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2 June 2010. Being a paparazzi the whole of last week during the trial week had taken a toll in my training consistency. This was exactly why we at KLA started the 100% ACE (Attendance, Commitment and effort). To avoid any lost in momentum and stamina if any sessions were missed but even with the consistency, it has been awhile since I had a good workout... maybe burned out... or perhaps had plateau in training.

We had a roll call and the warm up began at 5:45am sharp. As if the warm-up was not enough, the 5 sets of 30 seconds squat pulses for 5 AWOLS made us warmer.... and the additional 10 Grunts for late-comers boiled us hot. It was the first taste of squat pulses & Grunts to many new recruits.

Our instructors were Sarge Dann, Corporal Chun and Lans Corporal (P) Erni whom gathered us for the scary GRINDERS!!!! A partner-base Grinders with mock RIFLE that target especially the legs (deep squats, step lunges), abdomen (situps, jack-knife), total body (trusters & Grunts) and chest (pushups). For awhile, I had to stopped to check if my heart was still beating.

The second workout was all about cardio... fun... but tiring and exhaustive. We sprinted on a 200 meters track whilst the rangers had the 150 meters. After 1 lap of 200 meter sprint, the running-mode was change to running sideways...or side-stepping. At first we ran side ways facing the outer field then alternated it to face the inner field every 50 meters. The 3rd lap around the track was the boots to butt which was alternated every 50 meter with knees up. The fourth lap was for a full 'sprinter-skip' and the final lap was a single leg hop (switching leg half way through). I felt as if I was breathing underwater. totally breathless......... and the leg too felt numb!!

Sarge Dann commanded steady after we completed the last lap on a single-leg hop. I thought that was the end of today's session having exhausted all my energy.  but it was still dark??? Before my mind continue to wonder.... Sarge Dann called everybody for another circuit!!!

The third circuit was another partner-base workout but without any equipments. I was partnered with John Chuah.We are of the same height but I did not dare to look at him while doing the workout. He has this flare to make me laugh... We started out with more leg exercises (sumo squat). The sumo squat was easy... then the 6-pack abs workout (Monk Crunches), chest & Tricep workout (Diamond push-up), back to abs workout (flutter kick), agility (Toe-tap) and core muscle (20 plank leg raise- 10 reps each leg)...and the sets was repeated!!!! (Oh no... I slap my forehead).

It felt like a 1,000 calories-burn session........ but we only burn 680 calories. I knocked my Polar watch a few times just in case.. but no.. its only 680 calories burn. Although I was expecting more, the 680 calories burn was a good start. My average calories burn in April and May Bootcamp was only 500 calories. It felt good to be feeling 'dead' after a good workout session again.

After the cooling-down session, we all gathered for a chat...amongst the inspirational recruit from the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP was LIZZA ABDUL RAHIM. Lizza a fellow Kelantanese, is a very friendly person, jolly, bubbly and is always all smiley. A lady that is always so positive, you can never see her sulk or hear her complain but you can only hear her motivating voices driving every other recruits to performed better during every training session.

Even when she is dead-tired, Lizza will always smile... and never gave up!! A trait that is priceless.

She will never give up no matter how hard & strenuous a session can be. In fact she has also perfected her form and techniques.

 Lizza's measurement before joining the program was as follows: Both her arms measures 42cm, midriff 105cm, Waist 111cm, Tummy 122cm, butt 116cm, both thigh 70cm..

The first day when Lizza Abdul Rahim trained with the Program, she wanted to give-up... Everything that could go wrong went wrong!! The nauseate feeling, ding-dong high, seeing stars, wanting to faint, feeling sick... you name it, she felt it. In fact she could not even finished her Benchmark Assessment. Some people think she would not last at the bootcamp but she had persevered, stayed with the program and had never missed any sessions in her now, 6th month with the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP program. She was first introduced into the program by Farhanah Bamadhaj & Dr Malek Aziz.

Lizza's measurement had improved... both her arm now measures 37cm, midrift 97cm, waist 102, tummy
112cm, but 109cm and both thigh are now 67cm. Lizza's total IMPROVEMENT in size, can be summarize as follows (see her before & after picture on right):

Arm - 5cm
Midrift - 8cm
Waist - 9cm
Tummy - 10cm
butt - 7cm
Thigh - 3cm

Since joining the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP programme, Lizza had also participated in various races and runs.. 

Before joining the program, .............

We are proud to have Lizza Abdul Rahim with us at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ BANDAR UTAMA her presence while training with us alone, was enough to keep us all burning with motivation. Lizza, keep up the good and high spirit, let us maintain our ACE tradition and keep improving ourselves  .......

STAY TUNE for other inspirational people..


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  1. i must confess that i had doubts in lizza completing the first month of bootcamp.a couple of friends i brought for the 'bring -a-friend' day chickened out after the trial.
    well, she proved me wrong and i am glad!!
    lizza,well made us proud!!


  2. Serious Doc Malek...

    I agree 100% with you.. Unlike some friends that I brought during the Bring A Friend Day.. gave up even before trying it out for a month.... but LIZZA.... she is a living example that perseverance pays!! HOYAAH LIZZA...

  3. I couldn't believe myself in the first place ;-) and of course...without the encouragements from you guys, I am now so 'intact & addicted' to OBC. Great companionship makes OBC - Bandar Utama the best bootcamp in town! And thank you Armin for blogging this, thank you Dr.Malek, Farhanah Bamadhaj and the whole team for your continuous support and encouragements! HOOYAH! to all of us!!!


Stay Tuned~


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