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OBC- JAN 12/12 life is full of 204 Grunts & 102 Push-up


Waking up in the morning at 4:30am to get ready for Bootcamp was very challenging especially with excessive workload, night functions and travelling to attend to. When I first enrolled for the Bootcamp in September last year, I was sick and missed two Bootcamp sessions. When I came back for training, I lost the momentum and the stamina that I had built. There were also many absentees. Whenever there is a football or rugby match at the eve of the Bootcamp, the attendance for the next day became worse. Shobha Bala for one, will be absent at least once a week on Monday and everytime there was a football match *stick tongue out*. The rest... quietly and secretly FFK. I saw the trainers too were disappointed at our commitment and I saw the energy in the trainers when they saw a full attendance.

Started out with Nawal Aini, Rose Emini Pahamin, Nyna Mohsen and I, we made a promise that we will attend EVERY BOOTCAMP session for better HEALTH & FITNESS and as a show of respect and gratitude to the trainers whom tirelessly never failed to motivate us!!! Yes... it is their duty to motivate us but those that have been a Gym member and those that had subscribed to Personal Trainer would know and understand that most gym-Trainers does it for money and not out of passion but Bootcamp trainers especially Sergeant Simran PASSIONATELY went ALL OUT to make sure that WE ARE MOTIVATED in every session and gave our 100% EFFORT.

We first spoke to Dr Malek Aziz & Farhanah, whom had NEVER BEEN LATE nor MISSED ANY SESSION since October when we first join the Bootcamp. They agree to make ACE a motivating factor for us all. Shobha Bala then joined the ACE & made it more interesting by creating a penalty for those that broke the ACE-pact which saw Kenny Smith training in Scottish Kilt and Arvind Patmarajah in Red-Skirt.... hence the DBK (Damn Blardy Kiasu) title bestowed only on Shobha!!

We had only 16 committed recruits when we started the ACE-Pact. In December, the number increased to 20. Now in January 2010, we had 30 committed ACE.

Today........ WE DID IT AGAIN!!! ANOTHER MONTH OF ACE!!!! Those ACE-ACHIEVERS are listed in the "ACE-HALL OF FAME".. as an honor for their commitment which is a DAMN WORTHY effort... trust me, it was not easy to juggle between late work hours, travelling, lack of sleep, sickness etc.......

We are PROUD that since October 2009, NONE of the ACE-rs were LATE for training... a discipline that is worthy of the Hall of Fame.

We had Sarge Simran, Corporal Faizal and Lans Corporal Stephanie today. Today's training was taken for Grunt'ed. A kick-ass fantastic workout. The Delta had 17 toys to play with. We had Four (8) Mock Rifle, One Batang Putih (White pipe), Two blardy big and heavy rope and Six Sandbags.

We had two Check-points aka Store. All the toys were kept at the first store and the other check-point was errr about 200 metres away... (the distance between one rugby goal post to the other goal post).

Every Delta must form a line from the first check-point to the the second checkpoint and pass all the items one by one from one recruit to the other, until all items are transferred to the second check point. Then we had to pass all the items back one by one, from one recruit to the other back to the first check-point. Sarge Simran without failure, went from one end to the other to motivate us and most of the time perform the exercises with us....  this had never failed to impress us.

The circuit was repeated for the second set but everytime an item was passed to the next person, he/she must perform 6 Grunts before passing another item. By the time all items were transferred to the Second check-point and back to the first check-point, every Delta would have performed........ 17 toys multiply by 6 grunts and multiply by two (from check-point 1 to check-point 2 and back to check-point 1) a total of 204 GRUNTS.......... plus another 20 for dropping a toy (sheessh who la this person! but thank you).

So in total we had 224 GRUNTS today!!!

On the third set, one of the toy (the blardy fat and heavy rope) was taken out from our list of toys and when an item was passed, we had to performed 3 push ups instead of the 6-Grunts!! With 16 items, 3 push-up per item and from checkpoint 1 to Checkpoint 2 and back to checkpoint one again, in total we did 96 push-up!!!

After completing three sets of the above, Sergeant Simran led the Deltas and ran with us 3 rounds around the RUGBY FIELD before ending it with the routine warm-up.

I can never imagine doing 224 Grunts and 96 push-up......... today's Bootcamp was damn blardy FABULOUS!!! and could help feeling damn blardy PROUD ACE-R!!! It would be good to have some entertainment this month with somebody in an 'OUTFIT' but the fact that NOBODY failed the ACE, is a signal that everybody are more committed to better Health & Fitness... okay ok.... don't nag me on Cigarettes.


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