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Waking up at 5am to workout at the CHIEF's ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (COBC) 3 times a week should get easier after err....  23 months/256 sessions/256 hours since we first started almost two years ago but it did not. This morning, waking up at 5am was short of a disaster. Somehow that extra one hour sleep before sunrise felt so luxurious... heaven!! Being under the duvet in an 18 degree aircond cold breeze was so ... Oh gawd.... indescribable BUT the bootcamp call was even more powerful! Nothing feels better than to start the day with at least 500 calories burn, the motivating scream of Otai recruits and the inspiring drive of Sarge Dann was too irresistable! I quickly jumped out of bed at 5:10am after 'snoozing' the alarm clock 5 times.

I arrived punctual at 5:45am after ramming the Maserati pedal and was in a great relief thinking I had 'deprived' other recruits from a sexier legs being the 'reward' for late-comers but I was sabotaged!!! Everybody ended up with a sexier toner legs when there were 4 'late-comers'!!!! (highlighted in bold- NOT because of ME ya! *wink bluwek).

At the COBC, time is always of the essence. The session start sharp at 5:45am and ended at 6:45am on the dot for alpha platoon. Any late-comers will result in the whole platoon being penalize with endless squat pulses. For the past 2 years, the longest Otai recruits that was never late for any sessions are Chun Chia Kai, Dr Malek Aziz and Farhanah Bamadhaj. I was late once.. but that was purposely done to get a sexier leg. and was absent 13 times in the whole 2 years of bootcamping due to lotsa traveling.

We had Sarge (COBC) Dann, Corp (COBC) Chun and LC (COBC) (P) Letch in red today. My body was shocked with a major tsunami! Breathless... heart-quake.... almost pengsan. That was how it feels everytime the training momentum was broken. I had missed the whole of last week of bootcamping having had to attend a convention in Indonesia. Although suffered like sh#@t but I had the best of time training with Otai Adibah Mohamad, Rienna Choo, Adriano, Marlene and more than thirty new recruits. 20 other Otais like Superstar-Leg John Chuah, Mek Chan Meng Yam, Shear Ling Toh, Freda Liu all decided to Tidak Bekerja on Hari Pekerja.

The May session saw many intakes of newer and stronger recruits. During the Benchmark Assessment last week, the CHIEF'S best Benchmark Timing record held by JAMES FONG's was broken by DH-Zulu Platoon Nabil Jeffri whom broke the 1mile run record in 7:00 minutes in a super duper muddy track. USJ1-alpha recruit Sunny broke James Fong's 1st circuit record in 7:43. James Fong held the best record thusfar for both circuit and 1-mile run with 7:56 and 7:53 respectively.

With stronger and stronger recruits, I reckon some kiasu will be having lots secret training off-bootcamp days.

May 2011 session too saw Chief's thoroughbred recruit VIKI LIM being featured in the May edition of the SHAPES magazine. Viki Lim a mother of three was a gym enthusiast just like most of us until she discovered the bootcamp. She has been very consistent in training and a good example of a healthy lifestyle having inculcated exercise as a habit and lifestyle.

I could hardly recognise Viki Lim and had to turn those pages a few times in the SHAPES magazine. She look astounding, a living example of a hard earn beauty from a consistent and discipline exercise. Now a celebrity, I hope Viki Lim will still wave hi if she bump into me by the roadside...



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