6 minutes, 4 minutes and 2 minutes for the first, second and third set. There were three types of Shake-shake the ropes but there are all for upper body and 'base muscle' workout.

The Beauty & the Dirty
The second circuit was for the Hour-glass shape workout .... in the MUD.. in pair. I was paired with superfit Marcus Jau Chan (again...scary but a damn good partner). At the Second circuit with LC Elin, we performed a non-stop 15 minutes endless sets of 5 repetitions for each of the following workout:

Circuit 2 (A) Squat, Military push-up, Jack-Knife, Military sit-up
Circuit 2 (B) Lunges, King-kong push-up, Monk Sit-up, Flutter kick

Tyresome Flip
We had a tyre-some Five pax orgy per team on the third circuit under LC Stephanie. Each team was allocated with a huge tyre. My team comprised of Shobha Bala, Jordan and Danial Ismail. Every Delta in the team, had to flip the damn-heavy tyre (alone) one-way from one end to the other whilst the other four team members in-queue for the tyre, performed non-stop of the following workout:

i) 5 repetitions of Star-jump
ii) 5 repetition of Push-up
iii) 5 repetition of Military Sit-up

Deltas had to repeat the above workout until the 'Flipper' reached the other end. The slower the flipping, the more sets of the workout to be performed by others in the team. I can hear Chun SSJ shouting (dont know why?) at Clair calling her Jordan, mistaken identity which attract the laughter of the whole platoon.

The total calories burned today was 651 calories only....... Maybe I did not gave my 100%, the average calory burn otherwise would have been 750.I tried to be serious while training but the moment weirdo Chun SSJ start cracking up spontaneous remark and teamed-up with Shobha..... i just cant help but to start laughing in Pain.

Today we partially completed the list of Seals as a monthly 'get-to-know' our comrade project first initiated by Super Senior Delta Dr Malek Aziz in December last year. The last posting (see: here), we listed down the those in Deltas at KL Alpha.

The Seals are:

1) Farhanah Bamadhaj
2) Nawal Aini Zulkifli
3) Rose Emini Pahamin
4) Farrah Raquet
5) Vivien Luyen
6) Lilian Loo
7) Suloshini
8) Arvind
9) Machiko
10) yus (from KLB?)
11) Amy Ho
12) Irwan
13) Ee-lyn
14) Rienna
15) Ashima Thomas

There are a few more Seals @ KL Alpha that is unknown......... Come on recruits, lets get to know our comrades...


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