26 May 2011. If there is any company that is worth being complimented, it must be the MURPHY OIL CORPORATION. Murphy Oil entered the Fortune 100 as world fastest growing company at no #78 in 2006 and being big, i mean huge...  does not take their focus away from 'Safety & Health Awareness' having organised a full day affair for Safety at work & health awareness!! Yes, big pocket always equals to big sinful food and that is where we the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP came in.

Ali Kadir, Murphy Safety Engineer was the man responsible for promoting the safety and health awareness. We, via Ahmad azri were invited to make aware the importance of health to the orang minyak.. err I mean... you know what i mean.

The employees at Murphy Oil were divided into two sessions to fit into Hall 3, Level 3 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC). More than 300 employees were expected to attend the 'Safety & Health Awareness program and they were divided into two sessions with one seession starts at 8am to 12:00pm and the second session from 1pm to 5pm. We conducted the workout section for Murphy Oil the CHIEF's style for both morning and evening session.

Below are snapshots of the 'healthy' event....  (Click on Picture to enlarge)

While they were working out, ADMIN Farhanah Bamadhaj & Dr Malek Aziz observe to make sure all went well.

With majority of them lack the exercise, COBC intructors inspected and corrected their form. It is important to ensure workout form is never compromise and properly done to avoid injury and have the best gain.

Ahmad Nazri Mokhtar and his team, the man responsible for the whole Safety & Health program today!!

Sarge (COBC) Dann, demonstrating the workout form on stage

L.C. (COBC) Wan Hazriq too demonstating the forms on-ground.

The Chief's instructors does not just instruct and boss'ing people to workout but they workout with them to aspire them to give their best effort.

 The 'Superman' lower back workout...

Aaah.. some camwhores in Murphy too!! just like us....

First session ended with a lunch break.... 

We also gave them a taste of battling ropes

Met an old friend Johan Johari!! First met Johan Johari during London days way back in the early 90s.. He was quite.. err sizable but he had lost more than 10kg and is now an avid runner. Well Done Johan.. Good to hear you on the same track as us.. in fitness.

Our Admin Farhanah Bamadhaj with Chief's instructor Sarge (COBC) Dann, Corp (COBC) Nawal, Corp (COBC) Tom, LC (COBC) Rose, LC (COBC) Wan, LC (COBC) Ody.

Typical of them... while waiting to start training, they camwhore..

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Second session starts..

Before any workout, the instructor will first demonstrate the correct form.

After the session ended, some of Murphy Oil came to camwhore with us.. 

When the session ended, we pack our equipments & tools and brought them back home. Today was a good health awareness program at KLCC.