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11 June 2010. After the warm-up this morning, we escaped the G for AWOL and had a jogging road tour around the BU3/1 road instead.. Someone just could not say out the taboo word G... or the Grunts.  G was popularized by Yam Chan Siu Cheh. The partner of the recently celebrated birthday boy, James Fong.

The platoon was divided into two under Sarge Dann and by Corporal Chun. Sarge Dann was assisted by Lans Corporal (P) Erni and Corporal Chun by Lans Corporal Nawal.

Today was the FRIDAY SPECIALS... especially for those Friday night party-goers to be in short skirts and spaghetti string top.

To make that happen, we had an intense legs and butt using sandbag with Sarge Dann.  There were 5 different types of legs & butt workout at 20 repetitions per each workout performed endlessly without any break for 15 minutes. There were deep squats with sandbag on bear-hug hold, front lunges with Sandbag on Zercher hold, Hack Squat with sandbag under the ass, backward lunges with sandbag on Zercher hold again and Standups while bear-hugging sandbag..

The Get-ups.. (but while bear-hugging a sandbag)

(From sitting Down to stand-up position without using the hand. The hand is used to bear-hug a sandbag)

Somehow the "Get-ups' seems impossible... but we manage to complete the sets (dont ask how). Every inch of the legs muscles twitches even from start and on the third sets, as the muscle began to fail, Sarge Dann came to all and each of us making sure the 20 reps were done without compromising any forms..  which left no opportunity to cheat. After three full sets, with jelly-legs we moved on to Corporal Chun for the Spaghetti-string-top workout.

It was all shoulder and chest with Corporal Chun. 

With a 5kg mock Rifle, we had 20 repetitions on Upright Row to trim those trapezious, then 20 repetitions of shoulder press to shape the deltoids, bottom half front raise, upper half front raise and finally 20 repetitions of pushups. It was all a smiley on the first set.... 5kg mock rifle hah!... we do 30-45kg weights at the gym.... but after completing the first set... on the second set, the lips became crooked and the voices suddenly disappeared... Everbody were silent. On the third set........My breathing was like the hurricane Katrina and I could feel the vein popping out of the forehead. It wasn't just me (i think)... I assume everybody look stupid too but thank god there were no paparazzi at site.

After the vein-popping-out-of-the-forehead session, we continued with a heart-jumping-out-of the-mouth, the Calves-Cardio session. Calve is always a neglected body part in most exercises but is one of the most important muscle group to improve running cadence. With a numb leg, paralyzed shoulder and chest, we line up in two ranks on our toe-with-heels-lifted for a 20 repetition of Seal jacks, 20 repetition of Cross Country, 20 Rep Mountain Climbers, 20 repetitions of Star Jump and 20 repetitions of the taboo G. All the jack, jump, cross, climbers etc were not so bad..... but doing the G on a numb leg was a new experience. The leg just did not want to move as I trust it back and during the jump on the grunts but I managed to conquer the last 20 Gs when I pace up with James Fong.

Whilst his wife Yam Chan Siu Cheh cannot even say the word with the capital letter G, James could not stop G'ing.

The session ended with a 652 calories burn... it should be more but I had only 'start' the HRM 10 minutes later after the jog-tour the BU road.

None of us went for breakfast after the session.... We were too tired to even move... but like what Chief Brabon always say... if you find it difficult to complete a session and if you are totally drained, meaning you had a good session.

Now that we are all nicely-trimmed for Friday Night Out... is there any energy left?


P/s- Errr... remember the 652 calories burn is only worth a small scoop of Haagen Dazz.

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