There were so much planning when the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ Bandar Utama went for a two weeks Christmas & New Year break since the last December 2010 session on 17th December 2010. During the break, we planned to alternate a long distance running with gym weight workout and also a cycling adventure as well as other strenuous activities. It was a 16 days break to be exact and the break ended today with the first bootcamp session for the new year. What did we end up doing during the 16 days Christmas and New Year break........... Nothing! except for two visits to the Gym... *Slap my forehead.

The 16 days break was a blessing in disguised... Suddenly, workload and overseas appointment piled up last minute towards the end of the year. okay ok.. reasons reasons... but actually that was the truth. When the training momentum was broken, waking up this morning at 5am felt heavier than usual. I was even breathless from a routine warming up session this morning. This whole week is going to be dreadful.... Padan Muka.

This morning, Sarge (OBC) Dann, Corporal (OBC) Chun and Corporal (OBC) Nawal was the reds in charge for the 1st day Benchmark assessment. For the newbies, click HERE for the details of the benchmark assessment.

Congratulation James Fong, Joe Liew & Jeremy for being the top 3 fastest recruits and well done others whom completed the benchmark assessment this morning.  This DNF, no worries, you will clock your time in due course.

It felt so good to be back and to be surrounded by friends that share a common goal, sentiment and passion. The best way to achieve a goal is to be surrounded by people with the same target. Speaking of which, amongst the many New year resolution set for 2011, the main priority is to clock another 12 running races local and internationally.

The other NY resolution that is abit tough but not impossible to achieve is to complete my 'book'... Dr Malek Aziz happily reminded me after this morning's bootcamp session. What are your new year resolutions? It is not difficult to list-down those resolutions but it is harder to keep track and achieve it before year end. Worst, it is even easier to say I dont believe in resolutions or I dont have any resolutions... If we do not have any resolutions or at least a yearly target to achieve, time will passersby too fast and before we even realize it, the whole year will be wasted without any significant achievement and/or development.

We should have at least a target if not a list. What will yours be?