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I was in Oversea when I first received a Blackberry Messenger message from a staff at one of my office that reads, ".... I want to call an Ustaz (religious preacher) on Saturday to our office, there were too many 'experiences', she said in the bbm message. She continued to type, "On Tuesday, I was at office alone during lunch time and as I walked out from the toilet, I heard a voice calling me... 'akak' (sister) but there were nobody around...".

Other staff too had heard various voices... sort of endless whispers, heavy breathing and even smell of carcass (bangkai) inside the office. After the 'akak' voice incident, that staff fell sick and has not been well. I reluctantly agree for her to call the Ustaz to have a look at the office though I am always skeptical with these ordeal.

In my absent, she (my staff) called my mother for advice who inturn called my cousin.... whom had inherited from my ancestor to be a spiritual healer, Yes.. somehow this bomoh thing is an inheritance but that is a story for another occasion..

When I came back from oversea, my staff kept me abreast of the happenings and now i am sharing it with you...

Apparently, 'something' has been residing on my office's rooftop. A santau (Devil's whisper) of sort, was sent by somebody that is known to me with one ultimate objective... to destroy and fail all and any business dealing that my dad and I are engaged in. Very limited people is aware of our latest venture but according to another staff that attended to the ordeal, the spiritual healer was able to read out in detail some of our latest venture.... (how? dont ask).

The 'thing' was sent by an undisclosed but a known wealthy man whom paid RM6,000 a month to an Indonesian Bomoh (spiritual healer) that sent a 'jin' to scan and get 'updated' with any business we have and make sure that our business fail out of jealousy and greed Subhanallah. It has been on-going for the past 3 years and having been around for that long, the jin had grown stronger that it would take a few exorcism effort to eliminate the thing. My staff that was spoken to by the 'thing' had recovered after two exorcisms and my office was cleared. Now, the thing has gone back to the 'owner' and sort of retaliated. In due course, the person that did this to us will 'appear' and show himself, according to  the spiritual healer...

Yaa.. it was hard for my intellect to understand, believe and even accept but... there is nothing to lose. These spiritual thing is similar to 'Fengshui'.. we dont have to believe in it for it to work. Nonetheless, I believe in Allah swt and nothing is greater than God, Allah Huakbar.

So until then... when the person appear, Stay tune.....


  1. believe it or not, it's no harm investing in something that gives peace of mind.

    just that it should not absorb too much time and effort.

    i hope you business will be smoother from now. good luck!

  2. Jun King,

    I am with you.. no lost or harm to clear it even if we dont believe in it..... but should not be spending alot of time and effort.

    thanks for the well wishes


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