5 June 2010, it is Proton For You Day.. or weekend rather, at  PROTON EDAR at PUTRAJAYA.  Proton 4 U Day/Weekend is a customer's appreciation weekend. We are grateful towards the support that was given to Proton since establishment for already 25 years and hope to gauge a clearer and closer understanding of what Malaysian needs.

Proton 4U Day is held for two days on the 5th & 6th June 2010 and will be running in all Proton Edar & EON outlets but of course, my recommendation is to go to my outlet at Putrajaya.

Why? because of our strong & friendly team of sales Advisors and administration.

There are food & beverages prepared especially for the PROTON 4U DAY @ PROTON EDAR PUTRAJAYA and various gifts items as well as goodie bag for customers that TEST-DRIVEN our cars.

PROTON EDAR cars had improved in handling and quality by leaps and bounds and the only way to experience it, is either by test driving the cars or... buy it! 

Of course, I would recommend our customers to TEST-DRIVE it first.. and you will fall in love although I would fall in love first before 'test-driving' it....

There are RM2,500 worth of promotion for any customers that booked the selected models within this two days.. The promotion is applicable only if the vehicle is booked on 5th & 6th June 2010.

We were given STERN WARNING that stern action will be taken for falsifying booking date.


We are located at No 1, Jalan Diplomatik 2/2, Presint 15, Putrajaya (marked 'B' in the map below).

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For more information, you can contact any of our Sales Advisors click for the list of our Sales Advisors contact number.

When : On 5th & 6th June 2010
Where : All Showrooms
Time : 10 am to 5.00pm
Proton 4 U Day – 5th & 6th June 2010 at all PROTON Showrooms
1What is the concept behind the Proton 4 U Day?
The concept is a day whereby Proton wants to show its appreciation towards Malaysian support that given to Proton since its establishment. This also the platform for Proton to be closer & understand what every Malaysian needs.
2When is the Proton 4 U Day & where are the locations?
Proton 4 U Day will be on 2 days (5th & 6th June 2010) & will be running in all Proton Edar & EON outlets nationwide
3Is there any special promotion on the Proton 4 U Day?
  • Yes, the offer is FREE service maintenance for 3 YEARS or 60,000km, whichever comes first worth RM2,500
  • It is only applicable if customers book Exora H-Line or New Gen 2 H-Line (AT or MT) only on mentioned 2 days and the car MUST be registered latest by 30th June 2010.
*Please take note that this promotion for New Gen2 HL is applicable for customer who book on the said dates only. Customers that book New Gen2 HL  other than above date & register by 30th June will receive the 2 years  or 40,000km Free service voucher only
4What are the items that cover in the FREE service maintenance packages?
Proton Free ServicePROCARE RegularPROCARE Smart
Interval / Month
1,000 km/1 mth30,000 km/18 mths20,000 km/12 mths
5,000 km/3 mths50,000 km/30 mths40,000 km/24 mths
10,000 km/6 mths60,000 km/36 mths
Engine OilEngine OilEngine Oil
Oil FilterOil FilterOil Filter
Drain Plug GasketDrain Plug GasketDrain Plug Gasket
Free LabourBattery waterBattery water
Screen washScreen wash
Spark PlugSpark Plug
LabourGear Oil
Brake Fluid
Air Filter

*Fuel filter replacement is not included@60,000km
  • FREE service maintenance covers for 1st (1,000km) until 8th (60,000km) worth RM2,500
  • Any recommendation service interval or additional service ie every 5,000km shall be borne by customers themselves.
  • The FREE Service is inclusive of Labour charges and above mention replacement part only.
  • Inclusive of 5% service tax for labour cost
Terms & conditions apply
5When customers can receive and use the said promotion packages?
Customers will get a service vouchers booklet after the car registration and they can use the voucher during servicing their car. Customer will get the service booklet approximately 2-3 week’s time after the registration date.
6Are there any activities that run in the outlets on the Proton 4 U Day?
Yes, there are some activities as follows that will be running during the day:
  1. Test Drive activity ; free gifts for those who perform test drive ( while stock last)
Food & Beverages available

STAY TUNE.........