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SASUKE MALAYSIA is based on a 20 years old Japanese TV series that was also franchised in United State of America under the TV series The Ninja Warrior. For more details, click HERE.

This is the 2nd of a total 5 series of blog countdown to D-day displaying selected participant's video clip of their training. The first series is available at HERE. By the end of the countdown, the first MALAYSIAN WARRIOR will be crowned and witness by YAB Dato Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak, Malaysia Prime Minister and Dato Seri Ahmad Shari Cheek, Malaysia Sports & Youth Minister.

Please find below 10 Malaysian Warriors wannabes training video clips.

NAZRI NAZARUDIN from Kuala Lumpur joined the SASUKE MALAYSIA for the challenge and satisfaction and also as an accomplishment in life. For awhile, I thought he was doing YOGA in the video.

QHIDIR a mountain biker and a skate boarder joined the SASUKE MALAYSIA because he likes to gain new experience

AQEEL CLIEMO..... WOW...... BREAKDANCING???!!! Very agile, strong & fit!!

AMMAR HAIDHAR 21 years old joined the SASUKE MALAYSIA to challenge himself to the fullest!! Have a strong upper body & agility... for a second, I thought he was training for gymnast competition!

MARK.. a rebel bootcamp instructor wannabe the next NINJA WARRIOR!!

ABDULLAH AZZAM 21 years old... seriously leap like a frog!!!

AMIR HAMZAH joined SASUKE MALAYSIA because he think he can win!!! Yeaaaa!!! He did look like a NINJA in his video!!

Fazli, Leepanbara promo joined SASUKE MALAYSIA to try out new things and like to challenge himself.

SPIDERMAN??!!! CAT Etre Et Durer

Ahmad Fadzil bin Musa 35 years old from Georgetown Penang. A professional skateboarder of 21 years and a 'Mat Harley Rempit?'

FARHAN participated in the SASUKE MALAYSIA to test his ability and to inspire Malaysians to be fit and healthy.

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  1. Enjoying the updates with videos. I had a question though for us outside the country - will this be televised or recorded in any way? I know there are many of us who would like to see Malaysia's first trials.

  2. Hi arsenette,
    there will be a sort of tv series to be broadcasted over local tellevision. Will see I can get it on youtube once it is broadcasted.


  3. That will be fantastic! I will look forward to that! I would love to blog about it as well! Cheers indeed!


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