Aaraf's 7th Birthday party @ Kiara Club


Aaraf turned 7 on the 10th December 2009 and celebrated his birthday on 13 December 2009 at the Kiara Super Bowl located at the 1st floor, Sports Complex, Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort.

The Birthday theme was Red & Black and Bowling competition. To celebrate King Pin Aaraf's birthday, we had the bowling center closed for Aaraf & friends ala Bowling Championship.

Aaraf had the pleasure of 60 friends from his Garden International school classmates, his friends from other classes and relatives... namely, Jishern, Sumhaer, Naeem Lais, Hadif, Kasih Leia Ixora, Kasih Iris Leona Alia, Aqilah, Aneeta, Soraya, Fatinah, Lisa, Afeena, Reanna, Yasmeen, Andika Rees Pahamin, Rafel Zicry Onn, Afiq, Amir, Aidan, Caitlyn, Catia, Iyesha, Maya, Vicky, Faizan, Daniel, Aadesh, Kento, Luc, Adib, Aiman, Dinesh, Akif, Farhan, Adam, Iwan, Emree, Aliff, Hariz, Alisa, Humaira, Huwaida, Huriya, Kyra, Safiya, Raisa, Raiqa, Matin, Nadine, Afrina, Rayyan, Innarah, Ayesha, Brandon and Raina.

The boys are all in custom made black T shirt and the girl bowlers are in Red with a printed wordings as follows:

These lady bowlers were disqualified before competition for exceeding the AGE-LIMIT!!

The party began with the Bowling Championship..........

Abu Lais Walli Mohamed chatting with Dato Seri Omar Ahmad

and finally the birthday boy bowled and... just like his Dad, very stylo......

There were 5 awards for the bowling competitions. First, the best boy bowler then the best girl bowler Champion and the top three best group score.

The award presentation was by Aaraf's Grand Dad, Tok Pok...

The Best boy Bowler and the best Girl Bowler were the brother & Sister Haris & Aqilah whom both scored 91 points each.

The second-runner up posed with the Birthday boy

The First-runner up posing with the Birthday Boy

and the Champion group was:

The CHAMPION GROUP posing with the Birthday Boy...

There is also the best supporting Personality award that goes to....

Tok Aunty Umie!!!

After the award presentation, everybody gathered for the cake-cutting.......................

Aaraf 7th Birthday Cake... shaped as a bowling alley

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Aaraf, Happy Birthday to you............

Aaraf.. the 3rd generation Pahamins... with all Pahamins except for Melor, Dr Teratai, Azhar, Rhiza & Wawa

Aaraf with some of his Garden International School Classmates

One Small Happy Family......

The Party packs for all Aaraf's friends.............

Finally, Aaraf would like to give a BIG KISS & THANK YOU to everybody that help out to make my party a success. In particular, special thank you to...

a) Mummy for the months of planning and organising my party
b) Daddy for paying the bills and all mummy's party shopping list
c) Aunty Anita Ahmad for helping Mummy
d) Tok Pok for giving out the award to the winning bowlers
e) Mama Tok for the sleepless night helping mummy
f) Aunty Long for being the Master of Ceremony
g) Tok pok & Tok Ibu for the latest Sony Viao notebook
g) Everybody for the room full of gifts and presents

Love you loads and don't forget my birthday next year on 10 December...
I accept any belated and/or advance presents.

Aaraf Armin



  1. Happy birth day belated to Araff......Wishing you stay cute as long as you are ^_^

  2. Aaraf,
    happy birthday from all at the bootcamp

    PJ Bravo

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