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DKS 5- One ACE down........ 19 more to go!!!

DKS5= December Kiasu Session 5.
(Note: Still 100% ACE- Attendance!! Commitment!! Effort!!... 7 more sessions to go!!!)

Its official!!!!People at the Bootcamp are the most Kiasu, hip, hyper, lunatics and the masochist!!!
We did not just love mud, grass, rain but today we discovered that we also love the Sand too.......!! The Bootcamp is full of surprises!!! ..........and today is no exception...........

We arrived at 5:35am, record our attendance and I went to greet Kenny whom had just recovered from Dengue and Jason whom is still recovering from a fractured ankle. Kenny had a new clean look with everything shaven from top and bottom.... I mean his hair, moustache and beard! Jason had a haircut too! These two are both the Superman of Bootcamp being one of the fittest if not the fittest!

At 5:45am sharp everybody was aligned in one row facing Sergeant Sim, Corporal Faizal and Lans Corporal Elin. Every recruit... as in everybody except 5 AWOLS and Pilates (not the real name) that arrived 1 minute late was all line-up in total silent!!! is amazing how the most Kiasu people can be so quiet but that is the invaluable & priceless commitment extended by all......... except for P. Arvind!

Whilst everybody are committed to 100% ATTENDANCE, 100% Commitment & 110% Effort, 20 Kiasus agreed on a PACT for 100% ATTENDANCE!! The PACT was agreed by the following 20 Kiasu:
1.Shobha Bala
2. Armin Baniaz
3. Soo Pey
4. Dr Malek Aziz (aka Doc M)
5. Farhanah Bamadhaj
6. Shammy Ooi
7. Shera Ann
8. Rose Emini
9. Nyna Mohsein
10. P. Arvind (MISSED 1 SESSION!!!)
11. Peggy Hoergh
12. Amy Ho
13. Suloshini
14. Chun, CK, CCK etc.
15. Suriana (1/4 outfit)
16. Ana Aziz Kassim
17. Rienna Choo
18. Puteri Janna
19 Danny
20. Daing Daniel

With the PACT, whomever that failed (aka the Loser) to get 100% ATTENDANCE MUST WEAR AN OUTFIT chosen by the WINNER (those that achieved 100% attendance)..... and whomever that missed a session, will be broadcasted in all possible media accessible by those in the pact....

There is no exception for 100% attendance BUT for those that is not-well, sick, un-fit, in-pain, lazy-to-work-out, cannot-workout for whatever reason, they must attend all the Bootcamp but excluded from doing the training... sort of to give moral support akin of 'Cheering' the recruits for 100% ACE & the spirit of camaraderie.

May the board of Kiasu have mercy on Arvind P.

Me and the other 19.......... SO FAR SO GOOD with 100% ACE!!!.

Today........................... The KL Alpha platoon was divided into 2 teams, namely Alpha and Bravo with a good mixture of Rangers, Seals and Deltas. I was in bravo. The two teams was asked to compete with each other and the Kiasu being Kiasu had a hell of screaming!!

I initially thought we were competing for the loudest voice!!! Everybody was screaming though I did not understand most of the scream except for some words like.. 'Spread wider', 'Spread wider', wider wider... dont move the leg!!, Faster, faster, faster.!!. Come, come, come!!!, go, go, go!!!..... and Chun from the other team retaliated by screaming..... I want more, I want more... more.. more... 5 more, 10 more.......

It all began after the routine warming up session. From the car park area, everybody jog for 500 metres until we reached a junction with a stack of sandbags. Every recruit was required to pick and carry one sandbag and continue to jog for 10 minutes until we reach an uphill road. At that juncture, both Alpha and bravo team were aligned in two rows facing each other.

Team Alpha in one row and the Bravo in the other. Everybody had one sandbag each and all the sandbags were compiled at the lower end of the road. As Sarge commanded to start, the last person with the compiled sandbags had to picked up and passed the sandbag to the next person on the right and that person needed to pass the next and the next and so forth until all the compiled sandbags were all passed. When all the sandbags were passed, the last person without any sandbag must sprint and join the row after the last person. The passing of the sandbags were continued to be passed until the row moved forward for the whole 30 minutes.

There is only one rule of engagement..... at any point while holding the sandbag, both feet must be glued on the tarmac and if the feet were pivoted or lifted, the whole team must perform 5 jumping squats as a penalty...

My team, the Bravo had the best form and was only penalised three times with the jumping squats but the Alpha team had at least eight penalties. The Sarge declared team Alpha as the winner as they were faster even with the 8 penalties but gave us the reward to burn the extra calories and sexier legs with 15 jumping squat!!! Although the reward was little and we were hoping for at least 20 jumping squat but we were happy.

Today is another 5 star session. I can see the vain popping out from the arm, and the bicep, back and shoulder muscle tightening.

Now we all have to be patience to wait for Friday training and being Kiasu, I think I will go to the gym this evening................. although I, Osama aka AhnTy, Doctor, Ah Pack, Ah  Sot Sot Jor, Ah FFK, Scottish, Supermum, Drummies, Pink Rose, Pilates, Red Ribbon, Gf, Veep, WoodPecker etc etc etc.. had to burn some extra brain cell thinking of an outfit for P. Arvind!!!


Until Friday my friends, Stay tune........

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  1. guys make me wanna join back the KL session!

  2. rara,

    yessss sir!!!! KL Alpha Rocks!!! and really, the team mates are great!!!

  3. you make the whole thing look so fun but i suffer everytime la bro


Stay Tuned~


both, mystorymag
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