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Writing about Chief's Otaiis will not be complete without writing about John Chuah.. yaaa.. he has that bragging right at the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (COBC) solely because he is a living evidence that determination pays!! I first met John Chuah on FACEBOOK when he was deliberating to join the bootcamp or otherwise. When John Chuah first heard about the bootcamp, he took the courage to register and participate but had a storm of butterflies as it gets nearer to the actual start. He drove and park his car at one junction and 'spy' on what we do while training which is actually not a good idea. Having 'saw' what we do..... and calculating his age to the intensity algebra, he almost 'chicken out'.. almost backed-out but was convince when someone told him that the oldest participant was 57 years old.

Below was his video taken last year.. notice how lean he is compare to before.

John Chuah came, attended the sessions and was 'addicted' to COBC and remain with COBC until today though he still 'chicken out' on some sessions. He looks younger now but recruits at the bootcamp still awarded him the title bootcamp Uncle. Though some still refer him as bootcamp 'Superstar' having been featured on Channel 9 Prime Time, when the reporter were reporting on the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP.

John Chuah with COBC founder Chief Brabon
Beside Sarge Dann and me, John Chuah was the only other person that had flewn to Sydney Australia and attended the COBC founder Chief Brabon's bootcamp site at Cogee Beach.

John Chuah a white collar senior management slave of CIMB had ran various running events since he joined the COBC. From a non-runner, he became an avid runner. A few months after he joined the COBC, he run his first race at the BHP Orange run at the Curve, Mutiara Damansara. Then he ran and race the Newton 12km Challenge in Kuala Lumpur and ran the Kuala Lumpur City 10km race to celebrate the 2,500 years anniversary of Marathon in October 2010 on 10.10.10.. John Chuah with other bootcampers then run the MALAKOFF 10km series to end the year 2010.  This year 2011, John Chuah ran his maiden 21km race at the ENERGIZER Night Race.

From panting being exhausted from merely just walking his Dog Max around the neighbourhood, John Chuah had now completed 5 running races and had successfully done 21km. The next step is of course...... a full 42.2km marathon. Now Max the dog cannot even catch up with John Chuah... Err or at least, thats what John Chuah brags to his dog..  (joking ya.. jangan marah).


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