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We attended the second ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Academy held at Brickfield on 12 June 2010. The session start at 7am sharp. Chief Brabon & Gunny Emily arrived late last night form Sydney Australia to conduct the academy. The first session was held in April last month.

The academy was conducted to train and re-train all ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP instructors and to assess/re-assess their performance and program deliverables.

The academy is compulsory for all instructors and admins personnel. I led my team of 11 instructors and admins from the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ BANDAR UTAMA (OBC-BU). Those from OBC-BU were Sarge Dann, Corporal Armin (Head-Operation), Corporal Chun, Corporal Sandy Roberts, Lans Corporal Nawal, Lans Corporal (Admin) Farhanah Bamadhaj, Lans Corporal (P) Jasper Chai, Lans Corporal (P) Erni, Ody Lana (Admin), Dr Malek Aziz (Head-Admin), Rose Emini (Head-Accountant, PR).

We all signed a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement. Whatever that was discussed and communicated during the academy was private between us and the four walls.... We were 'locked' for an intense classroom study which was only 20% of the whole syllabus.

There were 6 instructors and admin from ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ Bukit Jelutong led by Mark Batros.

3 instructors from ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ Subang Jaya and another 6 instructors from 2 new licensee to be announced soon.

In total, the academy was attended by 26 people excluding Chief Brabon and Gunny Emily.

As the classroom was about to start, Gunny Emily surprised everybody with a birthday doughnuts  for Dr Malek Aziz!!! and Since Dr Malek Aziz is a co-licensee for OBC-BU, he had to blow the birthday cake the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ BANDAR UTAMA style........... on squat hold!!

After making a wish, Dr Malek Aziz (i wish i am as fit as Chief?) blew the candles and the Academy began.

The classroom theory took only 1 hour of the session and we all walked to the field for physical training.

The first training was the Battling ropes.

We prepared the ropes ready for 'Battle'....

Chief Brabon explained the the ropes.......

There are various types of Battling Ropes workout....

Everybody were so focussed and all ears to the Chief....

After demonstrating the various types of Battling Ropes.. All instructors were train for techniques using the battling ropes.

This is the beauty of the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP. .

All trainers are mentored ONLY by Chief Brabon, Gunny Emily and/or his right man Rob Coad. The ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP is the OLDEST Military-Inspired Bootcamp in the world.

Chief Brabon is the most experience Guru in bootcamp training. If you have personally met him, you can see and feel his enthusiasm. 20 years of his life was dedicated to his only passion in the Bootcamp training.

Every instructor and admin of all licensee must attend at least once, the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP ACADEMY. 

The instructors and admin course comprised of a total 17 hours class room and physical training. 

The existing instructors & admin are required to attend the Benchmark Assessment (which they have to ensure their fitness level are at the 'mark) & the workout form and technique program. 


BANDAR UTAMA platoon commander cum lead instructor Sarge Dann, a former National Taekwando Gold Medalist.

Corporal Chun, SIX times 42.2km marathon finisher and the fastest recruits (in benchmark assessment) prior to becoming an instructor.

Corporal Sandy Roberts, 5 times 42.2km marathon finisher is a section commander at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP BANDAR UTAMA.

Lans Corporal Nawal Aini, 4 times 42km marathon finisher, a triathlete, dualthete and 6-months Delta before turning into Red-Tee...

Corporal Jasper Chai, former Sarawak State Body Builder

Lans Corporal Erni Syazwani, 3rd Dan Taekwando Black Belt, Taekwando instructor, Malaysia Taekwando Team and BANDAR UTAMA RED TEE INSTRUCTOR.

At the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, even the ADMIN PERSONNEL have to undergo various training to ensure they understand the concept and methodology of the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP. 

Dr Malek Aziz, ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ Bandar Utama Co-licensee and Head of Admin has been with the network as a recruit for 1 year.

Rose Emini Pahamin, twice 42km marathon finisher is in charge of ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Accountant, finance & Admin. All ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP ADMIN once certified by Chief, is authorised to wear the BLUE tee (see below).

Farhanah Bamadhaj, one of the THREE ADMINS @ BANDAR UTAMA.

Ody lana, ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ Bandar Utama's admin... a national bowler and a graduate in sports science degree from University Malaya. 

Every instructors at other ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP sites have to undergo similar training

Syed Hazlan, the lead instructor for ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ Bukit Jelutong... 

Left: LC Jasper Chai (Bandar Utama), Sarge Syed Hazlan (Bukit Jelutong), LC Erni (Bandar Utama), Corporal Sandy Roberts (Bandar Utama),

Syed Hazlan (Bukit Jelutong),  LC (P) Erni (Bukit jelutong), Corporal Sandy Roberts, LC Nawal Aini (Bandar Utama0

Bukit Jelutong Lead Instructor!! Syed Hazlan 

LC Erni Syazwani (Bandar Utama) 

Corporal Sandy Roberts (Bandar Utama) 

Rose Emini Pahamin (Bandar Utama) & instructor from Bukit Jelutong

Corporal William (Subang Jaya), Syed Hazlan (Bukit Jelutong), Corporal Chun (Bandar Utama), Dr Malek Aziz (Bandar Utama) 

Corporal Sandy Roberts (Bandar Utama) 

For instructors to understand the Asthmatic recruits, Gunny Emily gave a straw to every instructor and after a strenuous workout with the rope, we were asked to breath only with a straw (and nose blocked). This is an important exercise for all instructor as asthmatic attack can happen to anybody on training.

The breathing on Straw was the last exercise before a short break............

Gunny Emily..... the most experience female instructor at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP worldwide.. cum PAPARAZZI..

Someone had a good sun bathing... 

We gather under the tree.. The sun was so hot... Chief called for everybody to huddle in.

Chief demonstrate the correct technique and the way to correct a recruits form.

The Bukit Jelutong team of instructors.... 

Sarge Dann took the first presentation assessment... 

Sarge Dann demonstrating the circuit for others to follow. The objective of the 'presentation' is to ensure the clarity of instructions and assess if the instructions given was understood.

On Sarge Dann's command, every participants had to began the circuit.

After the presentation, Chief will comment, criticize and advice on how to further perfected the presentation.

In giving instruction, a short, concise and least spoken words is the best!! Body language and the tone plays a very important role- Chief Brabom

LC Nawal then took command.... 

Corporal Chun volunteered to be the next...

After the instructor's presentation, all the instructors were gathered for a cardio cadence workout with Chief under the hot sun at 1pm.


Chief Brabon final speech before ending the session. 

All the instructors took a group photos with Chief Brabon & Gunny Emily.



William, Chief Brabon, Gunny Emily, Shamil & Zee


 (Left: Azmil, Syed Hazlan, Chief Brabon, Gunny Emily, Mark, Megaa, Riz & Tom) 

 LEFT: Ody Lana, Farhanah Bamadhaj, Erni Syazwani, Nawal Aini Zulkifli, Dr Malek Aziz, Chun Chia Kai, Jasper Chai,  Sarge Dann, Sandy Roberts, Rose Emini Pahamin, SEATED: Armin Baniaz Pahamin, Chief Brabon, Gunny Emily.

We completed the 17 hours of session with CHIEF BRABON & GUNNY EMILY. The ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ Bandar Utama is grateful for all the guidance and training  provided for by Chief Brabon. 

Chief Brabon has been in Malaysia almost every month since we started our Original Bootcamp @ Bandar Utama. This support and guidance from the no 1 in the network will ensure the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP services is always ahead.

We plan to show our appreciation to invite all the licensees for dinner at our house but Gunny Emily invited us all for dinner instead. We gathered at the Westin Hotel and had the best (and damn expensive) chinese dinner.

After a long fruitful day, we all retire to get up early for tomorrow's 'Bring-A-Friend' session with Chief Brabon & Gunny Emily.

Stay Tune.......

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  1. Thank you for the mention of OBC Bkt Jelutong :) and the wonderful photos including that particular "admin staff's" sun bathing photo which should have been censored :P

  2. Hey Admin....

    Looking at the colour... i think the Admin staff had over-burn her self. :-p hihihihiii...

  3. Great photos - but do you realise that some of ur instructors are also trainers at fitness first? Dont think their contract allows them to do that.


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