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DKS8- Today wasnt just the normal Ooohs and Aaahs..

DKS8 = December Kiasu Session 8.
(Note: Still 100% ACE- Attendance!! Commitment!! Effort!!... 4 more sessions to go!!!)

ALMOST.. Almost... ALMOST.... Almost overslept this morning. Slept through the ridiculously loud alarm clock and woke up at 4:50am instead of the normal 4:30am and immediately called Rose Emini and screamed we ARE LATE!!!!

The evil image of Shobha, the tongue sticking out image of Sulo, the Ear to ear smile of Kenny and Arvind's evil laughter gave me the first adrenaline shock... and somehow arrived at Padang Merbuk 5 minutes earlier than the normal 5:35am.

Today's session was full of Syiioks and shocks! After the wake-up-late shocks... we were shocked at Daniel Chong's sudden re-appearance from almost a month away from KL Alpha... Then we were shocked at the fat BLUEBARREL (Pirated name from Blackberry) before the triple shocked to the chest muscle and the more syiiok'ing but scary orchestra sounds of MOANS. Now we know how everybody sounded at Night...

The session of course, began with the routine 5 minutes warm-up before 2 set of squat pulses for 2 AWOLs. Yes ONLY Two (2) AWOLS.. I can feel my leg getting firmer thanks to the extra bonus workout!

The team was then divided into their respective Delta, Seal and Rangers. The Seal began their first session with a killer chest workout with Faizal Ariff.................8 sets of 1 minute push-ups per repetition with 10 seconds break between repetitions. Anybody that could not perform the full push-up either on toes or knees, will be asked to continue with trusters. It felt quite easy on the first few sets, I was able to do 31 push-ups in 1 minute on the first set. Second set, only 21 repetitions in 1 minutes, the third sets it gets lower with only 10 rep on toe and 10 rep on knees. The fourth set, only 4 reps on toes and 6 on knees. The fifth to the eight sets were all on knees with only 6 slow repetitions per set. If this continues for the rest of the month, 'Push-up' bra company maybe in trouble! Infact, bra company may be bancrupted.

.....or adversely, maybe men needs to wear bra?

With a burning chest and tricep, we moved on to the second circuit training with Sergeant Simran... with the introduction to BlueBarrel aka.... BB. We took turn with BB. With a starting position of a Bear-Walk, each Seal had to push the BB that weight at least 100kg, with one hand and as BB rolled-forward, we had to Bear-Walk to continue pushing BB again and again with one hand to the end-point located about 50 metres away. Whilst waiting for that one seal, other team members had to performed various cycle of exercises from push-ups (again!!), Star jump, Seal Jump, Shoulder press, mountain climbers, Military sit-ups, diamond push-up and Planks.

When the heavy BB did not want to roll over on Bear-Walk pushes, we turned to Crab-Walk and KICKED BB (padan muka)....

Then we moved on to the last circuit with Daniel Chong. The labelled by OBC ladies as cute and sweet instructor was actually tougher then they imagine.... Daniel introduced 2 sets of 6 types of abdomen workout with each sets comprised of the Jack Knife, flutter kick, monk sit-up, scissor legs, military sit-ups, side bridges and the cycle was continue again.... until there was a loud orchestra of Moans and a group multiple orgasm.

Men and women were all moaning from the 6 positions but the loudest moans was heard miles away by Delta Nyna, she was very noisy, probably because of the sweet instructor? Some had a very sweet moans but some were horrible and some followed with name calling Aaaaah Sulo.... Ooooh Shobha.... Peggy Oooohs.......... some even called out for god... Oh god.. God... oooh........... surprisingly no Kiasu moaned and called out hoyaah... hooyaaah.... hoyaaAAH... which would be abit retarded.

Now we know how everybody sounded like......... We went for a short recovery run before the warm up session.

Today's session was tough and after the session, everybody was speechless and many immediately rushed home.... maybe they had to change for being too wet.................. I mean from the wet field. After too many shocking event today, we have to give OBC a thumbs up for the adrenaline rush and definitely a big.......


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