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OBC- JAN 4/12- Black Monday....... four-letter word!!

*Apology for the late-posting... Was too hyper after the morning session and was in meeting till late evening*

Its Shobha Bala, Nawal Aini, Farhanah Bamadhaj, Dr Malek Aziz, Daing Danial, Vivien Luyen, Wai-yee, Kenny Smith  and.... and a few more...... who was absent today.

Monday blues......... or more like a Black Monday it is..... All ladies were suddenly down with a stomach pain.. gastric, menstrual etc... and the men absent form... B1N1 sickness maybe.. Doc Malek was down with D1V3?

Surprisingly, KL ALpha was still noisy even without the Core-Kiasu.... Everybody was screaming loudly.... in pain. Today's workout is another day that defines Pain and probably a sneak preview into Hell.

Sarge Simran was back from a week of Paternity leave. He was all smile, cheerful and stress-free although we expect him to be grumpy and moody from lack of sleep and new-Dad syndrome. Life is never the same with a newborn baby in the house.... Although in cheerful mood but that does not stop the Sarge from giving us 3 sets up Squat Pulses and another 3 sets of Star Jump for 3 AWOLS and 3 Late-comers..... compliments from Kenix Lim and Leesa Tan.

After the bonus Squat Pulses and Star Jumps, the platoons were separated according to their ranking... Delta, Seal and Rangers.

Today’s theme was the FANTASTIC FOUR…  4 different type of exercises with 4 repetitions each was prepared at all circuits. Four only…Only Four.....?!!!!

 Four reps only (*surprise face*)....? Aaaw.. easy...................

Corporal Dharmendra took the Delta in the first of the three circuits prepared for today. Delta was further divided into Four groups. The first circuit was prepared for Upper body and lower body strength. The circuit comprised of a short sprint to 4 red-cones-stop for 4 different exercises at each red-cone-stop. From the starting position, Deltas began with a sprint to the first cone to do a 4-repetitions of Military Push-ups before sprinting to the next red-cone and perform the Squats with another 4 repetitions. Then another sprint to the third red-cone for Four repetitions of diamond push-up before another sprint to the last red-cone to do Four repetitions of jumping split lunges. At the fourth cone, we had to sprint to the yellow cone and turn back to the last red-cone to start the 4 exercises again back to original starting position. One set is completed once we are back at the starting position.

After performing 2 sets of the above, the four exercises at each cone was changed to King Kong Push-up, Jumping Squat, Shoulder press and Trusters. With the change in workout, we had to do two rounds back and forth from original starting position to complete 1 set of a total of two.

The last person to arrive on each set is penalise with 5 Grunts.... so everybody is in the look-out for the last person behind them....

Haah.. CHUN.. 5 GRUNTS!!! :-p kidding............

From Corporal Dharmendra, we moved on to the second circuit led by Corporal Faisal. The second circuit was all about Abdomen. With the same short sprint to Four Red-Cones, Four different types of exercises were prepared at each red-cone-stop that began with Military Sit-up on the first cone. At the second Red-cone, Jack Knife,  third red-cone was the palm to elbow and the last red-cone was the Buddha sit-up before a short burst of sprint back to the starting position. Similarly, the last person to arrive will have to perform 5 Grunts.

After Corporal Faizal, we headed to Sargent Simran whom took the last Circuit with running techniques.
We were introduced to Four running techniques to imrpove our running cadence. We had to run back and forth Four Lamp-Posts for each technique. The Four techniques were perfect to improve running cadence but it’s a bit difficult to describe and explain the technique in words….. (actually I’ve forgotten).

I underestimated the four letter word that began with Capital-letter F......  I mean the 'FOUR' repetitions. Maybe this is why we are always reminded not to say out the four letter word that began with F... it can be breath-taking.


Today is another EXCELLENT workout by the OBC….

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