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[blog is still being updated for more pictures]

27 June 2010 Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur. In a convoy of three cars, we left and parked our cars 20 minutes walking distance from the Starting point.

Our convoy consisted of me, Nawal Aini Zulkifli, Rose Emini Pahamin, Ili Liyana Baharon, Ilyanna Aylin Ayob, Nyna Mohsen, Amir Hisyam, Ody Lana,  Bahariah Bahadom,

While waiting for the flag-off inside the start-cage, spotted Anita Ahmad & Amy Shazwyn Abulais. They both are running 10km which will start later...

Those were real professional paparazzi.... 

Still in the start-cage waiting for flag-off, SPOTTED Abu Lais Walli Mohamed wearing an Army Bandanna.

Then, we were FLAG-OFF......

When we were just flag-off, SPOTTED recruit @ ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ Bandar Utama Viki Lim in yellow...

Feeling energized at the starting point, I played my old collections of Hip-hop song on my iPod and cruised speedily... and happily but immediately slowed down....

when I saw the speed-limit sign...!!!! Have to be very careful nowadays, there is no more discount on Traffic summons.

Heart rate at 4km was good.. Its only 148bpm. The first water station was prepared at the 4th KM. Although was not so thirsty, but I hyderate myself with 2 cups of water.

While some of us were drinking, some runners went behind the lorry to fertilised the trees... Err So did I. Drank too much water....

Then we discovered, there were many public toilets available shortly after the water station.. I assumed at the 5th KM but too late, had already emptied the bladder.

Spotted CYNTHIA GAN SSJ... This women had a great determination. She participated in almost every race-events including the recent Singapore Sundown Marathon.

Cynthia Gan SSJ, ran her first 21km today and she was looking very fit and superb.

Spotted together with Cynthia Gan SSJ was Gordon Nornis... who is also an avid runner.

I knew both Cynthia Gan SSJ and Gordon Nonis at the Original Bootcamp.

SPOTTED...... eh, no thats me.. this was pictures from Rose Emini's camera..

I cruised running slowly on the middle of the highway!!! How frequent do we get to run on Highway.. the view, the atmosphere, everything was perfect....

It was such a good run, the weather, the wind and the surrounding was so great. I hallucinated and was lost in songs from the iPod that I missed the Sun-rise!!! When I 'woke-up' it was already day-time. It was just like a dream...

Then I saw a pretty girl in red tshirt.. I pace slowly behing her.... That long straight brown hair, fair skin.. Just my taste......

Then slowly I ran passed her.......... ALAMAK!!! Ceh............ 
My sister!!!!!!!!!!

Then she snapped my photos...
Luckily both of us are just the same breed of camwhores... and good thing new technology does not use 'negative/film' anymore.. Otherwise, thousands will be spent on processing pictures.

There were so many water stations and supplies of water......!!!

SPOTTED!!!! YONG TAW FOO!! Eh... sorry.. Angela Foo YTF running like  a rainbow.. I mean her head looks like a rainbow.

Luckily I saw he running Bib that state Angela Foo. Otherwise, I will be cracking my head thinking who was that rainbow girl..
 Spotted Faizal AriffAbdullah... He was running alone, I recognised  his beard from the side.. He did not recognised me... or maybe trying to ignore me but I called his name... FAIZAL... FAIZAL..... and after the third call, he turned around... I said, PAUSED and snapped his photo...

I asked him to join us for breakfast @ Raju after the run, but he said he got to rush to Penang for a big project..

Another set of TOILETS...... and very pretty design. Now I wished I wanted to pee or poo, whenever the 'emergency' occur, there was never a toilet.. now.. so many!!

More Water Stations... with ample water & 100+

So far my knee & legs were good!!! Cruising speed was averaging at 8/9km per hour and average heart rate was at 152.

Will sprint faster at kilometer 15 and perhaps cross the finishing line around 2 hours and 30 minutes (the mind self-calculated). Have to slowly pace to avoid any recurrence of knee-pain. So far, so good......... no knee pain!!! yes...........

Suddenly, the toes began to twitch... sort of pulling downwards.. then the shins, side of the shins, the calves, the thigh, glut and ass.... There were at least 7 crams area in one shock!! The knees were okay, heart rate was good but now the Crams!!! haiih.. so much problem la this guy!!! but it was such an excruciating muscle pull! I never have any crams while running and this was the first time.

I could not even walk.... but slowly struggles forward and tried to relaxes the muscle. Every movement, pulled the various muscles in more than 6 ways.

While in restricted movement, I stopped by and enjoy the orchestra? The boys were very talented and this concert was good for motivation. After they finished a few songs, I continued the run walk..

There was also cheerleaders... At first I thought they were all lady-boys... but actually there were girls and boys.

The walk was still painful with excruciating crams but those concerts had a comforting effect. A few meters away, there was a COOL ZONE THIS WAY SIGN........

A cool-tunnel!!!!

I went through the tunnel twice... ok its stupid but I did not take any picture the first time I went through.. so I turned back and snap a photo for the blog...

Seriously... There were so many water stations.. and ample supplies of water, 100+ and sponging.

Walking with 'crams' is really an experience anybody should avoid!!! I reckon the crams were due to insufficient running-train. I did not run at all since the last running event... 

What made it worse, was walking + crams + endless busses and exhaust fume!!!

More water stations!!! 

2km more to go!!!!!!!!!!!!  

As I struggles through the Crams, SPOTTED... Syed Mahadzir Syed Manshor aka Ded!!!

The last 1km... I ignored the pain and increase the speed... and at the last few hundred meters, SPOTTED Rienna Choo, Wong Siew Peng, Amy Ho and Yushiza Yusoff. They all ran 10km and had already completed their run. I still have (maybe) one hundred meters to go...

 They all then ran with me to the finishing line!!!

I crossed the finishing line burning 2078 calories!! I really enjoyed the run today. It was just funtabulous although the leg felt like it was being poked by a huge knife!!

Do you know what happen when a paparazzi run.. Yup...... there is no crossing the finishing line pictures!!! Grrrr....

After crossing the finishing line, I saw Abu Lais Walli Mohamed and Nawal Aini Zulkili.. probably waiting to see if I need an ambulance or not.

 Abu Lais Walli Mohamed, 21km @ 3 hours + +...

  Me!!! 21km @ 3 hours 5 minutes ?

 Rose Emini Pahamin 21km @ 2 hours 48 minutes

Ili Liyana Baharon 10km @ 1 hour 37 minutes.

Nawal Aini Zulkifli 21km @ 2 hours 19 minutes

 Bahariah Bahadom

 Ilyanna Aylin Ayob 21km @ 2 hours 33 minutes

 Ody Lana, ran her first 10km in 1 hour 11 minutes

Adibah Mohamad & Daughter 

 Cynthia Gan SSJ, first 21km race!!! and completed it in 2 hours 40 minutes...

 Gordon Nonis

 Dr Malek Aziz & Girlfriend.. Ooops.. dont tell Farhanah

 Ilyanna Aylin Ayob & err.. ah chai? (name?)

Suriana Saiful  

Lizza Natasya Abdul Lee..??? I mean, Lizza Abdul Rahim running Natasya lee's bib number. 

 Anita Ahmad & daughter Amy Shazwyn

Selly Selina, Ilyanna Aylin Ayob and Nyna Mohsen 

Selly Selina 

Nyna Mohsen 

Gordon Nonis 

Sandy Roberts 21km in 1 hour 53 minute

Amir Hisyam 10km @ 1 hour 05 minutes..

Syed Mahadzir Syed Manshor 

Me.. Armin Baniaz Pahamin, took out my shoe and walked chicken-feet 20 minutes all the way back to the car. 

Rose Emini Pahamin, Sarah Stone and Cynthia Gan SSJ. Sarah Stone clocked her 21km in 1 hour 54 mins 

Farhanah Bamadhaj 

Suriana Saiful 

Dr Malek Aziz 

 Viki Lim........

Syed Mahadzir Syed Manshor 

It is now time for FOOD.. I walked barefooted all the way to the car...

  We went to Pelita @ Desa Sri Hartamas

Do you see that plate oF Rice!!! Wowww.... 

To ALL THE RUNNERS @ SCKLM.............

It was such a great run!!! Oouch.. now limping back to bed..... Damn the crams....

p/s I still cant figure out why Runners gets frictions on their nose and wear those plasters...

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  1. Wah...tks for your sharing..miss sad..but also happy to snap for your finishing foto with your members.



  2. Wow, you actually run with your camera. You becoming like Mr Tey here. Haha. Congrats in finishing. Hope to see you in the next race....which is?

  3. Tey,

    You had captured one of the best moment of our running eposiode..

    thanks tey.

    Yaaaaaa... in case mr Tey is not around or missed us, someone needs to capture the moments... :-)
    yes.. see you on all races? :-)

  4. Hi,

    Won't be racing this month. "Puasa" month for me. haha. Anyway, Im heading to Berlin to race end of Sept. Not sure if I can be ready for it, but hopefully I will.


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