Its 9 days to go before the Aidil Fitri festival.. and there are more than 60 cars to be delivered at Proton Edar Putrajaya alone.. Throughout Malaysia.. I would expect nothing less than at least 5,000 vehicles. Can we deliver those cars?

Last month in August, Selangor had a shorter month to register customer's vehicles with the Nuzul Quran and the Merdeka day celebration. The last day in August itself, there were data transfer issues between the Road Transport Department (JPJ) and Custom online that prohibited the registration of chassis. Despite that, PROTON was able to achieve its monthly target.

PROTON ICT Service Desk are on standby to mitigate any affected chassis from registration. PROTON finance department are also working and open even on weekend to expedite any payment for CBU & excise and the central hub are on a 24 hours shift to deliver customer's vehicles to promptly deliver customers' car before the festive season.

With only 9 days left before the festive season, rest assure all effort are being taken to deliver your brand new PROTON cars before the festive season. All PROTON machineries are all geared up to ensure PROTON buyer drive a brand new PROTON cars for HARI RAYA....

For new booking, here's the latest PROMOTION...

Book from now 1 September 2010 to 30 September 2010 to qualify for:

RM1,000 discount for Saga BL Auto & ML Manual

RM1,500 discount for Saga BL Manual

The discount is only valid for Saga Variance above and must be register before 10.10.10.

For any inquiries.. Call HAJI SHARIFF ABDUL at 0123575341

Stay tune for other promotions.....