One month into the CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP one year anniversary, we can't help but to ponder why and how did we get sucked into fitness and the CHIEF'S Healthy Lifestyle. Many people joined the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP for various reason. As a countdown to 1 year anniversary, let us go back into memory lane and see what the pioneer members say about the CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP or formerly known as the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP MALAYSIA. Take note on how they look before.... and if you know them, see how they look now. The first part of many series to come, is on pioneer OTAI Lilian Lee Lin Lin. See the Youtube video below.

Lilian Lee Lin Lin, a lawyer in Kuala Lumpur, the eldest of a sibling of two and a pioneer member at the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP once changed her FACEBOOK status from 'single to "In a Relationship with" the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (COBC). Lilian Lee first joined the COBC to run for full marathon when she had never run nor did she ever exercise. A month later, Lilian Lee ran the BHP Orange 10km run in June at the Curve, Mutiara Damansara and traveled to Perth, Australia in August and attended a session at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP in Perth. Being a hardcore bootcamper, she could not help but to compare the COBC at Bandar Utama to the OBC in Perth, Australia. Lilian Lee was our first recruit that went and tried COBC session in Australia. All recruits at the COBC can attend any session at COBC overseas being in the same global network.

Although we are from the same network and from the same franchise, I am proud when Lilian Lee came back loving COBC Bandar Utama even more having felt that COBC-Bandar Utama offers a better structured  program (but it is the same program?). Lilian Lee said, recruits in Perth does not even wear any uniform and the Sarge was far from being as strict in discipline as Sarge Dann. Their Sarge does not even scream HOOYAH at the end of the session, said Lilian Lee.

Since then, Lilian Lee had never stopped running. She ran the Newton 12km in September 2010. Another 10km race for the Kuala Lumpur City run in October for the 10.10.10!!! In November she ran the TERRY FOX run for charity and ended the year with her maiden 21 kilometer race at the PENANG BRIDGE MARATHON (PBIM). She completed her first 21km race in 2hr21min30seconds.

Lilian Lee had a late start for year 2011 with the 2XU night race in Singapore where she ran 10km. She had recently race another 21km on F1 racing track during the ENERGIZER Night Race 2011. From a Virgin runner, Lilian ran her maiden run and 6 races with her fellow bootcampers. The COBC is not just about a program but it is a platform for 'freaks' like us to meet another freak and do things that freak does... err.. I mean a platform that comprise of people with passion for health, fitness and athletes.

Having build enough confident via the COBC training, Lilian Lee too had conquered the peak of Mount Kinabalu in February 2011.

Through the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, Lilian Lee had race 7 running event and conquered the highest mountain in South East Asia. Perhaps her next goal is to run a full 42.2km run... whatever her goal is, the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP fraternity in Malaysia, Australia and worldwide are with you Lilian Lee.


Stay tuned for the next Up Close & GET Personal profile with our pioneer recruit that became the back bone of the CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, Malaysia.