RUN RUN RUN AWAY...........

There are various benefits of having siblings... I mean have you ever listed down the benefits of having siblings?? ....despite the fact that we are blood related and the fact that we are stuck for life because of that (oh god) but there are various benefits of having many siblings especially when the sister share the same interest!!! With many siblings, sometimes I get food & DESSERTS delivered to my office freshly cook  from home (and sometime freshly 'tapau' from kopitiam).. sometimes I have someone to drive me around and sometimes siblings can do the shopping on-behalf. But one of the many 'best' part of having a sister of the same interest is to have various research done-by-default and almost an 'automatic' registration for various unheard event or activities and of course being 'siblings' it is an 'automatic-cannot-say-no-by-choice'.

Thank you to Sista Rose Emini Pahamin, whom had compiled the following RUNNING CALENDER for 2011 which I am sure, I have been 'automatically' registered for all the runs..... so lets run!!!!!!!!

23-04-2011 Larian KTM Komuter
24-04-2011 Bidor Half Marathon, Reg Form
01-05-2011 Borneo Marathon
07-05-2011 KL International Night Towerthon Challenge 2011
08-05-2011 Larian Bomba
21-05-2011 Singapore 100 Plus Passion Run
29-05-2011 Singapore Sundown
05-06-2011 Setia Alam Eco-Run
12-06-2011 Phuket International Marathon
26-06-2011 Standard Chartered KL International Marathon 2011
03-07-2011 NTV7 Feel Good Run
10-07-2011 Siemens Run
17-07-2011 Olympic Day Run
17-07-2011 DIGI Pacesetter Kuantan TC Run 2011
24-07-2011 Klang Centro Run
24-07-2011 12 Hour FTAAA Run Circuit
30-07-2011 Shape Night Run (Putrajaya)
31-07-2011 Admiral 5A Charity Run 2011
07-08-2011 Hat Yai Nature Run (Hatyai)
16-09-2011 Admiral Methodist Run
25-09-2011 River Jungle Marathon
02-10-2011 Adidas King of the Road
15-10-2011 The North Face Trail Run Singapore
30-10-2011 Genting Trail Blazer (Awana)
05-11-2011 KLG Hash 30th Anniversary Run
06-11-2011 CICM ½ Marathon
13-11-2011 Kinabalu Climbathon
20-11-2011 Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM)
20-11-2011 Standard Chartered Bangkok Marathon
04-12-2011 Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon
04-12-2011 Angkor Wat Half Marathon
18-12-2100 Malakoff 12km
26-12-2011 MR25 Trail Run (Singapore)



  1. Nice legs! Run, run for your life! Its good to have a support group , ey?

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