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The Original Bootcamp Graduation Night @ Mark's place


After a month of training at the Original Bootcamp (OBC), it is customary for all participants to gather and celebrate their 1 month of improvement... a sort of graduation and the November graduation was celebrated at the Mark's Place, Kelana Jaya.

Every participants benefitted from various improvement in fitness and physique and the most notable gained was in weight lost and stamina. For result, see OBC Timing.

The graduation night was celebrated with a buffet dinner which we missed having to attend a wedding reception in KL.

The dinner that we missed........ (from left: Farhanah.....)
(From Right: Putri Janna, Daing Daniel, his GF, Jannah's BF)

The Original Bootcamp comprised of 5 great teams from Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya; namely KL Alpha, KL Bravo, PJ Alpha, PJ Bravo and PJ Charlie. I met another blogger Suanie from PJ Alpha (see: Suanie) whom has been blogging for already 10 years since 1999. I also met Maya from PJ Bravo whom struggled and could not even complete the benchmark timing when she first joined the Bootcamp but today, she was able to improve with a timing of 15 minutes... Well done Maya.

Members of KL Alpha(Sitting from left: Peggy Hoegh, Shobha Bala, Farrah Vivien Racguet
Standing From Left: Ana Aziz kasim, Rose Emini, Shammy Ooi, Nyna Mohsein, Farhanah Bamadhaj, Putri Janna, Dont Remember Name,
Third Row: Suriana Saiful, Dont remember name)

Those from KL Alpha that attended the Graduation Night was Dr Malek Aziz, Farhanah Bhamadhaj, Suriana Saiful, Tricia Especkerman, Farrah Vivien Raquet, Chun Chia Kai, Kenny Smith, Ana Aziz Kasim, Danny, Puteri Janna, Daing Daniel, Arvind Patmarajah, Peggy Hoegh, Suloshini Jahanath, Nawal Aini Zulkifli, Rose Emini Pahamin, Nyna Mohsein, Shammy Ooi, Shobha Bala, Lilian Lim... and......

KL Deltas Doc Malek Aziz and Chun Chia Kai

KL Alpha Chief Kiasu.....Doctor Malek Aziz

From PJ team mates, I met Soo Pey, Anushia Siva Subramaniam, Maya, Shamil Tan and a dozen others that I was struggling with failure to remember their names... that I happily blamed it on birth defect (see: defect).

 Team mates from PJ

Soo Pey from PJ Charlie

Selva Kumar the franchise holder attended the graduation night for the first time since the Malaysian Original Bootcamp Malaysia was established more than 6 months ago and probably was surprised of what he had created... a bunch of Kiasu.

Most of the trainers except for Simran Latiff were all present. Trainers that close rank and mingle with the participants were Dharmendra Mahalingam, Faizal, Jason Moriarty and  Elin. Simran apologized that he had to give the grad night a rain check; Dharma said, he injured his eye reading my blog (lol with tongue sticking out).

I am with the KL Alpha. KL Alpha or the most Kiasu and fanatically crazy team at OBC, adopted the tagline 100% Attendance, Commitment and Effort (ACE) which depicted their Kiasu-ness. The most Kiasu people agreed upon a PACT for a punishment if they failed to get 100% ACE... specifically 100% attendance! The punishment varies according to their level of Kiasu which the Kiasu Council shall convene and decide!!! and the first punishment was enforced tonight with Super Delta Kenny Smith.

Kenny, who failed to attend the 6th Bootcamp session on Friday had to dress in full Scotland traditonal costume the Scottish Kilt during the graduation night tonight as well as to train in the costume on Monday..... and a good sport Kenny was, he appeared like this.......

Kenny Smith in Scottish Kilt

I pulled Kenny's leg when I realized he did not pulled my leg and really came in full Scottish traditional uniform.

Arvind who failed to observed the 100% attendance pact too was made to wear a red skirt, high heels, red lipstick... but will only be showcased on 26 December 2009.

Kenny was very formal in the Scottish traditional clothing but after a few dozen glasses of whisky, the mystery of what is beneath those kilt was unveiled.... the ladies were screaming (dont know in excitement or horror) and was accompanied by a few men diving under the table.

Kenny's super wife, Michelle Smith was in Australia and a gentle note to Michelle, "Dont worry, we took good care of Kenny..." We had our eyes closed...


After a good laugh, chat and dancing, we left home to get ready for Aaraf's 7th Birthday party bash early tomorrow.

The Scottish Kilt series will continue on Monday when Kenny will be training at the Bootcamp using the OBC T'shirt and the Skirt!!!!

Until then, have a good weekend and Stay Tune for Monday..................

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  1. I think some of the pics took by me look so profesional....maybe i need to change my profession to photograher..........

    Anonymous aka Nameless

  2. Dont need to change profession,

    You can be the next paparazzi @ OBC.. hehehee


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