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NO DROP-OUT YET FROM ACE-rs on the 8th Bootcamp session! 4 more sessions to go for FULL 100% ACE!!!


After two consecutive daily dose of 1 hour Physiotherapy and Ultra Sound with Dr Aston, I was able to bend my knee and participated in todays RUN WITH TAYAR session. I have made arrangement for a whole week of physiotherapy and Ultra Sound to re-gain back my 'over-used' knee and so far, I am recovering well.

After the routine 5 minutes warm-up session, today's platoon was divided into three team with a mixture of Delta, Seals and Rangers. Sergeant Simran took team ALPHA, Corporal Faizal Ariff led team ZULU, Corporal Dharmendra and Lans Corporal Elin took my Team, the BRAVO.

After a 200 meter run, we stopped by the road-side for the Rangers to first lift a LORRY TAYAR. Five Rangers in our group, lifted and run with the Tayar for 500 meter up hill whilst others in the team sprinted forward and back to the Rangers with the Tayar until the Rangers reached the end-point. At that point, the Seal took-over the rangers to lift and run with the Tayar and 5 others in the team, had to collect and sprint with a Mock Rifle. The slower those that lift and run with the Tayar to reach the end-point, the more circle of sprints others must do. The Delta took-over from the Seals to lift and run with the Tayar, four others in the team pick-up and ran with a sandbag,  4 others continue to run with the mock-rifles and others just sprint to alternate carrying the sandbag and rilfes until the end.

Half way through, we all stopped by a field to performed 100 group repetition of Push-up, Jump Squat and Jack Knife. Our team was divided into 4 person per group and each person had to do 25 repetition of each exercise to get the 100 total repetitions. If any of the team members failed to do 25 repetition, others in the team are allowed to support by doing more for as long as the total group repetition is 100.

Then we continue to run with the Tayar, Mock Rilfe and Sandbag alternating the Delta, Seals and Rangers back to where we started.

After todays session, KL Alpha met KL Bravo for a short discussion on the forthcoming KL PLATOON VS PJ PLATOON challenge this Sunday 24 January 2010. May the force be with us.................


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